October 24, 2007

What You Should Expect When Having Electrolysis on Your Face  

By Ronni Kolotkin

Be hair free with electrolysis on your face!
Most people who come into my office to have
electrolysis on their face have been pulling the hairs out in some manner or other, more and more frequently. Sometimes, someone will consider having Electrolysis for years, all the time their hair problem becoming worse and worse because of tweezing and/or waxing. They might think that the hairs are just coming back faster and faster, stronger and stronger. Unfortunately what’s actually happening is that the tweezing and waxing is stimulating growth.

So let’s say that you notice a couple of hairs on your chin and you think "What should I do?" You remember that you’ve heard that waxing the legs makes the hair come in finer, so it would make perfect sense to pull the hair out of you face and get the same result. Right? Unfortunately it’s wrong. When you pull the hairs out of your face, they get stronger and stronger. Then inevitably while you’re vigorously pulling a thicker hair out you will pull some of the fuzzy hairs along with it and then guess what happens? The fuzzy hairs start coming in thicker and thicker! Then you tweeze or wax those hairs and the problem continues to multiply.

When someone decides to call me and start the process of permanent hair removal they often are tweezing once or twice a day. Sometimes clients tweeze first thing in the morning and last thing at night and one client once told me she would wake up in the middle of the night and tweeze her chin in the dark while her husband slept next to her!

A common misconception is that every time you pull out a hair it’s the same one. This is unfortunately wrong. Any hair that you pull from your face will take 7 to 13 weeks to grow again. So, any hair you tweeze within a three month period is likely to be different hair. If you were to let your hair grow for three months and not tweeze, wax or thread, you might be very shocked by the amount of hair you’ve stimulated over a period of time.

When you begin to have Electrolysis, the Electrologist becomes the substitute for any pulling you’ve been doing. During the process it’s OK to cut, shave, bleach or use depilatory cream. But any pulling out of the hair has to stop or the electrolysis will never be permanent and you will only be wasting your time and money.

For the first three months of having the treatments, the Electrologist will be removing each hair one time only. Then at the end of a three month period you will then notice an improvement. That’s because the first hairs that were treated with Electrolysis are then beginning to re grow. You will then notice that they are coming in much softer and finer. If you need to come in every week for a half hour at the beginning of the process to be clear of hair, after three months you will need to come in every 10 days, then every 2 weeks, then every 3 weeks until after one year you should be hair free forever.

With electrolysis, you may need an occasional clean up for new hairs that may grow. Let’s say 15 minutes every six month or so. But if you never pull the hairs out again you will never have to worry about being a slave to the tweezer or wax again!

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