January 31, 2008

A Look At Genital Hair Removal  

When you talk about genital hair removal for men and women, they differ in the private parts to be treated for obvious reason. For men, hair is removed from the penis and the scrotum. In the case of women, the hairs from the labia minora, labia majora and the clitoral hood are the ones taken out. The skin on the private parts of the body is softer than the rest of the skin so more care should be given when undergoing genital hair removal.

Generally, compared to men, it is easier for women to remove their unwanted genital hair by waxing. If it wasn't easy for them than the Brazilian type of waxing would not have become famous at all. However, genital hair removal by waxing is not advisable for men because the skin on their penis and scrotum are loose.

If you pull the wax off the skin, this will overly stretch it and cause great pain in the man. This experience will not only leave the man in pain but in embarrassment as well because it is not easy to expose your most private parts to a stranger especially if the waxing professional is also a man.

There may be depilatories and hair removal creams for the face but these are not usually safe to use on the genital area. If you apply depilatories that are for other parts of the body, this will sting and irritate your genitals.

If you want a painless procedure and do not mind showing your private parts to a total stranger then you should get electrolysis or laser light treatments. Either one of these two genital hair removal techniques can help you get rid of hair permanently.

Another available product you can use is the shaver designed specially for hair removal. The secret is in the device used and the shaving technique.

You can start by soaking yourself in warm water to soften the hair and dry yourself afterwards. You can use scissors to trim off long hairs to make it easier for you. When shaving genitalia, pull the skin tight with your free hand then shave in the direction of the hair growth. Make sure you wipe off any excess hair that gets clogged in the shaver. Rinse off the area when done and apply moisturizer to keep the skin free from irritations. You can also use hair growth inhibitors to lessen the frequency of shaving.

There are several reasons why people would want to have genital hair removal. A lot of people do this to enhance their sexual experience or please their sex partner which is why you will see that most of the porn stars are bare down there. Others do it to be free to wear anything especially with the popularity of thongs on low rise jeans. No matter what genital hair removal method is used, the important thing is that it leaves you safe and satisfied.

What is the fastest method for genital hair removal? Find fastest method of removing unwanted pubic hair.

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January 29, 2008

Bikini Line Hair Removal - Your Easy Guide  

One of the most common places for removing hair for women is bikini line hair removal. After all in today's lifestyle that women go to beaches and other places where they are wearing a bikini, it's important to look clean and attractive.

So if you are a woman looking for the best methods to remove bikini line hair, this guide will show you some of the best and easiest methods...

1. Shaving

This method is the most popular way to remove hair - not only in the bikini line area, but also on legs, underarm, and face for men.

The benefits of this method are mostly because it is very easy for anyone to do, and all you need is a razor.

But there are some safety and health tips to remember when shaving your bikini area.

Because if you don't shave carefully and know how to do it, you may cut your skin, or get pimples or ingrown hair.

Here is a helpful guide on public hair shaving to help you protect yourself.

2. Hair Removal Creams and Powders

This type of hair removal is also very easy and even has no risk of cutting yourself or getting pimples. It is also totally pain free.

Hair removal creams and powders use a chemical effect to remove your hair in the bikini line area, and also give you a smooth skin at the end.

3. Brazilian Bikini Waxing

This method is becoming more popular among women to remove public hair, because it lasts for a longer time. So when you do it once - even though it has some pain - but you'll stay hair-free until at least 3-5 days.

So this is one of the best bikini line hair removal methods if you can tolerate the pain.

4. Laser Hair Removal

Laser is a permanent hair removal method which is safe and will last for a lifetime. So you no longer have to worry about removing your public hair every single day.

The main concern for most people when it comes to using laser hair removal, is the cost. So if it fits your budget, then by all means you can go for it.

About the Author:

Michelle Jones is a hair and skin beauty expert and is offering tons of FREE Public Hair Removal Tips for women and men to help you discover the easiest methods of removing public hair.

Check out the latest
public hair removal methods and ideas to save time and have an enjoyable hair removal experience!

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January 23, 2008

DC Hair Laser Removal Washington  

Laser hair removal services are provided by various specialists in professional centers in the Washington DC area. dc hair laser removal washington is a safe and effective treatment to remove unwanted hair from your upper lip, chin, legs, underarms, bikini area, chest, neck,... in fact from most anywhere.

The laser beam that is used in the laser hair removal device is directed at the hair follicles. The dark pigments in the follicle absorb the laser light energy. As the follicle absorbs more and more energy the follicle dies and can no longer grow hair.

This is the mechanism on which dc hair laser removal washington works. Whatever be your skin complexion you can expect to have a good result thanks to advanced technology and professional expertise. Although it may hurt a bit both men and women are trying it out and that too successfully.

Find out your skin type and choose the laser center that is most suited for you. Try to get suggestions from those who have been through dc hair laser removal washington. Then you can surely leave all your worries behind.

Laser hair removal can also treat your problem of ingrown hair. Often men have to deal with ingrown hair in their beard area and neck. Women face problem with it mainly in the bikini area. Since laser hair removal targets hair at the follicle it's the most remarkable ingrown hair treatment. It actually removes the root of the problem. After several sessions, you yourself will notice your hair shedding and the dark spots and bumps from folliculitis disappearing.

The cost of dc hair laser removal washington varies from one specialist to another. Each case is unique and the cost of treatment is dependent on this individuality factor also.

So if you have unwanted facial and body hair I can tell you for sure that dc hair laser removal washington is the perfect treatment for you. You can check out Sona MedSpa, a laser hair removal office in the Washington DC area. Whether you are a male or a female through expert and professional care you will get yourself a new look at quite reasonable prices.

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January 22, 2008

Common Drawbacks In Hair Removal Techniques  

Hair should stay on the head only, shouldn't it? Most women would love to be hair free on their body and face. The most common way and the easiest way to remove unwanted body hair on certain portions of the body is through shaving. Men who prefer a clean face, for example, shave their face every single day. A high percentage of women of course, regularly shave their legs and their armpits. Other areas like the bikini areas are also shaved by women to look good in summertime when they are out in their bikinis at the beach.

Most regard shaving as an effective way to eliminate unwanted hair. However, it is only temporary as the hair will grow back! And you have to shave it again very soon. If you are a regular shaver, then you know it can be very inconvenient to have to shave your unwanted body hair four, five or six times a week. To shave properly, you will need to buy shaving accessories like the blades, after shave lotion and moisturizers regularly. Thus shaving away your unwanted hair can become fairly expensive in the long run.

Aside from shaving, waxing is another method that unwanted body hair can be removed. Waxing is a popular hair removal technique used to remove small or large portions of unwanted body hair. Many men and women often use waxing to remove unwanted body hair on their back, legs, arms, face, neck and more even though it may be a painful process.

Again waxing like shaving is only a temporary form of hair removal. Waxing can be done by a professional at a beauty salon or at home using home waxing kits that can be purchased. A home waxing kit allows individuals who are shy to remove their unwanted hair in the privacy of their own home.

The main drawback or problem with waxing and shaving is that the hair removal is only temporary. More often than not, there are many people who are back in the shower shaving the very next day or getting another wax job within a week. This happens to people who have fast hair growth rate. This process is not only expensive, but also very time consuming. Besides, there might be also instances of in-growth hair. If you have this feeling, then it may be about time that you look into more permanent hair removal procedures. One such procedures is laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a hair removal procedure that is very popular world-wide. It is considered as a cosmetic surgery. How it works is by using a special wavelength light to target the pigmented areas of the skin. This light targets the hair follicles that produce hair and damages them enough to where they can no longer produce hair anymore.

Why is laser hair removal so popular? One of the reasons is that it can effectively remove unwanted body hair on just about any portion of the body and it is not as painful as alternatives like electrolysis. Laser hair removal is commonly used to remove unwanted body hair on the arms, underarms, back, legs, bikini area, neck, stomach, and face.

If you think that laser hair removal is for you, start by doing some research online and by scheduling a consultation appointment before the procedure begins. During this consultation, you should find out and determine if laser hair removal treatment will permanently eliminate your unwanted hair or if it will only reduce the growth of new hair. Both procedures may be offered and you need to find out the details in advance so that you can determine if permanent hair removal is even possible in your case.

About the Author
Lesley loves to write about articles on health and beauty. Visit
http://www.smart-hair-removal-guide.com for more tips and articles on hair removal.

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A Little Piece On The Bikini  

Women have a wide range of swimwear to choose from. There are various forms to make you feel comfortable with your body, yet look great. The bikini is one of the best selling pieces of swimwear. Wearing a bikini can make you feel sexy and beautiful as you relax and enjoy the warm sun and the water. It continues to be one of the most sought after pieces of clothing for women.

The bikini has changed tremendously over time. One and two piece swimwear was once called a bikini. They were offered in more colors than other swimwear. However, they were one basic design. If the bikini fit you well, great. You were ready to go. The reality for most women though was it did not fit their body shape. They often felt disappointed and self conscious upon making such a discovery. Today, the bikini comes in many forms and colors to meet the fashion demands of women everywhere.

The smallest bikini is called the string bikini. It is a great asset for the perfect figured women. It lives up to its name, as it is very tiny. It barely covers up the essentials of the bust and crotch areas. The strings that hold the item on are often decorated with stones or pearls. While this bikini is very sexy, it is also very daring to wear. It is not one you often see wore out in public very often.

Today, most bikinis are sold in separate pieces. This was a very innovative idea by manufacturers of the bikini. Sales almost doubled because it makes finding the one to fit your body easier. You can mix and match the style of top and bottom you want. The recent bikini fashion is all style. The line is designed to give your body a great look. Too often women would find that the top or the bottom of a particular design fit well, but not both pieces that had to be purchased together as a set.

Finding a great bikini does not have to break the bank. You will find the bikinis starting at about fourteen dollars. The line comes in a huge collection of hot colors including bright red, royal blue, and baby pink and traditional black. If you are ready to soak up the sun, play in the water, and then start looking for the perfect bikini to spend the day in. With so many colors and styles available, it should be a fun experience finding what looks good on you!

About the Author
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January 21, 2008

Manscaping: Male Grooming  

Manscaping has been part of the male grooming. It is the act of grooming, shaving or trimming hair of the male body derived from landscaping. It can include shaving a man’s pubic hair in his penile organ – a trend started by the Japanese. In Japan, it is illegal for porn models to show their pubic hair in a magazine or movie so they are required to shave their pubic areas. From that, American and European women followed the trend, even men.

It is advisable for a man to practice shaving especially if he is involved in penis enlargement. He should shave all the annoying hair when doing the exercises to grip the penis shaft easier and prevent the risk of getting hurt when the hair is pulled.

There have been debates around on which best method is the best for shaving. Some say that razors are the best way to go and they are right to a certain extent. The razor lets the user have full control over how much hair goes and which parts are left untouched. On the other hand, using a razor requires quite a lot of dexterity or the help of a third party, which is not always easy to come by.

Thus, you can either go with an old-fashioned razor blade, a modern safety razor, an electric razor or rotary epilators. As you can see, there are lots of products to choose from so go with the one that you’re comfortable with. Electric shavers are very easy to use, but hair will start growing back faster. Rotary epilators are even better at removing hair, but some people don’t like to use them anywhere near their sensitive parts. If you choose classic razors, keep in mind the fact that you need to apply some shaving foam first and some aftershave afterwards in order to keep the itchiness away.

Try wax. It is also a good option, but some men are too conscious to apply hot wax on their most sensitive parts. It’s a matter of personal choice. Waxing is fast and inexpensive, but it can get messy and it’s not well suited to removing hair in a consistent fashion. You could also use depilatory creams or powders. It is dissolving hair using a mixture of chemicals. It is very easy to do but it can irritate your skin and still the hair grows back very fast.

If you don’t like the idea of shaving your pubic hair, you can try trimming it first. It will look good and you don’t need to worry that the blade might cause any trouble to your skin. Using aftershave or soothing cream after shaving will prevent the itchy feeling and pimples. I know you don’t want your partner to think that the pimples in your penis caused by shaving are the same as the pimples caused by the genital herpes.

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January 19, 2008

Diode Laser Hair Removal Treatment  

For most of us, shaving might seem to be an irritating activity. Shaving particularly on legs and underarms can be more cumbersome. The recent years have seen the emergence of a popular technique “diode laser hair removal”. This process is commonly used to get rid of unwanted body hair from legs, face, underarms, or bikini area. Before starting a diode laser hair removal treatment there still might be some doubts and questions in your mind. It is advisable to know more about the technique and carefully choose the specialists. Most skin specialists’ advice people to go for diode laser hair removal these days as it is not only safe but also fast in showing results.

Firstly, let’s see how diode laser hair removal works. In diode laser hair removal treatment a skin specialist presses a hand-held laser instrument to your skin. The light energy from the laser torch enters the hair follicles through the skin. The laser light causes permanent damage to the hair follicles and further disables its tendency to grow. In a diode laser hair removal treatment, the laser light only affects actively growing hair. Since o ur hair grows in different phases over time, diode laser hair removal requires multiple treatments for desired results.

Apart from diode laser treatment, ‘alexandrite’ is also a popular tool for hair removal. Alexandrite basically inhibits hair growth by deeply penetrating the hair follicles in the dermis of the skin. In a diode laser hair removal treatment, along with laser, use of temperature is there. They both together immobilize the hair follicle eliminating its ability to produce hair.

It is often assumed that laser hair removal leads to the permanent removal of hair. This is partially correct since a patient can expect 90% reduction of hair. Diode laser hair removal treatment is an attractive alternative to shaving, waxing, depilatories, or electrolysis. However, it may not be the right choice for everyone.

People with naturally dark pigmented skin or deep tans are not fit for diode laser hair removal treatment. This is mainly due to their darker skin, which has the tendency of absorbing too much of the laser energy resulting in blistering or permanent skin discoloration. Although improvements have been made in diode laser hair removal treatment techniques, people with darker skin still require multiple careful sessions to achieve a desired result. This treatment also doesn't work well on individuals with light colored hair containing very little melanin. Diode laser hair removal treatment is ideally suited for people with lighter skin and dark hair because they require fewer treatments and achieve faster results. It is always wise to consult a skin specialist or your doctor before deciding on a hair removal treatment.

There are various companies offering diode laser hair removal treatment in Chicago and Advanced Laser Clinics is a popular, reliable, and well quipped place for such treatments. It is one of the leading clinics with specialists and skin care physicians. For more detailed information on diode laser hair removal, laser hair removal treatment, and laser hair removal Chicago just click www.advancedlaserskin.com now.

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Back Hair Laser Removal  

Back hair laser removal has become a popular choice for removing all those unwanted hairs. Excess body hair on your back can be removed effectively by laser removal treatment.

Back hair laser removal has a number of advantages over other traditional methods like waxing, shaving, electrolysis and use of depilatory creams. Of course, I must agree that these methods are inexpensive over laser hair removal in the short run. However, it is nearly impossible to remove back hair by yourself and it is also difficult to get someone do it for you every few days. The same is true if you choose to apply depilatory creams. Again, waxing can be a painful process.

Laser hair removal is a more or less permanent way of getting rid of unwanted back hair. The whole back hair removal process takes an hour or so. The laser beam directed to the group of hair follicles destroys the root. It, however, does not harm the adjoining skin in any way. You may have to repeat this treatment to get that desired result. The cost of each treatment amounts to approximately $750. Of course the price varies from one individual to the other depending on the amount of hair that needs to be removed.

Many men specially athletes opt for this safe and relatively pain free method. Generally you will not develop any complications after the treatment. Check out the centers available for back hair laser removal in your city. Thanks to improved technology the laser treatment has become a very reliable procedure and most of these centers offer the best of services. Still you can talk to those who have been through this treatment to make sure you are making a wise decision. You can also rely on the internet for vast and accurate information in this subject.

I can tell you for sure that back hair laser removal is one of the time saving, comfortable and cost effective way of getting rid of unwanted hair.

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January 17, 2008

Laser hair removal clinics in Atlanta Georgia 1  

If you are searching for laser hair removal clinics in Atlanta Georgia now. Perhap American laser center Atlanta is one of your choice. It locate at Howell Mill Road

This clinics offers laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments which target pigmented lesions, spider veins and help to eliminate fine wrinkles.

laser hair removal clinics

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January 15, 2008

Four Hair Removal Methods  

Hair removal can be a daunting daily task for both men and women. Ridding yourself of unwanted hair not only consumes time, but can be expensive as well. So, what are your options on hair removal when you are on a budget?

The first and the most common way to remove hair is shaving. Every man or woman has to shave certain parts of his or her body, oftentimes daily. Shaving can remove hair for as little as one day and last as long as eight days. The length of time between shaves varies among people. Some advantages of shaving are that razors are relatively inexpensive and the shaving process is quick. Also, there are many different types of razor available: disposable, three blade, four blade and electric. Just experiment with each type to see which is best for you. Disadvantages of shaving are razor burn, bumps, cuts and irritated reddish skin.

The next form of inexpensive hair removal is tweezing. Tweezing involves using a pair of tweezers to pluck hairs out of your skin one at a time. Hair grows back slower than shaving because you are actually pulling out the hair at its root. The hair then has to grow a new root, which takes a longer time than just shaving it off where it extrudes from your skin. Tweezing can keep you hairless for one to two weeks. Some benefits of tweezing are that it lasts much longer than shaving. A few drawbacks of tweezing are that it takes longer to tweeze hairs than shaving because you are only removing one hair at a time. Also, tweezing can be painful. Ingrown hairs and a reddening of the skin are common outcomes for tweezed areas.

Thirdly, one could wax the skin to remove hair. This is a lot like tweezing, but over a larger area of skin. During waxing, hot wax is spread thickly over an area where hair is to be removed. The wax is allowed to cool slightly and then the wax is pulled off of the skin in one swift motion. Waxing can remove hair for up to six weeks. However, waxing is very painful -- it rips many hairs out simultaneously by the root. Waxing leaves you hair free for a much longer time than shaving or tweezing, but is it worth the pain? That is something you will have to find out for yourself. Waxing also can leave the affected area of skin red for a short time.

The newest form of hair removal is laser treatments. Laser treatments involve treating areas of unwanted hair with a laser. The hair follicles absorb the laser and it damages the hair. You can be hairless for up to eight weeks. New forms of lasers are being introduced everyday and hair removal can last even longer. Some drawbacks of laser hair removal are a slight stinging sensation when the laser touches your skin and it can be quite expensive.

Hair removal can be accomplished in many ways. How you do it depends on your own personal preference. You must decide how much time and money you want to spend. Moreover, make sure you can handle some pain if you choose waxing or laser hair removal. Keep experimenting until you find what method is best for you.

Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to
Hair Removal

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January 13, 2008

Laser Hair Removal Basics  

How It's Done

The laser hair removal mechanism when light energy penetrates the skin, converts into part during penetration, and causes thermal injury to the hair follicle. The high temperature reaches and disables the follicle, helpfully inhibiting re-progress. This practice can be accomplished only during the progress playhouse of hair. Because hair grows in cycles and not all follicles are at the same playhouse at the same time, laser removal is done in sittings in order to achieve the best outcome.

In some instances a topical anesthesia or freezing cream can be worn, but this regularly not essential, as twinge is least. Entirety surgery can be as midstream as ten notes or as long as an hour depending on the bulk of the topic to be treated.


There are many different lasers that have been official for hair removal. When the FDA grants sanction for such lasers, they are official to permanently moderate hair progress, not permanently delete. This is because hair can re-grow in some bags when it is not treated during the appropriate playhouse. You can repress the sanction of an explicit laser on the FDA Web locate.

Recovery/marker Op

After the formula the treated topic may grow somewhat red or puffy. This can be remedied with cream or salve. Earnings to routine activities can take place immediately. However sun exposure should be avoided. Inside the first few weeks, hair will grow in the treated topic. This is dull hair that is lessening out. The hair can be bald, but bleaching or waxing should be avoided.


For the most part, laser hair removal is secure and helpful. In some instances there can be changes in pigmentation, or blistering, scaring, or burning will arise, however these are almost forever passing.

Am I A aspirant

To be considered an aspirant, the principal decide of thumb is that your hair must be darker than your skin. The best aspirants are flaxen-painful individuals with russet or black hair. Blonde, red, or dreary hair does not reply as well to laser removal.


The price of laser hair removal will modify depending on the bulk of the treated topic. The resident ordinary doctor fee for 2003 was $429 per sitting according to the American guild of synthetic Surgeons (ASPS). Doctors typically direct that their patients undergo a remedy schedule of four sittings.
Watari Well writes for
http://www.hairgilaser.com/ where you can find out more about laser hair removal and other topics

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Pubic Hair Removal - Important Methods You Should Know  

These days, many men and women are interested in pubic hair removal, and are looking for the best methods out there in order to remove this unwanted hair. I will highlight some of the most commonly used methods of pubic hair removal, including the cheapest methods, and more expensive ones.

The most common method of pubic hair removal is shaving. Obviously, shaving pubic hair only lasts for a couple days before it starts to grow back fairly rough. It is the most convenient form of hair removal and the cheapest, but if you are looking for long term results, you should consider an alternate solution.

A more long term result but a more expensive one, is laser hair removal. However, some people are better candidates for this method than others. If you have light skin and dark hair, you are a better candidate for this pubic hair removal method. How exactly do the lasers work to remove the unwanted hair? a pulsating beam of light passed directly through the skin. Hair follicles absorb the light and will die eventually. Each session takes approximately 15-20 minutes. You should undergo about 8 treatments in total, each treatment done 6 weeks after the previous one.

Waxing- I know what you are thinking. "OUCH". The pain is an obvious disadvantage to this pubic hair removal technique. The results last a couple weeks, so you might want to consider this method if you are going on a beach holiday. Another disadvantage other than pain, is ingrown hairs. Also, waxing can be quite expensive considering it is only a temporary hair removal solution. If you are going to wax the pubic region, make sure you follow these tips:

- avoid showering before waxing, test a small region to make sure there is no allergic reaction or irritation, make sure hair is about 1/8 inch long before waxing, make sure you pull back the wax strip instead of pulling upwards.

Electrolysis- This method is permanent. The technician will insert a needle that conducts electric current to the hair follicle in order to destroy it. This method is expensive, but the results are great!

Whatever form of pubic hair removal you wish to use, make sure you weight the advantages and disadvantages before deciding on which method is right for you.
For more information on
pubic hair removal, please visit http://www.fast-hairremoval.com
Holly Stewart is an entrepreneur. Please visit her website at http://www.fast-hairremoval.com

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January 7, 2008

Getting Rid of Bikini Hair - Why Waxing Is King  

I have asked several of my male friends whether they would wax their bikini lines if society decided that men looked better that way (I admit, I've also enjoyed describing what a wax would be like to these guys, just for the joy of seeing them turn several shades of sickly green). The answer has always been a positive no. One friend went so far as to say that he would not get waxed "there" even if someone held a gun to their head. Well, many women head to the salon for a bikini wax with no gun-toting maniac in tow and many even chat pleasantly with their aestheticians while the deed is done. The reason is that women want the smooth and clean look that waxing gives. In fact, in my opinion, waxing is one of the very best options out there for pubic hair.

The process of waxing a bikini line is pretty simple. Hot wax is applied over the bikini area and a strip of cloth is pressed into the wax. The skin around the strip is pulled as tight as possible, and after a moment, the strip is pulled rapidly off. Hair, wax, and even bits of skin come off with the strip, leaving smooth skin. In some cases, women opt for cold wax, where strips of cloth come with wax already attached. The strips are pressed onto the skin and pulled off - much like a bandage.

Many women are fine with waxing their bikini line at home. If you go this route, remember to pull the strips off fast - hesitating and jerking the strip off will hurt even more and may damage the skin. You will need to use a mirror to ensure that you have a clean, even line. Apply powder to the area afterwards and give yourself a well-deserved rest.

For many women, going to a salon makes a lot of sense for a bikini wax. Professionals can get at spots that are difficult to get at. They can also see you better, so they can tell where little bits of hair are sticking out. At most salons, aestheticians will pluck hairs that are too small to wax (anything under 1/4 inch) and will pluck the wiry hairs that are too tough to wax. It is awkward to go in for a bikini wax, since you are generally there in just your underwear and shirt, but it is the only way to get a perfect bikini wax.

There are several advantages to waxing your bikini line. First, the results last a long time - several weeks, in fact. The actual process takes less time than shaving and produces a much smoother effect. Since wax is made up of fairly simple ingredients (oil, paraffin wax and rosin, usually), there is little chance of chemical or allergic reactions. Some women may take comfort in knowing that both the wax and strips used in waxing are non-toxic and not very harmful to the environment.

That said, the ugly side of bikini waxing is pretty ugly indeed. The bikini line is a tender area and waxing here hurts a great deal. The further inwards you get from the thigh, the more pain there will be. For the least painful bikini wax, get only the hairs outside your underwear done. A badly done bikini wax can be disastrous, leaving skin damage, burns, and even leading to infection. Even a well-done bikini wax may cause skin cracks, bleeding, bumps, itchiness, swelling, and redness. You need to make sure that you go to a clean, reputable salon. If you wax at home, make sure the area in which you will wax is clean. After waxing, use only powder to deal with stickiness for the first few hours, and then keep your skin very clean to prevent infection and irritation.

Still, done properly, a bikini wax gives you worry-free smoothness for weeks.

Joni McCoy is obsessed with all things hair removal! Visit Hairchick.com for a fun and informative resource on hair removal, including articles on biking waxing.

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Brazilian Bikini Waxing Virgins - What You Should Know  

You probably heard about the Brazilian Bikini Waxing on some TV show like 'Sex in the City' or Oprah perhaps you have read about it in some magazine and sparked curiosity in getting one done but yo'u'e not sure if it is right for you. Well for some going Brazilian has become a natural part of their monthly routine while for others it is a thought they are battling in their heads. If you are in either situation, here are some tips, which will aid you in your decision and keep you going in your hygiene and look.

First and foremost, what is a Brazilian Bikini Wax? As mentioned in my other article "Brazilian Bikini Wax- Hear the real story" a Brazilian Bikini Wax is the hair removal of pubic region using hot wax. A Brazilian Bikini Wax has become known in the USA as the full removal of pubic hair and not only the bikini line. Please keep in mind that you do not have to remove all pubic hair and that there are several different looks one can get you must decide which one is right for you.

Will it hurt? absolutely but the pain does lesson with time, for more info on the pain factor- read my next article "Tips on Lessoning the Bikini Wax PAIN". Will it be uncomfortable? Absolutely; it is similar to going to your gynecologist. You go into a room and they say take your clothes off and you lay in an uncomfortable position, but all of this will change once you become familiar with the procedure and place. Here are some important steps for you first timers.

1- Find a waxing salon that is experienced in Bikini Waxing. The best places are the ones friends recommend. Word of mouth is best option so you can get a feel of the place, it's staff, and price. As a native Brazilian, I recommend Brazilian Waxoligists.

2- Prepare your self mentally. You need to first think about the reasons behind your decision. Is it to please a mate, to please your self of it can be for plain hygiene. Most women who get one done on a routine basis start out with reasons #1 and #2 but lean towards the #3 later. It gives them a clean fresh feel and look. It is like that feeling of getting your car cleaned or your hair done, just got do it. Also preparing your self mentally for the pain is important. It is not like getting a tattoo but there is some pain involved. The most vital thing is to relax and let the expert do her job.

3- Prepare your self physically. Plan your appointment wisely, on a day where you are not crazy busy and have time to preferably shower, arrive early and ask any questions you might have. Some people like to take Motrin or Advil before their appointment to ease the pain

4- Prepare your self financially. A good Brazilian Waxing place will charge from $40-$60 for a full Bikini. If it is too cheap, I would be skeptical, I would not think I found a great deal but would be concerned that if they do authentic Brazilian Waxing.

Still thinking if it is right for you? All experiences are not the same, so you will not know until you try it but now you have a better understanding of the process and price. Once you go through it you will know if it is something you will do again. Some say they will not but find them selves coming back for more it makes them feel great about them selves while others can not see themselves with out it. Let us face it, it is really about you, your needs and wants. You can share your stories on my blog: http://brazilianbikiniwaxing.blogspot.com.

Jaira's Waxing Salon
BBW by true Brazilians

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Eyebrow Waxing Tips  

Brush eyebrow into place with a toothbrush or clean mascara wand, so that their natural shape is neatly defined.

Apply an astringent to anesthetize the sensitive skin under the brow.

Work out your natural brow shape by standing several feet away from a mirror

Bring a professional waxing kit from market - basically a jar or tub of wax which can be warmed up in boiling water and applied with a small applicator or spatula, and (usually muslin) removal strips.

Warm up the wax to optimum temperature and use the small spatula to apply a thin layer of wax to the growth. Make sure that you only use a small amount of wax on the spatula to avoid the wax dripping when it is applied.

Apply wax with the hair growth under the eyebrow, (i.e. in the same direction that the hair grows in).

Never wax above the eyebrow, only ever shape from below. Waxing from under the brow will widen your eyes and help to get the line even. As soon as it is applied remove the wax against the hair growth. Do this by gently smoothing a piece of cotton muslin over the waxed area.

It is a good idea to take a little hair off at a time, especially if you have fairly this growth.

Any straggly hairs left over after waxing can be easily plucked out using a set of good tweezers. Apply a soothing balm like tea tree oil onto the area afterwards.

To give the gorgeous new eyebrow shape, use an eyebrow pencil or tinted brow shadow to subtly fill in any gaps, and even out the natural color tone.

Eye Natural Skin Care Products List : http://www.bestskincaresolution.com/makeup.html

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January 2, 2008

Pricing Your Pristine Look - Laser Hair Removal  

What is laser a typical laser hair removal pricing? How much can you really expect to pay? The laser, also called photoepilation and phototricholysis uses light to bombard the hair follicle-destroying the hair in the treated area at the root. Commercially available since the 1990's, laser hair removal has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Over the course of several treatments-usually between for and six-skilled professionals at the laser hair removal clinic will treat the desired areas with light to remove hair and reduce hair growth.

Hair removal using lasers, while relatively new to the beauty scene, is the darling of the dermatologists office and beauty salon or spa. As a method of hair removal it is particularly effective on the dark, coarse hairs found in the underarms, male chests and the bikini line area. Compared with electrolysis, laser hair removal is a much faster process and is suitable for use over a much larger area of the body.

In looking for a clinic for your depilatory needs, you should seek a hygienic and hospitable facility with competent, professional employees. While the expertise of a dermatologist is best, skilled, licensed technicians can provide equally effective results in a clinic. The machines used far outpace the home versions now arriving on the market.

In the process of evaluating pricing it is important to remember the old rule: you get what you pay for. Cutting corners on price may lead to less professional service and inadequate results. As with any procedure involving the body, risks exist. It would not make sense to pay for cheap laser hair removal from an unlicensed source only to find you have to pay a dermatologist to fix damage caused by unskilled work.

Prior to searching for a hair removal clinic, be sure to do your homework. Check local business reviews, word of mouth from individuals who have experienced satisfactory results, and compare prices. The cost of services range from roughly two hundred dollars to several thousand-depending on the number of sessions offered at the practice, the geographical location and the preferences of the clinic or doctor's office. Often times, payment arrangements can be made which will make laser hair removal pricing reasonable on any budget.

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Hair Removal Pro to find more hair removal information. We've got information on everything from hair removal laser to laser hair removal side effects.

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Laser Hair Removal - Is It For You?  

Unwanted hairs or hairs in unwanted places can be a real source of heartache for anyone. Hair growth on the body generally differs from person to person for several reasons, but what seems to bring everybody together, as far as unwanted hair growth is concern, is that everybody wants the most effective way to get rid of these hairs with minimum pain and price.

There are several hair removal processes and each comes with its successes and side effects. Electrolysis and shaving seems to be the oldest hair removal procedures. Unlike shaving, electrolysis seems to be more painful, tends to damage the skin, especially delicate skin and the rate at which the hairs grow back is another concern. Shaving is a far more acceptable hair removal procedure. In most cases, men content themselves with good shavers and it tends to be effective.

The epilator is a more technologically advanced hair removal product and it is especially good for delicate skins. That explains why it is preferred by ladies. They always come in a handy, compact size, easy to carry and removes hair from the root with much less pain compared to other hair removal methods.

When a permanent hair removal product is what you want, then the laser hair removal process is probably what you need. How does it work? The laser beam to be used for the hair removal is directed at the area to be treated. The dark pigments of the hair follicle absorb the light energy from the laser. As the follicular pigment absorbs more and more of this light energy, the follicle dies. So, it cannot grow hairs again.

However, your skin texture and hair color also determine your success with laser hair removal procedures. It is generally believed that the process works best for people whose hair color is darker than their skin color and work less in people with very light or fair skin. However, laser hair treatment is available for a wide array of needs, from a small area of upper lip hair removal for women to full body back hair removal for men.

There are different types of laser hair removal, so no general limitation can be placed on your eligibility or otherwise for the procedure. If you are interested in the procedure, you can always find out from your local laser clinic, what their services are and which process is applicable to you.

Besides, your skin and hair color, not having undergone a tanning session or having applied any other mode of hair removal are factors that could determine the success of hair removal treatment with a laser.

Most people who have undergone laser hair removal treatment generally have had very little to complain about, but you never can tell. You should expect some blistering or reddening of the skin after a laser removal treatment, though it is always short lived and not much cause for concern. You should also expect some dark spots and bumps formed by the death and scarring of the follicles by the light energy of the laser beam. This too will fade out in no time.

One last thing you should have in mind when contemplating laser hair removal treatment is that it is not a completely permanent treatment. Though, it keeps the hair at bay for a longer period of time compared to other hair removal processes, after some time, you should expect a re-growth of some hair, though this might be fairer or thinner and less worrisome.

Price is a factor to think about when contemplating laser hair removal treatment, but if you are sure it is what you want, the price should not be a problem, as long as you can afford it. Depending on the treatment type and the specialist involved, the prices generally range from a few hundred bucks to a couple of grand. Again, if it's what you want, the price is no problem.
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Hair Removal

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