May 29, 2008

Must Read tips on Laser Hair Removal  

Lazer hair removal technology is developed for zapping the Must Read tips on Laser Hair Removalunwanted hairs. Today's people are very tired of shaving, waxing and plucking of body hair. Mostly people uses laser hair removal. This system uses pulsating beam of light for removing unwanted hairs. If you want long term result then laser hair removal is best option for you. There is common treatment for the locations whether your hairs are on face, upper lips, chin and bikini line,armspits and legs. Laser hair removal doesn't remove hairs permanently. Long term hair removal period is possible by another treatment.

Preparation for Laser Hair Removal It is used for people who are intrested to remove unwanted hairs by laser hair removal. successful laser hair removal treatment is depends on hair color and skin type. Mostly it is successful on the people having dark color of hair and light skin. But people also takes a treatment who have dark skin type.

You have to meet with your doctor to take the advice that this treatment is useful for you or not. Doctor will ask you questions about your health condition, like are you taking medicines of any type. You have to give the photographs of area where you want to take the treatment. This photographs are used for long term re-views. Ask each and every question to your doctor clearly. doctor will tell you losses and benifits of this treatment. Work Laser Hair Removal Doctor uses hand-held laser instrument on your skin. Depending upon laser a cooling device or gel is user to give protection to your skin. When doctor starts the laser it will passes the light on your face where hair growth is originated.

Necessary Treatments for Hair Removal Three to six treatments are require for removal of long lasting hair. There is 4 to 12 week interval between the treatments. Treatment is done as per hair color hair type and location where to treat.

Complications of Laser Hair Removal There is not much complications in laser hair removal treatment if you concerned to any skilled physician. There is a certain degree of pain, sweeling and redness around the treatment session.Bactarial infection is occured when superficial skin is injured.Scarring is also occured.

Rachel Broune writes articles for laser hair removal . He also writes for beauty tips and makeup tips.

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May 28, 2008

Cost effective Ways for Male Hair Removal  

With the increasing sensitivity over fashion and physical Cost effective Ways for Male Hair Removalappearance, hair removal sessions are no longer limited to women these days. The truth is that many males are more concerned of incurring extreme unwanted hairs in their bodies that they opt to have excessive hairs removed. Fortunately, technological advancement solves the males unwanted hair concerns through laser hair removal.

What exactly is this process and how could this benefit you in the long run? For one, the use of laser for hair removal is actually one of the best and highly recommended painless techniques. It’s true that many males are still hiding their unwanted hairs and opt to have their body waxed. Unknowingly, these males who opt for body wax are not only hurting themselves but they too have less concerns over the amount of money they spend every now and then going to the derma clinic to have unwanted hair removed. You see, you have to repeat the process many times as long as your unwanted hairs grow. Ever thought when your hair would stop growing in the first place?

Of course, laser hair removal can be considered a vanity technique for males. But this vanity isn’t just all about pleasure. Those who decided to undergo laser hair removal need to realize that the process may be really tedious as you doctor has to perform the laser hair removal subtly from chest, leg, neck, shoulders and even in the facial areas. On the other hand, you may think that isn’t something you’re ready to do but you really want to shed those unwanted hair from your body. What would you do next? The following considerations will help you determine if you’re ready to be pinned by a laser:

• Kiss and tell your doctor about your plans Ask a trusted health provider on your plans to eliminate unwanted hairs. Never be embarrassed for you may never know, he/she is also suffering the same kind of concerns or has brilliant ways how to solve this issue. • Learn the process At times, not knowing the process may be a nerve-cracking experience. You’re anticipating for a bad experience where in fact, hair laser removal could be as painless as it is. Before you agree to such process, learn the “how’s” and allow yourself to be treated accordingly. Removing unwanted hairs through laser starts from having your part of the body cleaned or rinsed thoroughly. Then, you’ll be scanned through a laser so the unwanted hairs on that part of your body would die from evaporation. This scar-less skin laser process will require you to come back for the next 2-3 more sessions. • Ready your pocket Since you’re in the verge of beautifying yourself, make sure you’re ready for extra expenses included in your medical treatment. Understand that to resolve your unwanted hair issues, paying a bigger amount of money may be needed at some point. So give it your best shot and choose the best hair removal session for you.

Be like a model and check if laser hair removal is the best option for your unwanted hairs. Search through the pages of internet or get feedback from reliable sources on which best clinic offers the best service. Besides, you don’t want to mess up with your skin after all, right?

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May 22, 2008

Chicago laser hair removal at Avanti  

Chicago laser hair removal at Avanti

Avanti Skin Center located at North Ave, Chicago. Laser hair removal at Avanti is not limited to only one laser or wavelength of light to remove your unwanted hair. Whether you are very fair or African American.

Excess and unwanted hair is a common problem affecting an estimated eighty million people in America. Traditional remedies such as shaving, waxing, tweezing and electrolysis can be painful, time-consuming and only temporary. Avanti Skin Centers offers a better solution. Our state-of-the-art lasers provide a gentle, non-invasive and long-lasting solution to unwanted hair.

At Avanti Skin Center, laser hair removal is a safe and simple procedure. First your shaved skin is gently cleaned. Your skin is assessed and tested by our professional personnel prior to actual treatment to ensure maximum results. Then, an individually programmable laser or intense pulsed light handset is run over the area. The light energy passes through the skin to the pigment in the hair follicle where it is absorbed. Within two to three weeks those hairs which were in the active growth phase during treatment and absorbed the light energy are permanently eliminated and fall out.

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May 17, 2008

New York Laser Hair Removal at Romeo & Juliette  

New York Laser Hair Removal at Romeo & Juliette

Romeo & Juliette located at 38 East 57 Street, New YorkNew York laser hair removal

Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal uses the world's most advanced lasers. Our lasers offer optimal wavelengths for: hair removal, pigmented lesions, facial and leg telangiectasias, and treatment of sun-damaged skin.
Christian Karavolas, owner, has dedicated himself to laser hair removal for the last seven years.

Having been educated in Europe, the Middle East as well as the United States, Christian is presently a consultant to various Aesthetic Laser manufacturers, amongst them Cynosure Corp. and Light Age, Inc.
Christian has completed numerous laser hair removal training sessions and currently conducts workshops for Doctors as well as laser hair removal professionals.

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May 16, 2008

New York Laser Hair Removal at Aesthetic Allure  

New York Laser Hair Removal at Aesthetic Allure

Aesthetic Allure located at Homecrest Ave, Brooklyn, New York
New York laser hair removal
Our center uses proprietary protocols and new methodology that have opened the door to Laser Hair Removal for all skin types and complexions.

Aesthetic Allure are committed to delivering professional, effective and safe treatments to remove unwanted hair in order to make you look and feel at your very best. We use true laser technologies. Our equipment is designed for maximum safety, efficiency, and speed of treatment for individuals of any skin types.

Using our advanced treatment protocols, we custom tailor a Laser Hair Removal package personally for you, especially for your skin type and for the area being treated. Our enthusiastic staff will make sure you are informed, and that all of your questions are satisfactorily answered.

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May 15, 2008

Manhattan laser hair removal at Assara Laser  

Manhattan laser hair removal at Assara Laser

Assara Laser located at 7 West 51st Street, New York
Laser hair removal in Manhattan
Painless, quick & effective laser hair removal is within your reach. We are the answer to problems of stubble and cuts from regular shaving, painful waxing and plucking. Unlike many of our competitors we can achieve fantastic results regardless of your skin color or whether you have a tan. Our highly skilled certified Specialists will ensure that you have a wonderful experience. Our procedures are a thoroughly-tested clinically-proven method of hair removal.

Exclusively at Assara Laser:
Simplicity. With our Unlimited Laser Hair Removal package, we will provide laser hair removal for as many treatment zones as YOU want, up to and including, your full-body.
The center offers an unlimited hair removal package for $599 per month.

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New York Laser Hair Removal at Metamorphosis  

New York Laser Hair Removal at Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis Laser Hair Removal located at East 56th Street, #5.New York laser hair removal Between: Park & Lex New York

Metamorphosis is housed in a beautiful 5th floor townhouse off Park Avenue. We only boasts six treatment rooms, but you'll find that each is perfectly equipped with high-quality products and the latest technology. Metamorphosis has also begun offering CoolTouch Laser, Endermologie, Microdermabrasion and - of course - laser hair removal, which have met with wonderful results.

Metamorphosis Laser Hair Removal New York is renowned for its friendly, unpretentious staff, esthetically pleasing and soothing atmosphere, and more notably for its qualified and certified professional technicians and therapist. New York State licensed professionals, who provide beneficial treatments, with the highest quality products and the latest technology, administer all hair removal services.

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May 11, 2008

A Caution About Laser Hair Removal And Pregnancy  

A Caution About Laser Hair Removal And Pregnancy

Expectant mothers find one that shaving their legs is one of the A Caution About Laser Hair Removal And Pregnancymost awkward tasks they face in the latter stages of their pregnancies. During this time the find it difficult to bend down, and to exacerbate things, the hormonal changes which accompany pregnancy often cause increased hair growth, not only on their legs, but on their abdomens and breasts.

This new growth of hair will eventually fall off after the baby’s birth, but it can be embarrassing enough that many women don’t want to wait, and are even willing to investigate laser hair removal and pregnancy, to learn if the unwanted hair can be eliminated.

Limited Information

As a method of permanent hair removal, laser hair removal is extremely effective. By targeting the hair’s pigmentation, it thermally damages the hair follicles so that they no longer support hair growth. But the research on laser hair removal and pregnancy is sketchy at best, making it impossible to determine just how safe it is. There have been no studies done to learn how laser hair removal during pregnancy might affect the fetus, and without that information, many obstetricians advise against laser hair removal for their patients.

Expectant mothers might consider electrolysis as an alternative method of hair removal; during electrolysis the hair follicle is destroyed by the radio-frequency-emitting probe inserted into it. Electrolysis uses one of the two kinds of electrical currents, galvanic or thermolysis.

Galvanic electrolysis, because it demands that an electrical current actually passes through the patient, is not appropriate during pregnancy. Most electrologists will require authorization from a woman’s obstetrician before performing thermolysis, even though it has never caused damage either to an expectant mother or to her fetus.

The limited research on electrolysis and pregnancy, like that on laser hair removal and pregnancy, makes obstetricians hesitant to recommend it. Women who opt for electrolysis during their pregnancies, especially those in their last trimesters, should at all costs avoid having it done around their abdomens and breasts.


If you are expecting and absolutely cannot stand another day with your unwanted hair growth, think about waxing as a hair removal option. But even with waxing you need to be careful; increased skin sensitivity can be one of the side effects of pregnancy. Before you decide to wax, talk to you doctor, and if you get the go-ahead, be sure to apply antiseptic lotion both prior to and following your waxing treatment. And just remember that waxing is, at best, uncomfortable.

The less painful creams or depilatories contain active ingredients. While there is no evidence of their dangers when used during pregnancy, it is best to consult with your physician. In addition, always try the product first on a small patch of skin.

All things considred, you may find that your best option is simply to ask your partner to assist you in shaving. By applying a skin lotion rich in Vitamin E before and after you shave, you will help yousking stay soft, and shaving with some help will be the easiest and least expensive answer to your unwanted hair dillemma!

Learn more information on Laser Hair Removal Prices and Laser Hair Removal Reviews and is a comprehensive resource to know more about Laser Removing.

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May 4, 2008

The Best Body Hair Removal Options for Men  

When we think of hair removal, we think primarily of The Best Body Hair Removal Options for Menwomen as the gender that most often want to remove unsightly body hair, but often forget that men are also concerned when it comes to removing excessive hair on their chest, back, and belly.

Some of the world's hottest, most sought after male celebrities remove hair from their body, and it often gives them a nice, tones and even look because it takes away a lot of the distraction from what usually are fine, chiseled muscular features.

A lot of my male friends do say that hair on their backs and chest often bothers them, especially hair that grows on the back and neck, because that is less accepted as an ideal aesthetic, even than a lot of chest hair, where it's expected to grow on men.

Other than the very costly procedure of laser hair removal, what are some of the other options that men have for hair removal? Well, in short, they have the same options that women have to remove hair on the most sought after spot on their body to get hair gone, their legs.

There are special devices called epilators that work for both men and women to pull body hair out by its root, and make it more difficult for hair at those locations to grow back.

Once the hair does grow back, especially after a few times around with an epilator, it is very soft and finer than it was before, making it less noticeable and a heck of a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

These epilators are primarily made for women, because that is their target market, but there are a few that are marketed for the removal of male hair as well, that are more distinctly engineered for coarser and harder to remove hairs.

They can run the gamut when it comes to pricing though, anywhere from fifty to hundreds of dollars in some cases, and with these devices, you do often get what you pay for.

Some of the complaints about epilators is that they are painful and may make the skin bleed or become irritated after use, but many people, men and women love them, and they do become accustomed to any associated pain after a few treatments.

It is akin to electrolysis, except your hair will grow back more quickly, but with repeat use, you may only have to use a good epilator once every month. Of course, this varies depending on the individual's growth rate and the type of hair they have (ie, coarse or fine).

Another option for men is some of these great new hair removal gels and creams that are designed to sink down into the follicle, and inhibit hair growth for several weeks.

The more you use them, the better and longer they are supposed to inhibit hair growth, so many people love using them, including bodybuilders who rely on a hairless body to show off their muscles and definition to win competitions.

Electrolysis is another option for men wishing to get rid of bodily hair, but this is both expensive and painful. In fact, I knew someone who underwent the procedure several times and actually had a bit of scarring from the procedure. I'm sure the process is more refined now, but I wouldn't risk it.

Some men still like to use the handy old razor or electric shaver to get rid of hair, but this of course results in harder to remove hair and a more coarse and darker hair, since this is how shaving affects body hair. In the end, shaving takes more work, and it grows back many times within one day.

For my money, I'd say that a top notch hair removal cream or epilator would be my method of choice, both for the economic aspect as well as for an ease of use and permanence perspective. These both can dramatically cut down on your hair removal routines, and they won't put a huge dent in your wallet at the same time. I'd say that's a win/win situation!

Danna Schneider is a contributor to an online magazine for men about male enhancement, male health and vitality . She also has reviewed countless men's products, including what she feels is the best hair removal cream for men for long term body hair removal at .

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