October 22, 2007

Starting A Laser Hair Removal Service In Chicago  

By Alexander Gordon

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (Laser) hair removal is gaining popularity rapidly worldwide. Most of us have our notion about laser hair removal acquired from sources such as books, magazines, and television. Some of them are true and some of them false and exaggerated. Therefore, it is important to understand the science of laser hair removal before actually undergoing the treatment.

Science of Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal uses a laser beam for the purpose of removing body and facial hair. A laser beam refers to a concentrated light beam made up of just one wavelength. This particular beam does not scatter the light rays around, instead focuses all the rays at one particular point. This results in high energy emission. This energy is used for the purpose of heating the surface and burning hair follicles on it to leave smooth skin behind.

Process of Laser Hair Removal:

When a laser beam falls on the skin, it is attracted by the pigments on the hair follicles on that surface. High energy emission from the laser beam heats those follicles and burns them from their roots. If you have very dark hair on your body and wondering if the technology will be able to work wonders on you, be rest assured. The darker the hair color, the better the results because dark surfaces strongly attract the laser beams. There is however one limitation of the technology that it gives excellent result only for fair skinned people. If you are dark in complexion, it is advisable that you opt for another hair removal technique. In the laser technology, you are at the risk of burning the skin along with the surface hair, which could leave your skin blistered. For all the skin types, it is however important to consult a physician regarding skin color and hair before actually undergoing the process.

Starting a Laser Hair Removal Business:

Setting up a laser removal clinic is very easy but you need to have the necessary certification for the same. Especially in Chicago, the land of whipping wind and brisk breeze, where people are crazy about hair removing, you will be welcome. In this city people are very busy and therefore are in constant search for permanent beauty treatments. Laser hair removal technology will appeal the residents as they recognize the technology’s advantages – fast, efficient, and permanent.

Using this technique you can help your clients to get a clean face, chest, neck, underarms, upper lip, back, legs, hands, and bikini line. You can charge your clients around $500 per session. You need to persuade them to visit you at least four to six times, depending on how their body is responding to the treatment.

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