October 5, 2007

3 Easy Tips On How To Eliminate Ingrown Hairs In Pubic Region  

By Nat Williams

Ingrown hairs in pubic region is caused by pubic hair that curls back or grows sideways into the skin. In most cases, pubic hair grows out perfectly from pubic hair follicles but when ingrown hairs clog up the hair follicles, pimples may develop along with redness of the surrounding skin. Pubic pimples, like all other types of pimples, are painful, itchy and may leave permanent scars if you are not careful.

What Causes Ingrown Hairs in the Pubic Region?

Shaving the pubic region with an unsuitable pubic shaver is the number one cause of ingrown hairs in the pubic region because most people never bother to purchase a proper shaver that does not cause irritation to the skin at the pubic region. Ingrown hairs can also be developed when hair is cut off below the skin during waxing and tweezing.

Other causes of ingrown pubic hair include:

• Tight undergarments or pants
• Dry skin
• Course, curly or stiff hair
• Pubic hair follicles that are blocked with oil or dead skin cells

How Do I Get Rid of the Ingrown Hairs in the Pubic Region?

A well-known and effective home treatment for ingrown hairs that I know of involves the use of a hot cloth or hot compress on the affected region to reduce inflammation. After applying the hot material on your ingrown pubic hair for a couple of minutes, pubic hair beneath the skin should soften and rise above the skin. If the hair does not surface, try again in a few hours or another day as it may not have grown long enough but never ever attempt to squeeze or dig the hair out as this may cause bleeding and permanent scarring.

Sterilize a pair of tweezers and use it to remove any tiny bit of ingrown hair on the surface of your skin. Once you are done, thoroughly wash your pubic region, dry it with a towel and apply a layer of antiseptic cream to prevent infections.

If the pulling out of ingrown hairs doesn't sound very appealing to you, you may purchase some hair removal cream from your dermatologist or pharmacy that is capable of dissolving ingrown pubic hairs below your skin without irritating the skin in your pubic region.

3 Precautions During Your Recovery Period

It is important that you avoid wearing any tight undergarments or pants until all your ingrown hairs have completely healed. If you discover that you tend to develop ingrown pubic hairs just by wearing tight clothes, I suggest that you purchase clothes made of softer fabrics or totally scrapping tight clothes from your wardrobe to prevent ingrown hairs.

Skin exfoliation with a shower sponge is big no no when you have ingrown pubic hair. Scrubbing your sensitive skin when you have pubic pimples will only make them worse. There are specialized waxing products for the removal of ingrown pubic hairs. However, you must not use them on your pubic region if you have pubic pimples.
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