August 29, 2007

Home Laser Hair Removal  

Home Laser Hair Removal

Today, you can find certain laser hair removal machines manufactured for personal use at home. Though most of the machines are competent and come with elaborate instructions, you should be extremely careful while using them.

It is highly recommended that knowledgeable professionals, whether they are dermatologists or technicians, handle the hair removal procedure. They have the know-how and the expertise using the machines to get optimum results. Furthermore, they can perform the task relatively risk free, and they are well equipped to reduce pain should it occur.

Advancement in technology has guaranteed laser hair removal machines that are versatile enough to cater to most hair removal problems. They are user friendly and can be used at home. Timepeel is one of those machines. It is a new “microdermabrasion” system that operates through the most modern technology by using a natural diamond material. Timepeel is a valuable solution for clients with large pores, chapped skin and fine wrinkles, as well as for improvement of the skin pigmentation.

Another highly popular home laser machine is The Vector machine that has many advantages over other modes of hair removal treatments, like electrolysis. During electrolysis, the patient has to hold a gel-covered rod. However, with the Vector machine an electrode patch is applied to any part of body before hair removal treatment.

Though home laser hair removal machines are improving every day and are more user-friendly and safe, it is prudent to pay extra and have a professional do the work. You make the choice.

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August 27, 2007

Your Options For Chicago Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal  

By Judy Wellsworth

You sometimes wonder how one little body—yours--can produce so much hair. And not only does it grow hair with abandon, it grows it in places where hair has no right to grow. You are really, really tired of trying to control the hair equivalent of crabgrass on the million dollar lawn, and because you live in Chicago, you are in luck.

You can take the offensive against the offending hair with a single telephone call to a Chicago electrolysis and laser hair removal expert, and be on your way to a hair-free, carefree life. You can arrange for Chicago electrolysis and laser hair removal treatment simply by making an appointment with a dermatologist qualified in hair removal or an electrolysis or laser hair removal specialist.

The Windy City can relieve you of that unwanted hair both conveniently and cheaply; when compared to other US cities the cost of Chicago electrolysis and laser hair removal is exceptionally reasonable. The multiculturalism of the Chicago community means that there will be someone to provide you with Chicago electrolysis and laser hair removal regardless of your own ethnicity.

Chicago Electrolysis Salons

Chicago has more than thirty facilities offering Chicago electrolysis and laser hair removal, so you will have no trouble finding one who can meet your needs. The Pure Laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation salon is just one of the most recent additions to the Chicago electrolysis and laser hair removal salons.

These salons offer a variety of services from hair removal to body wraps to microdermabrasion, and are open during the hours most convenient for Chicago’s very busy workers. They offer both early morning and late evening appointments, so you have no excuse not to pay one of them a visit.

The American Laser Center, a highly regarded nationwide chain of laser hair removal salons, recently opened in Chicago. With endorsements from both celebrities and ordinary customers, they are among the salons putting hair removal front-and-center in the public awareness. There are also some Chicago electrolysis and laser hair removal centers which allow you to book your first consultation over the Internet, so that there is no pressure for you to go through with a procedure.

When you are at last ready to expose your newly smooth skin to the winds of the Windy City, why not celebrate your successful hair removal with a trip to one of Chicago’s famous pizza parlors and dig into a Deep Dish Pizza?

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August 26, 2007

Hair Removal Systems - Weapon Of Choice  

Hair Removal Systems - Weapon Of Choice

In the beginning, nobody gives much attention to it, but as the desire to expose our body on some golden beach or at a party on Saturday night grows, we tend to worry more about our aspect and wish away that stubborn hair on the legs or on the chest. Hair removal systems have developed a great deal to satisfy exactly this desire, and they cater to our every taste.

Since hair removal systems are so famous today, by means of advertisements and special editions of men and women magazines, there isn’t much to detail on the use of tweezers or how to apply a mundane cream on your legs. As we switch the channels listlessly, TV shows have all the hair removal experts in the world invited, to increase their audience and to keep us informed. However, since we are overwhelmed by “how to’s”, they emphasize on the disadvantage of every system, and the producers and companies in the industry point fingers one towards the other, to tear up the credibility of a certain hair removal system and to advertise their own.

We have to discern from all this on-screen battle, and be able to judge what we need. In case we want some stranded hairs on the face removed, or if we want to give a specific form to our eyebrows, the tweezers is always welcomed. If we want our legs and arms to look smooth, then an appropriate hair removal systems should answer these questions: do I need a permanent or a temporary solution? Do I wish to spend a lot of money, or go to specific spas and salons? Is the certain area delicate, or with lengthy, thick hair?

Hair Removal: For Ever and Ever

Since we have so many options to select from, a thorough research is needed so that you can find out what is it exactly that you want, whether you are a man or a woman, and how much can you give up to have everlasting silky legs or smooth chests. You have therefore hair removal systems that achieve temporary effects and some that achieve permanent effects.

The temporary ones are also the well-known and the economical hair removal systems: the razors which has been used for decades and now it becomes safer and safer, and helps shave the unwanted hair on all sorts of areas across your body. The waxes, either they are hot or cold, are a bit more complicated to use with success if you have no experience but they do the job and maintain the results for as long as two months. Depilatory creams are in line too, and are not all that difficult to use.

Out with the Old, In With the New

The great disadvantages of these methods is the criteria that has gathered them up in a distinct category: the temporary effect, because as the surface hair is cut down or eliminated, the root remains and may cause ingrown hairs, while having to deal with the smarting sensation, the danger of irritations or cuts.

The second category is the coveted one of permanent hair removal systems, which are expensive and time-consuming, but the effects worth the effort. Electrolysis and laser treatments can be supplied by special salons and spas with trained specialist but can be replaced by the new hair removal systems that function on a sound-wave emission basis. The much advertised 60% rate of successful initial procedures have given a good go to this developing technology, that employs a device which looks like a tweezers, but sends sound wave with specific frequencies for the individual hair and for vaster areas of hairs, there are distinct patches put over the undesired hair that removes the hair and doesn’t pluck it by the root directly. Consequently, the more choices you have, the comfortable you will feel and have yet to discover the hair removal system that suit

You can also find more info on removal reviews laser and hair removal treatments. is a comprehensive resource to know more about Laser Removing.

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August 24, 2007

Methods of Tattoo Removal  

By Gabriel J. Adams

You just had to run out and get that tattoo of your girlfriend’s name on your arm, because you just knew you two would always be together. The next week she stomped out on you, and you've tried to move on with your life. However, every day you look in the mirror and see her name on your arm, which makes it almost impossible for you to forget about her. Getting rid of your girlfriend was the easy part (unfortunately) - trying to remove the tattoo of her name is going to be much harder.

Tattoo removal is not an exact science, and most doctors will tell you that there are no guarantees that a tattoo removal will be successful. However here are some of the most popular forms of tattoo removal that are available today. Excision is probably the most extreme form of tattoo removal, because it consists of cutting off the skin that has the tattoo on it, and then sewing the skin back together. This removal process is painful and usually results in some scarring of the skin. The next method of tattoo removal is dermabrasion. This form of tattoo removal is basically the equivalent of wetting your skin and then sanding on it until the tattoo does not appear anymore. This is definitely a very painful method of tattoo removal. Another method of tattoo removal is sometimes referred to as cryosurgery. This form is similar to dermabrasion, except a freezing agent is applied to the skin before the skin is sanded off. The most popular method of tattoo removal available is the Q-switched ND laser. This method results in the least amount of scarring and yields the best results, especially on red, blue and black inks.

In my humble opinion, the best method of tattoo removal is making sure that you get a tattoo that you really like, because none of these removal techniques are much fun. However if you do get a tattoo that you begin to regret, there are some options for removing it.

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August 21, 2007

Electrolysis for women hair removal  

Electrolysis is a method of hair removal. If you've never tried electrolysis for hair removal, you probably don't realize that it is possible to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all. It can be performed on any part of the body except the ears and the inside of the nose.

Women often have electrolysis done on their bikini area, underarms, tummy, breasts, chin, brows, and upper lip. Women around the world are satisfied with the results of electrolysis for permanent hair removal. When you want permanent hair removal, electrolysis is the best way to accomplish your goal.

The simple way to find a facility that offers electrolysis for permanent hair removal is to search your online by search engine such as google or yahoo.

Before you can begin electrolysis for permanent hair removal treatment, the specialist will need to determine your information such as skin type and the resistance levels of your unwanted hair. The specialist will be able to give you an estimate of the number of treatments and then, you can schedule your treatment and be on your way to experiencing the outstanding results of electrolysis for permanent hair removal.

It is necessary that you should check the costs, which should fall within your budget.

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Facial Hair Removal Can Become An Obsession  

Facial Hair Removal Can Become An Obsession

It's tough being a woman in an image-based society. Today more than ever before, the softer sex has to primp, groom, work-out, and often go to extreme measures to retain their youthful and radiant appearance. Now I'm not saying this is the way it should be, but somehow it has gotten to this point. You know when you're seeing facial hair removal ads on television, something is up. In a different light, women could be stoked at all the handy grooming products available to them. Maybe it's all in how you look at things.

I used to gaze in wonder at the small white goatee on my grandmother's chin. Was that really supposed to be there? Not that I thought too hard on the topic back them. I was only around age eight at the time. Long before my harsh male scrutiny would come out. Actually I shouldn't presume that males are the only ones judging women with facial hair or fuzzy legs.

Women probably do this worse than me. I know I have watched my teenage daughter and her friends pick other girls apart like there was some kind of war going on. The funny thing is, I have already seen her resort to facial hair removal. She may not thing I know, but I say the wax strips in her bathroom and my wife filled me in on the rest. It's truly amazing how early these groom rituals begin.

As far as men are concerned, I guess one could say that shaving is a form of facial hair removal. If we don't keep up with the razor and cream regimen, we'll soon be staring at Grizzly Adams in the mirror one morning. For me it doesn't even stop there. I will be one of the few males to fully admit that I pluck between my eyebrows.

I've heard far too many snide remarks from women in my life regarding men with uni-brows. Face it guys; women hate these. It's high time for some routine facial hair removal on the male side. There's no shame in looking nice. Just be thankful you're not a woman and having to worry about mustaches or goatees. Maybe we men have it easy after all.

Charles Merier writes articles about family health. Article topics include diabetes,detox diet,yoga,pilates exercise Facial Hair Removal Health Care Info

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August 20, 2007

The Best Available Technologies For Laser Hair Removal  

By Gordon Petten

Have you looked at yourself in the shower, or in the mirror lately and noticed unsightly hair on any part of your body, or do you find yourself constantly having to shave away unwanted hair on a regular basis? Maybe you should consider laser hair removal to permanently remove hair from any part of your body that you want hair-free. Now although laser hair removal isn’t for everyone you should definitely consult your doctor. Laser hair removal is a new and innovative way to eliminate unwanted hair safely, effectively and most importantly permanently. There are various laser systems advertised for permanent hair removal. The most effective laser for hair removal is the Lightsheer and the Coolglide. The Lightsheer and the Coolglide have been clinically proven to eliminate unwanted hair permanently for all skin types. The Coolglide is especially safe for darker skin types. These FDA approved technologies have a built in cooling system for added treatment comfort.

The Best Laser For Darker Skin

The Coolglide is considered the “Gold Standard” for laser hair removal of darker skin types. All laser’s work on the principle of attracting pigment which is why the laser is not attracted to white or blond hair. Assuming there is a contrast between the skin and the hair, the laser’s energy will attract the root of the hair which is the area with the most pigment. The Coolglide has a wavelength of 1064nm which is especially important in treating those with darker skin. This penetrates deeper into the skin, in turn, bypassing the colour in the skin all together. Since the laser’s energy is concentrated at the root of the hair, the surrounding skin is protected for a safe and effective treatment for all skin types, especially darker skin types.

Laser Hair Removal

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August 17, 2007

Laser Hair Removal Machines  

Laser Hair Removal Machines

The first laser hair removal device was the Soft Light Hair Removal System developed and manufactured by the Thermolase Corporation. Today, there are several laser hair removal machines on the market. The following are some the more common ones.

The long-pulse alexandrite laser has the propensity for deep access into that layer of the skin where the hair follicles are situated. The sustained heat that builds up in the shaft immobilizes the hair follicles that are in the active growth phase.

The diode laser is another highly competent machine that is made up of minute diodes or semiconductors that are set together to manufacture light. One advantage of the diode laser is the relatively longer wavelength than other machines used for laser hair removal. It is particularly beneficial to those people who are darker in skin color.

There are also light-based sources. Intense pulsed light devices function much like lasers. They use the “photoepilation process offering a wide range of light allowing the process to effectively work on a range of skin and hair colors and hair depth.

Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser gives off two varying wave lengths of light. The one used for deep penetration is the invisible infrared light, which can reach deep hair follicles. The green light is used for treating hair follicle closer to the surface of the skin. During both, the infrared and the green light treatments, the Q-Switched Nd: YAG device produces rapid bursts of light to the area being treated.

Ruby is a red-colored beam that is used to target the dark melanin (a dark biological pigment) in the hair follicles.
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August 15, 2007

Bikini Waxing: Different Types Of Wax  

Bikini Waxing: Different Types Of Wax

The mere words 'bikini waxing' usually strikes fear in the hearts of many women. Just the thought of the hair in one of the most sensitive regions of their body being ripped from the root is enough to make most run. But bikini waxing does not have to be as painful as everyone thinks. There are different types of waxes that can be soothing during a bikini waxing procedure, to the surprise of many.

There are two main types of bikini wax—hot wax and cold wax. Each one will be discussed in detail so that you can decide which type is right for you. You should pay particular attention to the ingredients in each type of wax because you may be allergic to some. You also want to be careful if you are diabetic or have a weak immune system. Waxing can leave first-timers a bit sore on the skin, meaning that you may be more open to infection.

We will start with hot bikini waxing. It is exactly what it sounds like, a hot substance made of wax (and other materials) that is applied directly onto the skin you wish to remove hair from. You then apply a piece of cloth to the wax, pressing it down to make sure the hot wax 'grabs' your hairs. In one swift move, you yank the cloth up, and with it should come the wax and the hair that it has removed. Other materials that may be in the wax include oils, fats and resins. The oils and fats allow for a smooth consistency when melted down, so that it spreads easily onto your skin. It also helps bring down the core temperature of the wax enough to make it bearable and not too hot. Hot wax is generally made from either beeswax or paraffin, which are also the two most popular waxes for candles.

A cold bikini waxing is very similar to a hot bikini waxing. Obviously, you can guess that the wax is not heated before applied to the skin, thus the cold name. Despite the fact that cold wax does not get heated, it is still just as sticky and effective as hot wax is. Generally, strips are pre-treated with the wax substance (which is also a combination of wax and other things like resin) and is applied to the area you want hair removed from. Following the directions on the package, you would leave it on for a specified amount of time and then pull it off as well.

Both types of wax leave your skin feeling very smooth. You should not have to shave or wax again until several days or even weeks later. The one drawback to waxing is that you have to wait till the hairs grow out and can be grabbed by the wax. If this is not a problem for you, then waxing is safe and easy when done as directed and will ensure that you don't have to maintain your hair removal almost daily, like with waxing or depilatories.

Kim Hart is a passionate beauty writer. Her latest research has been in online beauty products, specifically bikini waxing kits. Learn more today about the many types of Wax Warmers and Wax accessories available for home use.

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August 12, 2007

Investigating Laser Hair Removal Costs  

By: Charles Merier

Some women get tired of having to deal with unwanted hair. Even supermodels have to tackle the problem of hair in places they don’t want any camera spotting. There are many different approaches to take when it comes to this problem. There are razors, creams and lotions all designed to remove hair, most are pretty pricey and not one removes the hair permanently. With the laser hair removal costs being as affordable as they are, this is really the only route to go.

One area that seems to sprout a wayward hair every now and again is the upper lip. For some women it is an ongoing problem. They try different techniques for masking the problem including bleaching the hair or plucking it. Ultimately it either returns darker or thicker than before. With the affordability of laser hair removal costs you can tackle the problem once and for all.

Finding a professional that handles this in your area should be relatively simple. Large cities including places like New York and Los Angeles generally have very competitive laser hair removal costs because of so many different clinics all trying to gain your business. If you live in a smaller municipality that only has one center specializing in this beauty treatment you may be stuck paying higher laser hair removal costs.

It’s not only the location that has an impact on how much money you’ll ultimately be spending but the size of the area to be treated as well as how many treatments are needed need to be factored in. If you want to have all the hair on your legs removed you’ll obviously pay more in laser hair removal costs than you would for having your eyebrows done. In addition some individuals have thicker skin and more resilient hairs so they too can expect their laser hair removal costs to be more.

Men can also benefit from this advance in skin care technology. Many men suffer from having too much hair on their backs. Although waxing is often the chosen method to remove it, laser hair removal costs make permanent removal a much wiser choice. Waxing is painful and in addition it’s a procedure that needs to be repeated over and over again.

When you do decide to go this route it’s a good idea to do a bit of research. Although you’ll certainly want take into account where you’ll enjoy the lowest laser hair removal costs, price shouldn’t be the only consideration. Make sure that the person performing the procedure is experienced and that the environment is clean. You may find a bargain basement priced laser hair removal deal but if the procedure isn’t performed properly you can suffer permanent damage. No amount of savings is worth your health or appearance.
Charles Merier writes articles about family health. Article topics include diabetes,detox diet,yoga,pilates exercise hair removal Laser Hair Removal Costs
Health Care Info

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August 7, 2007

Hair Removal Cream: Benefits and Disadvantages  

Hair Removal Cream: Benefits and Disadvantages

The market is full and overwhelmed with wonder products that promise you a painless depilation experience, that are cost-effective and easy to be used in the intimacy of you home. Instead of being irate about the next day's visible hair on the legs that you barely shaved the night before, you could give a shot to hair removal cream.

Hair Removal Cream: "Must Know" Guidelines

After you have resolved you would like to try hair removal creams and not the traditional hot wax and cutting blades, you have yet to choose from the numberless types of creams available with different plants employed, textures and wonder elements that entice you into buying them. Ultimately it all comes down to deciding what your delicate skin needs and how much money you should pay, on the account that you must avoid rashes and irritations. It is not a tough decision, but you must be sure of your health and your pocket afterwards.

It is only fair that some brands have more costly products with some Asian-Mongolian extracts on gold basis and Ginseng, while others are quite cheap and get the job done. Theoretically, all of the hair removal creams do the same thing in the same way, and there should be no distinct way to depilate large areas no matter how expensive the cream you've chosen is.

Highs and Lows

Hair removal creams have highs and lows, naturally, it's the way Yin and Yang works in the world so it shouldn't be different in this case. They do take care of your unbecomingly hair that grows where you don't want it to, and you can carry the operation through with few difficulties, but you should bear in mind that the skin must be completely dry while applying the product. Hence, you cannot do it in the bathtub with the candles lit romantically, but you need to arrange a special setting where you could wait still, for some five to ten minutes, without leaving grease spots on the carpets. At the end of these few minutes, you must have around you a clean piece of cloth, soaked in lukewarm water and wash the legs or the specific area gently.

Another thing that could hinder the experience of grooming yourself is that your nose might be a bit blown off by the odor of the product: as it is powerful and keeps tour skin clean and silky for some weeks, you have to accept the pungent "aroma" of the substances which you have to bear during the process of application and awaiting while it goes into the skin and remove the undesired hair. As the smell is quite persistent, for hours maybe, do not apply alcohol or other strong lotions, but just get into the bathtub and help it to fading off.

Do not be thrown away by these dim prospects, but consider the advantages that appear if you use hair removal creams: your persistency and dedication to personal grooming will be rewarded in no time by the less and thinner hairs that will grow instead, at a much slower rate. More data on the topic of hair removal creams can be found in specific beauty magazines, or you could simply google it, if you want sure results and a step by step experience.

You can also find more info on hair removal process and hair removal costs. is a comprehensive resource to know more about Laser Removing.

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Hair Removal Methods: Plenty to Choose From  

Hair Removal Methods: Plenty to Choose From

Hair removal processes have been long since let out of the closet, and are not hidden anymore from the media or from the knowledge of everyone: the women and men beauty magazines, special editions of TV shows, doctors and specialists that are invited to talk about hair removal methods have increased the popularity of electrolysis or laser treatment, of depilatory creams, and have given information about their application. We are not overwhelmed by information though, and it wouldn't hurt to list down all the useful methods with which hair removal turns into a success.

Once upon a time, men came from work all bearded and stressed and women usually wore long skirts and long-sleeved blouses, but razors still existed: the parenthood of the industry of hair removal should definitely be granted to the razors. However, as time passed, new technologies have developed, and the trends have changed. Men nowadays want to have perfectly smooth bodies, with no repelling hair on their backs, chest, armpits or face and make use of different machines and methods to remove follicles, depending on their type of skin or hair length, how long they want it to last, if it should be permanent or temporary etc.

Hair Removal Methods: One for Everyone

The variety of hair removal products extend as following: the above mentioned razors , which now have all kind of speeds, little blades, plastic or metallic shields in front of the cutting edge. Not only men, but also women choose to shave the hair off, because it is fast, comfortable, and within reach. However it does not last long, not at all. Another longer-lasting option would be the hot, cold or sugar-based wax the effects of which last from two weeks to eight weeks, and then there comes next the depilatory creams with not-so-enticing smell, but that do the job effectively and painlessly.

From Economical to Expensive

If the above well-known methods do not satisfy your need for perfection, hair removal methods include the proverbial laser treatments and electrolysis treatments that are given at special hair removal clinics. These have the highly trained personnel that know exactly how to use the ultra new machines, so that you can be content you chose this costly but effective method. Both of the above involve several sessions and if you want permanent removal of extended areas on your body, they are the perfect, long-lasting and unfortunately expensive answer.

If you are looking for cheap and within-reach ways to smoothen up your aspect and body, you can always use the razors, the tweezers, wax or creams, and if you are interested enough you can find entire packs and kits of tools in supermarkets, that enrich the array of hair removal methods.

You can also find more info on removal reviews laser and hair removal treatments. is a comprehensive resource to know more about Laser Removing.

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August 3, 2007

Can a Laser Get Rid of My Wrinkles?  

Can a Laser Get Rid of My Wrinkles?

Since the dawn of the medical aesthetics era and the advent of lasers used for cosmetic enhancement and anti-aging procedures, patrons of skin care spas have long been seeking a way to deal with their toughest foe: wrinkles. Fine lines and wrinkles are a fact of life most nearly everyone as we enter our thirties and beyond. I often hear people say that one day there will be a laser that will fix everything. For wrinkles, that day has arrived.

The physiological phenomenon that is at the root of the problem has to do with collagen. Collagen is what makes skin soft, supple, and, in combination with its counterpart elastin, tight and elastic. Often our skin is at its healthiest during our mid-twenties. By healthiest, I mean that our collagen is at its greatest density. As the aging process begins to take its toll, our bodys natural production of collagen begins to slow and create a decrease in the overall density of collagen in the skin. The net result is a tendency to develop wrinkles along with skin that becomes more lax.

How can a laser help to reverse this process? After all, a laser is simply a very pure and controlled form of light. Is it possible that light alone could somehow reduce wrinkles? The answer lies in the simple byproduct of light, which is heat. Research and development efforts have led to a new brand of laser technology that produces a specific kind of light that is very well absorbed by water. Collagen happens to consist of a large percentage of water. This specific form of light energy targets the water in the collagen in order to heat the water in a very controlled way.

This heat is applied in a specific manner in order to damage the collagen fibers. Enough light energy is introduced to the tissue to create this damage without actually destroying the collagen. The net result is that the body recognizes that these structures are injured, and it works to repair the area by increasing the production of new natural collagen. This will in turn increase the overall collagen density.

The creation of new collagen will fill in those fine lines and wrinkles, and help to return the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. As technologies have improved in recent years, there are now laser systems that claim to produce a twenty-five to forty times increase in the collagen density in the skin after a series of four to six treatments. All of this can be accomplished without pain, surgery, anesthesia, side effects or recovery time.

Until this point, topical products and other forms of laser or light energy have been used to pursue these effects, but have produced only minimal results. Injectable products such as collagen or synthetic fillers have also been utilized to help resolve specific problem areas. These remedies are only temporary, and require repeat visits to your cosmetic medical care provider.

Laser collagen synthesis services are not yet very widely available, but the incredible market demand will surely provide for an increased number of providers in the coming years. For more information, contact your local medical spa or cosmetic medical professional.
Jason Begley has been a contributed to the
medical spa industry for more than 15 years. He is also one of the founders of the nations premier esthetician schools as well as the internets top cosmetic dentist directory.

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August 2, 2007

California Hair Removal: Diversity in Beauty  

California Hair Removal: Diversity in Beauty

It’s true, there are climate changes that generally have brought heat and ruthless sun: this means that people need to get better care of their bodies and look cleaner and smoother as the clothes drop one by one, especially on the beaches: California hair removal helps you get your unaesthetic follicles of hair removed from visible places that bother the eye, and the diversity of offers and packages is just outstanding, since you can either choose permanent or temporary processes that require some research on your behalf.

California Hair Removal Clinics: Day to day Menu

As the industry of beauty salons and spas has started to grow, and people wish to always look their best, general data about the tools, processes and services is quite known, by means of TV shows, magazines or advertisement. California hair removal is not about simply removing your undesired follicles, but also about making your skin looking healthy with the vast array of services they offer, from the elimination of follicles one by one, using plucking with tools such as tweezers, waxes or specific shaving machines, to the more modern operations with laser. The first methods are well-known since women have made from waxing or shaving a distinct part of their regular grooming and you can find each of them at California hair removal. Women also know they do not last for long, though a recurring process may lead to permanency. Another commonly used method is the elimination of the follicles by plucking with tweezers, which is quite smarting. Also, you can “wax” the unwanted hair off either by heating the composition and applying it where is necessary, cleaning and smoothing hence vast areas, or by using sugar wax. This latter method is based on chemistry quite a lot, the large quantity of sugar dissolving rapidly in water.

Ahead of Times With California Hair Removal Clinics

As the traditional methods are used everywhere, from the personal bathtubs to the luxurious spas and salons, California hair removal is prepared in every way to offer you more modern and ahead-of-their-time treatments. The industry of hair removal takes pride in California in the using of electrolysis, that implies little minute needles inserted where the hair follicles grow, with the discharge of a mild electric shock that causes the removal and the damage of the root. All this means you are free of worries afterwards since permanency is aimed. Electrolysis processes are naturally carried through by the trained personnel and experienced technicians, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure that the California hair removal spa or salon you have chosen is endowed with specialists.

Another very modern technology is the laser one, which represents the definite step forward in the industry of hair removal, the effects being total and everlasting. California hair removal clinics have laser machines and along with them, highly trained and skilled staff to make you look beautiful. Their official approval and the methods they use when handling the laser equipment has to be inquired into, so that you know exactly why they are using this or that, what type of laser machine is good for your skin tone and how experienced the assistant is. Lasers work generally by sending light waves in the places the unsightly hair grows and damages the root, in several sessions.

Checking and reading about hair removal processes represent a guarantee that you will be satisfied in the end, knowing all the details and being capable of analyzing: you do pay after all a lot of money, so you should make it worth. Consequently, California hair removal clinics, salons and spas will not disappoint your need for perfection, and your need to have diversity in the process of getting beautiful.

You can also find more info on hair removal process and hair removal costs. is a comprehensive resource to know more about Laser Removing.

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August 1, 2007

Laser Hair Removal - Locating The Best Practitioner Near You  

Laser Hair Removal - Locating The Best Practitioner Near You

Using free easy resources online you can locate a laser hair removal clinic close to home.

Search Resource #1:

Local Google (

Enter 'laser hair removal' in the first search field, and your town, and state in the next search field. Google then generates a results list with business name, address, phone, web site, and a map at a glance. Look out for the 'Directions' link. Enter your starting address and Google provides directions to the address of the laser hair removal clinic you selected.

Search Resource #2:

Local Yahoo (

Enter 'laser hair removal' in the first search field, and your town, state, and/or zip code in the next search field. To the top right of the results is a feature reading "View Results on a Map" that generates a standard Yahoo map with all of the businesses listed in the search displayed in their street locations. Another feature lets the searcher to specify the size of the search radius through a drop-down menu measuring in 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, and 50 miles from the center of the search area.

Search Resource #3:

Switchboard (

Select the "Find a Business" button, enter "laser hair removal' in the field marked "Business Name, Category, or Keyword(s), then your town and state OR your zip code. If you want to broaden your search, tick the "Include surrounding areas" box. On the next screen click on the blue hyperlink "laser hair removal". Start calling or visiting the list of results for laser hair removal on the next page.

Advice when choosing a laser hair removal clinic:

  • You may wish to ensure the practitioner is a Board Certified Dermatologist and has experience using the specific equipment or system best for you.
  • You can ask to see before and after photographs of the results.
  • Be sure to ask questions on possible side effects for your particular skin condition.
  • Make sure the practitioner treating you will be able to handle any questions or problems that may arise afterwards. Make sure he will be available for some time after the treatments are completed.

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