October 5, 2007

Top 5 Quick And Easy Tips Of Hair Removal  

By Vidula Chopra

Read on for a quick run-through of various hair-removal methods, and select the options that work best for you. Often, a combination of various methods is the best bet.


Waxing is a very widely used method of hair removal here in India. It is very convenient as one needs just do it once a month or so. In addition, there are a number of women who readily come to your home, charge very nominally, and wax your body quickly and efficiently. The advantages of waxing are that as opposed to shaving or using a cream, hair grows back much slower. This is because the hair is removed from the roots.

However, if your skin is sensitive you may not be able to wax, as you may develop boils on certain areas of your skin. You may also develop in-growths when the hair grows out, leading to rough skin. But not everyone has these issues. If waxing works for your skin, it is an efficient, hassle-free method of hair removal.


Threading is best when used on smaller areas, and is often used to remove hair on the upper lip. It is also used to remove excessive hair around eyebrows, and define them. You can thread your upper lip yourself, but don’t try and thread around eyebrows, as you may ruin the shape, causing one eye to look bigger than the other! You can also remove excessive forehead hair by threading. But if this causes pimples, don’t do it.


The face is very sensitive, and if you have a lot of hair on your face, it makes sense to wax sideburns, thread upperlip and eyebrows, and bleach the rest of your face. Don’t pull out hair from all over your face as you may develop a rash. Bleach it if your skin is light. Remember that bleach does contain chemicals, and is not necessarily gentle on your skin. Make sure you moisturise your face regularly, especially if you bleach, and reapply bleach only after a minimum of fifteen days have passed since your last application.


Laser is a great permanent solution to get rid of body hair. It is especially suited for areas where it is not easy to use other methods of hair removal. If you have a lot of hair on your back, and are not able to wax it because you develop boils, a good option would be to try using laser. You could of course choose to remove hair from all over your body with the help of laser, but it is expensive. But before ruling out this method, speak to a clinic that offers this services and find out about any packages they may be offering. You can even try a single session to dramatically reduce the hair from a certain area - but this will not work if you want every single hair removed. Laser is great for a hairy back or shoulders, and just a single session may reduce the hair dramatically. Any re-growth may not be as noticeable.

Hair removal creams

Hair removal creams contain harsh chemicals, and are often believed to cause darkening of the skin when used over a prolonged period. But these make good options when you want to expose a certain body part and need to remove hair gently. For example if you need to wear a lehenga at a wedding and your belly will be exposed, you can use a hair-removal cream as a one-off solution.
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