July 31, 2007

Electrolysis hair removal method  

Electrolysis hair removal method

Electrolysis is the most efficient solution for permanent hair removal. Millions of satisfied customers around the world are satisfied with the proven results of electrolysis for permanent hair removal. When you want permanent hair removal, electrolysis is the best way to accomplish your goal.

Electrolysis hair removal has appeared and has enjoyed a great deal of success because it is able to cater to every taste, whether you want unsightly hair follicles eliminated from your manly chest, back, your smooth legs or arms if you are a woman, along the bikini line, whatever and wherever you want.

Electrolysis hair removal is a great option for many people. For example, the best uses I've seen for the procedure is for women who want to remove unsightly hair from their upper lip, chin or jawline. Facial hair on women is extremely embarassing so any procedure that can remove that hair permanently using a completely non-invasive procedure gets my vote. However, there are some disadvantages to electrolysis hair removal that you should strongly consider before going through with the procedure.

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July 30, 2007

Laser Hair Removal Should I or Shouldn't I?  

Laser Hair Removal Should I or Shouldn't I?

There is lots of talk these days about laser hair removal. "Should I?", "Shouldn't I?, "Will it work for me?", "Is it going to hurt?", "Will it be permanent?" "Can I afford it?" are just some of the questions on most people's minds when they think about using lasers to remove unwanted hair. The reason we all have so many unanswered questions is that there are so many conflicting opinions. There are those that claim it's totally safe, effective and even a permanent solution on one extreme and those who say it's dangerous and not effective at all on the other extreme.

So, from these two extremes in thinking, it's probably safe to say that the truth lies somewhere in between.Let's first take a look at each extreme a little more deeply.Yes, there are those that say using lasers to remove unwanted hair is safe and effective. You hear about it and see things written about it everywhere that claim it's the only method you should consider. Why, they even claim that it's pain free, it's relatively comfortable (Doesn't that term relatively make you wonder?), time saving, cost effective, the perfect hair removal, a permanent solution, a quick long lasting treatment and the list goes on and on. It's actually enough to make your head spin.

However on the other extreme you hear and see things written like permanent scarring, severe burns, skin discoloration, (These alone are enough to make my skin begin to itch and burn.) not effective, time consuming with very little results, very expensive, requires many treatments, and this list also goes on and on.So what is one to believe and how do you go about making a decision as to, "Yes I'll give it a shot." or "No, never!", and run for the hills in fear? (Well perhaps that's a little extreme but I hope you get the idea.)My best advice is to check everything out carefully, get all the facts, compare results against your own particular risks based on your skin type, hair color and skin sensitivities.

Also, your particular tolerances for pain, your ability to sit still for extended periods of time and the cost involved definitely all need to be taken into account. No one knows these thing about your skin, body, personality or pocketbook better than you and all of these issues will have a profound effect on the outcome of any laser hair removal you might be considering for yourself.Oh and before I forget, make sure you know what you're looking for in the way of equipment, technician credentials and the reputation of the clinic you are considering using before you decide that lasers are worth trying out for your particular needs.

And one more thing start out slow and easy. Have just a small section done in an inconspicuous spot to see how it works out for you before taking on the other larger or more exposed areas of your body or face.
For more information on
laser hair removal, waxing, personal shavers, electrolysis, depilatory creams and other tips and information check out Easy Home Hair Removal and sign up for your free copy of our 50 page Complete Hair Removal Guide.

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July 28, 2007

Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Chicago  

Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Chicago

In current times, ‘laser hair removal treatment’ is becoming very popular in Chicago. There can be a number of questions that cross our minds when we contemplate laser treatment. For example, how is this treatment carried out? What can be the possible side-effects? Whether the hair removal done is permanent? What is the cost of the treatment? How much time does it take? If you are looking for the right answers to these questions, visit us at advancedlaserskin to know in depth. Advanced Laser Clinics is a leading clinic in treatments of skin and hair, and is one of the most preferred destinations in laser techniques.

Performing laser hair removal in Chicago takes approximately about an hour for both legs. In this technique, as the laser beam is moved over your legs, it passes through your skin and it is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. The heat generated by the laser breaks apart the follicle and reduces the growth of hair. Before undergoing laser hair removal, skin specialists will need to analyze your skin tone and color, to decide upon the nature, duration, and type of your laser treatment. This pre-treatment analysis is crucial and Advanced Laser Clinics has an experienced group of specialists for such purposes.

Laser hair removal treatments tend to work best on fair-skinned people with dark hair. For darker skin tone, this treatment is less effective because the laser gets absorbed by pigment in the skin and often doesn't reach the hair follicle. Laser hair removal treatment also doesn't seem to work very well on light-haired people or whose hair contains little melanin.

To experience desired results, you ought to undergo three or four treatments, six to eight weeks apart. Such continuous treatment results in meaningful reduction in the amount of hair on your body. After undergoing this treatment, you have to treat the particular area carefully. Since the treated area remains sensitive for a few days, it is advisable to wear protective clothing and sun block whenever you’re outside.

Try to limit the sun exposure for a day or two after the treatment. Some slight swelling and redness may be experienced as noticed generally. These side-effects disappear within a day and can be soothed with ice or a mild anti-inflammatory cream. More rare side-effects can be peeling, blistering, and burning of the skin as well as brown spots.

Advanced Laser Clinics is one of the best places to undergo laser hair removal in Chicago. Visit www.advancedlaserskin.com to know more about laser hair removal in Chicago, laser hair removal treatment, Chicago laser hair removal, and permanent hair removal.
Namrita is a very well known author who writes on topics like Laser Hair Removal, Luxury Skin Care Products etc. for the website

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July 25, 2007

Some Facts About Hair Removal  

Some Facts About Hair Removal

Some type of hair removal is needed by every person, in any stage of life. It is difficult to find out, which hair removal methods will suite each person. There are lots of products which claim successfully removing the hair permanently. But, the fact is that any of the prevailing products or methods can only slow down the growth of the hair for a specific period of time. The important methods and the products of hair removal include shaving, tweezing, depilatory creams, and electrolysis and laser treatments. A person should know the facts about these methods, before taking a decision regarding the hair removal method one should adapt. This will prevent unwanted tensions and money loss after an unsuccessful hair removal attempt.

Shaving is the most common method of hair removal for facial hair in men. It is very easy to do and not at all time consuming. It is preferred by people all over the world as they are less expensive and its’ effect can last for two to three days. The negative points of this method are the cuts, bumps and the burning sensation caused by a razor shave. Tweezing is another method used for the removal of unwanted hair. This method is used to remove hair from the area above lips and hairs on the eye brows. This method is capable of giving long lasting result. Tweezing requires much time and if not done by an experienced person, can be quite tormenting for the person under going the hair removal.

Depilatory creams are used to remove hair by reducing the strength of the hair root and finally disintegrating the hair. The loose hair can be easily rinsed and wiped away. The action of depilatory cream can last for a period of upto two weeks. It is better to do the compatibility test before using the depilatory creams as they can cause allergic reaction in some people. The chemicals in the cream may cause rash or inflammation, if you are sensitive to the chemical. They are very easy to use and are affordable to the common man.

Waxing is a hair removal method which can give satisfactory result for a longer period of time. The result can last from three to six weeks depending on the type of hair a person has. In this method, either hot or cold wax is applied on the skin where unwanted hair is present. Then a strip of light cloth is placed on top of the wax and pulled off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The unwanted hair will come off with the cloth. The main drawback of waxing is the pain associated with this process. Waxing can be done only on hairs that are atleast one by fourth of an inch of length.

Most successful method for permanent hair removal is electrolysis. This process includes inserting a small needle into the hair follicle and an electric current is passed through it to kill the root of the hair. This method of hair removal is long lasting, as the root is also removed in the process and this will allow the re-growth only very slowly. Another widely used method is laser hair removal. A laser is targeted on to the hair follicle which stops the hair growth by causing damage to the root of the hair.

The number of people going for hair removal products is increasing every year, and new techniques are evolving to meet the need. It is common practice to remove body hair from face and legs but nowadays people want to remove hair from their back, chests and private areas. Now it is possible to remove large amount of hair safely, if you take the service of a hair removal professional.Hair Removal Facts are something that you need to know, if you are interested in these kind of beauty treatments and procedures, get more information about Hair Removal Techniques at

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July 24, 2007

3 Steps To Sexy Legs  

By Janice

Wee Guys do get distracted by long, lean, sexy legs peeking from the slit of a skirt, or flaunted in a mini skirt. Any woman can have sexy legs. All you need to do is to keep your legs toned and wax them regularly. Even cross dressers are able to make their legs look sexy. To start with, first, you need to get your legs in shape. That means, get off your butt and start walking. Walking, running, jogging and climbing stairs really tone your legs. Step 1. Tone your legs. If you are serious about getting your legs very well toned, make that effort after work, to run for 45 minutes each day. You could run around the compound, run your way home, run on a jogging track or even in the gym. Just do it before dinner, straight out of the office. On rainy days, climb the stairs instead. Try climbing up and down the stairs for a stretch of 30 minutes, without stopping. Walk more. Walk instead of driving. If you take the public transport, get off a few stops before your actual destination and walk the rest of the way. Getting toned legs takes effort. The end result is worth it. A plus that comes with these toned legs would be a slimmer body from all that exercise. Step 2. Remove unwanted leg hair. Next, wax your legs. Get a waxing kit or try sugaring instead. Or you could invest in an epilator which you can use to remove your unwanted body hair for years to come. Waxing, sugaring or using the epilator remove your leg hair from the roots. The result is smoother skin. Hair regrowth is smoother as compared to the stubbly results you get from shaving or using a depilatory. Step 3. Flaunt your smooth, well toned legs. Smooth, well toned legs are always hot. They look even sexier in a pair of stockings. The sheen from the stockings or pantyhose highlight your legs. Pantyhose makes your legs look smoother. More refined. More sophisticated. A must for when you want to look put together. Sophisticated. A must for the office, boardroom and the dinner date. If you have a problem with your tummy, go for the control top pantyhose. That would hold your tummy in. In fact, a good pantyhose holds in your legs, making them look more slender. Then there are the fishnet stockings. These are about pure, raw sex appeal. For that glamorous night. For those moments when you want to turn heads. For movie star on the red carpet treatment. These add the finishing touch. Wear a dress, a skirt or shorts that show off as much leg as you want.The writer is the webmaster of http://www.buy-stockings.net, where you can find the stockings, tights, panty hose, and thermal underwear.

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July 23, 2007

Laser Hair Removal Prices - Guidelines  

Laser Hair Removal Prices - Guidelines

Laser hair removal prices can vary greatly depending on the geographic area.
A candidate's physical features also affect laser hair removal prices.According to one authority, an absolute requirement is that the hair must be darker than the surrounding skin. The whole area on the back or the legs can cost considerably more while smaller areas such as the upper lip obviously cost less. Individual consultations are necessary to establish accurate laser hair removal prices.
Note: Due to the variables involved it is impossible to predict exactly what the results will be for any individual. Many reputable clinics avoid giving guarantees for this reason. A consumer guide on laser hair removal gives $500 per treatment session as a reasonable average with 3 to 4 sessions often necessary. Another survey on laser hair removal prices in the U.S.A. gives these averages according to area:

Average Cost for 1 treatment:

Midwest - $497
East - $458
South - $307
West - $469

When checking laser hair removal prices in your area, ask for special offers.
Suggestions for obtaining discounts Offer to pay for all treatments upfront in exchange for a discount. Additionally, you could try and get a discount by giving a referral if you have a friend who also wishes to receive laser hair removal treatment. Some practitioners offer a 6 treatment package which includes 1 free if you pay for 5. Others may even offer a 50% discount on the regular laser hair removal prices if you need more than 6 treatments.
In other cases, laser hair removal prices can be reduced by seeking discounts on additional areas to be treated. Some for example, offer a 10% reduction in cost for each additional area. A final tip - to clarify the laser hair removal prices you are given, be sure to find out whether the quote is for both arms, underarms, or legs or just one. Conclusion: Laser hair removal prices can vary greatly. Do your research, use the guidelines above in trying to get discount prices and go with the clinic that offers you a professional service for a reasonable price.

Note: For peace of mind you could decide only to go to a Board Certified Dermatologist. Additionally, you may ask to see before and after pictures of the practitioner’s own results.

Mike Jones is a writer and webmaster with over 10 years experience. Check out his laser hair removal research library here: http://www.about-hair-removal.com/Laser-Library

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July 22, 2007

Permanent Body Hair Removal Electrolysis  

By Ricky Lim

As we all know hair grows on all parts of our bodies except for the palms, lips and certain areas of our private organs as well as the sole of the feet. Usually the most commonly used methods for removing hair are waxing, trimming and shaving. However, for many people they are looking for ways to remove hair permanently and so are searching for permanent hair removal products that they know are safe and they can trust.
Currently, the most common permanent body hair removal products include processes such as electrolysis, laser hair removal, intense pulsed lamps and products which include oral medication or chemicals. However in this article I will take a closer look at electrolysis as a product to use for permanent body hair removal.
At present electrolysis is the only clinically proven method that can remove hair permanently and it does it by targeting the hair follicles and then killing them when they are at their peak growing cycle. However what you must remember is "permanent" does not mean "forever" and so a good hair removal technique should be able to keep you hairless for about a year or so.
Electrolysis uses hair thin metal probes which are carefully slithered into your hair follicles. Once in place the probes will introduce an electrical current to the follicles and this cause's localized damage to them and so prevents them from growing any further in the future.
However what is important is that when you are considering any kind of permanent body hair removal products you should remember that none of these are 100% effective for everybody. But where electrolysis is concerned it has a long history of producing satisfactory permanent hair removal and it is considered both safe and effective and has been used for more than 125 years. There are some disadvantages to using electrolysis as it can be both costly, tedious and painful and it may become difficult to use if there are large amounts of hair to be removed.
If you want to try electrolysis for permanent hair removal, then make sure to get someone who is properly trained in carrying out the procedure correctly. Another way is to get a personal electrolysis unit. However some experts recommend against it as it is difficult to use and it is ineffective if you do not have the right training to use the equipment.
I would highly recommend hair removal cream instead as it is easier to use and a lot cheaper.
Ricky Lim recommend trying hair removal cream before attempting other hair removal methods such as electrolysis. Visit his website for more
recommendations on hair removal cream

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Body Hair Removal – Your Choices  

Body Hair Removal – Your Choices

If you suffer from unwanted hair and are looking for a body hair removal solution there are several options that you can choose from. These body hair removal options will safely remove the hair and in some cases can produce a permanent hair removal solution.
The first body hair removal option that is available to both men and women is shaving. Shaving is a very popular method of removing unwanted body hair but the downside is that hair can grow back very quickly.
Using a depilatory product is another form of body hair removal. This process chemically dissolves the hair but as with shaving the hair will return. Another downside to using a depilatory product is that many of these creams can cause irritations and skin tests are always recommended prior to use.
Waxing is another very popular method of body hair removal but as with shaving this is not a permanent hair removal solution. Waxing is also very painful but re-growth is slower.
Electrolysis as a form of body hair removal can in some cases prove to be a permanent hair removal solution. An electrical current is used to destroy hair follicles but several sessions are required and the results are not guaranteed. Electrolysis can also be very painful and only small areas can be treated at a time.
The last choice available for body hair removal is lazer hair removal. Using a laser hair removal treatment destroys hair follicles and results in permanent hair removal. A laser hair removal treatment can be used all over the body and large areas can be treated at a time. The only drawback with this body hair removal solution is the cost of laser hair removal which can be quite expensive. With lazer hair removal there is minimal pain unlike electrolysis which can be very painful and after a laser hair removal treatment the skin will heal quite quickly, usually within 20 minutes.
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July 21, 2007

Facial Hair Removal Products - What Are Your Choices  

Facial Hair Removal Products - What Are Your Choices

Unwanted facial hair can be a major problem for men and especially women. There are several ways to remove facial hair and there are many products on the market that can help. This article will discuss a few of the best ways to remove facial hair.
Shaving – Of course this method has been used by men and women, but we don’t recommend that women shave their facial hair. This method is only temporary and the hair grows back within a short period of time.
Tweezing – Many women use tweezers to pluck unwanted facial hair but this method has problems. The good side of tweezing facial hair is that it takes the root out and therefore the hair does not grow back too fast. The bad side of tweezing facial hair is that it is painful and takes a long time to do a small area.
Waxing – Waxing is used on women’s legs and other areas but it also can be used for facial hair. This method is just as painful as tweezing but it is faster. Normally you will only have to wax once a month. Be careful and try this method on a small section of your face to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction.
Electrolysis – This method is permanent but can be expensive and time consuming. The method basically burns the hair root and therefore the hair can’t come back. It will take several sessions to make sure all of the roots are destroyed.
Depilatories – There are several creams, lotions, and gels that remove facial hair. These can be strong chemicals and therefore try a small section of your face first to see if it works and to make sure you don’t have a reaction to the chemicals. Laser – Laser removal is expensive and must be performed by a licensed individual. The method may not be permanent and takes several treatments. It’s advantage is that it is less painful then other methods. There are many ways to remove unwanted facial hair and we have briefly discussed a few. There are also natural home remedies that you can try.
For more information on facial hair removal products, try visiting
http://www.facialhairremovalproducts.com a popular website that offers facial hair removal tips, advice and resources to include information on removing facial hair

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July 20, 2007

Finding The Best Laser Hair Removal Treatments In New York  

By Oliver Turner

Body hair removal and in particular lazer hair removal has become a very important topic of late and in particular laser hair removal treatments in New York. New York laser hair removal clinics are probably the most talked about lazer hair removal clinics and this is due to their high advertising exposure.

Permanent body hair removal treatments in the past may only have been for women but in New York these treatments are available and being used by both men and women. Lazer hair removal is being used by women in New York to remove hair on the upper lips, underarms, and legs and men are using laser hair removal treatments in New York to permanently remove unsightly hair from their chests and backs. So how do you find the best laser hair removal treatments in New York?

Like everything the key to finding the best laser hair removal treatments in New York has to be from word or mouth. We all know that if a friend recommends something we are more likely to take their word for it than that of an advertisement. There are of course plenty of reviews on New York laser hair removal clinics which will also give you some inside knowledge and if all else fails you can always check out a few of these New York laser hair removal clinics yourself.

The most talked about New York laser hair removal clinic is Completely Bare which is located in Manhattan. This lazer hair removal clinic boasts a relaxing environment and uses progressive treatments instead of aggressive treatments. This New York laser hair removal clinic uses Epilight which is one of the most advanced technological breakthroughs when it comes to hair reduction and for both men and women looking for permanent body hair removal, the CoolGlide lazer hair removal system is available. The CoolGlide laser system is a non-invasive laser that has been specially designed to remove unwanted hair from all parts of the body.

If you are looking for permanent body hair removal and want the best laser hair removal treatments in New York then reading reviews and asking friends or family is the way to go.

Our mission is to gather all laser hair removal info on one place. Check it out on laser hair removal treatments in New York. All about laser hair removal on LeanderNet - http://www.leandernet.com/

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July 18, 2007

Brazilian Wax for a Brazilian Bikini Line  

Brazilian Wax for a Brazilian Bikini Line

If you thought that dealing with your pubic area is one of the most intimate things – think again. In the last few years plucking pubic hair the Brazilian way, meaning removing almost all pubic hair and keeping only a narrow line on the frontal area of the sexual organ, became a widespread fashion among many women all ages.

In order to achieve a Brazilian bikini wax look you will probably have to expose yourself in front of a cosmetician almost as you do when visiting a gynecologist.

No body knows exactly how many women having a Brazilian wax but there is no doubt that the industry of Brazilian bikini wax involves millions of dollars. Market researches in the Unites States found out that the sales of razors for women and men have fallen by 15% in the last couple of years.

Surprisingly, the Brazilian women were not the first that plucked their pubic hair. Women have removed their pubic hair in ancient Egypt using a mixture of honey and oil and small piece of leather.

Women in the Middle East used a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and water to pluck their pubic hair. The process of achieving a Brazilian bikini wax look usually began on the night before the wedding for the purpose of purity.

In the 1920’s the first razors and pubic hair removal substances appeared in the American department stores. The bikini was invented during the Second World War when the manufactures of swim suits were requested to spare with the leather amounts they use. Then, unwanted and embarrassing hair popped up.

Women did not know how to remove their un wanted pubic hair – they have tried to shave and burn it causing damage to their pubic area. In the 1960’s the first Brazilian wax was seen on department stores in America.

Today you can remove your pubic hair in many methods. The most common one are a Brazilian bikini wax or a pubic hair shaving using a professional pubic hair shaver.

We have executed an independent research to find the best method for getting a real Brazilian bikini line. The results were clear. Find out more on Brazilian wax and pubic shave methods. All about hair on best hair loss products.

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July 17, 2007

Quick Silver Process - Bikini Hair Removal  

When summer comes, the sun and the will to look our best also appears along with the scorching heat, but not many women think that bikini hair removal can be done very fast and in a comfortable way, with the help of today’s technology. Some choose to hold their worries at bay by going to specialists in bikini hair removal, in order to benefit from that indispensable comfort and lack of pain. However, for those who do not wish to pay for costly bikini hair removal treatments, do-it-yourself methods are always an answer but not necessarily a good one, since the area bikini hair removal implies is a very delicate one.

It is better if you leave the professionals do this complicated job, because honestly, when you think of actually doing bikini hair removal by yourself, you get default goose bumps, and this fear and refrain, which are completely rational, can hinder the swift bikini hair removal. Spas and salons are available for this operation and they provide you with trained and experienced professionals, that possess the knowledge and the equipment to make you look the way you want, where you want, without any pain at all.

The Highs and Lows of Bikini Hair Removal

Yes, bikini hair removal is bound to be painful, but only if you are blithely unaware of the fact that highly trained beauticians are at your service in special clinics: a little amount of pain does appear while experiencing one of the many ways to wax the unwanted hair follicles off along the bikini lines. Procedures have evolved, and hot wax can be used as well as cold wax, all sorts of kits have appeared on the market that enable women to do the bikini hair removal by themselves in their cozy homes and the how-to-do-it section is more than very clearly explained. Some packages can involve putting them into the microwave, which means one thing: speed.

Does It Worth It?

It is quite famous today, this laser hair removal process, but it’s made costly by the equipment needed and the special training of the personnel. Hence, the laser technology must be handled by specialists with specific requirements, it is normal that the procedures offered by them should be expensive. You can always find their advice and expertise at spas and saloons, along with the physicians there that have personal offices with laser machines. Why are these recommended for bikini hair removal? Because the permanency of the method is invaluable as well as it is generally painless. Just to be on the safe side, when you decide you want bikini hair removal, check the equipment yourself if it has the required certificates from the government and medical institutions and the necessary quality, so that you enjoy safely your treatment.

You can also find more info on hair removal process and hair removal costs. Bestlaserhairremovaltreatment.com is a comprehensive resource to know more about Laser Removing.

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July 16, 2007

Beverly Hills Laser Hair Removal Clinics- Enjoy!  

Beverly Hills Laser Hair Removal Clinics- Enjoy!

Choosing Clinics is equivalent with a mini-vacation, because Beverly Hills is not renowned just for its palms along the streets or for the famous TV series: you can be certain that here you will be pampered throughout the treatment, and get the best the industry of laser hair removal has, since the competition is so tough, especially in the star studded Beverly Hills. The finest technology, the most trained specialists are at your disposal, at Beverly Hills laser hair removal clinics.

Luxury for the Average No matter how perfect they look on screen, every actor or actress has passed through a treatment center, like us, the normal persons that we consider ourselves to be. That is why you will be monitored by an experienced doctor that will supervise all the operations, and take good care of you. With Beverly Hills laser hair removal centers, you are not only made to feel special during the visits, but you also achieve the physical beauty you want for yourself, when you get out.

To be certain that you have come to the right place, assess the level of qualification that the nurses and assistants should have, and make sure their diplomas satisfy your need for perfection, because after all, that is what Beverly Hills laser hair removal is all about. If their experience is not sufficiently convincing, you might end up with bitter feelings; also evaluate the gadgets, the way they use the equipment of the laser hair removal clinic, and ask them how they work on your specific skin type, in order to choose the appropriate laser.

At Your Service The assistants and professionals from Beverly Hills laser hair removal will give you all the data required and answer to all your questions. The finest equipment and the most modern technologies are at your disposal only, to work their magic on your physical appearance. The results? You will love yourself more due to these surgical and non-surgical processes and you will no longer have any irrational fear of the clinics in Beverly Hills for laser hair removal. It is recommended that you select the operation Plastic Aesthetic Surgery clinic itself, and be dazed by the ultra-new operating room as well as by the facilities there, such as the pharmacy, the outpatient laboratory or the chic hair salon and aesthetic salon, all these to have a neat and pleasant laser hair removal and the extra care.

The new equipment is not the only thing that this Beverly Hills laser hair removal clinic takes pride in: Dr. Charles S. Lee is the head of an exquisite team, formed of accredited Plastic surgeons and the best assistants and personnel training in this field can afford, in the industry of laser hair removal. Moreover, the center makes use of Diode laser, which is different from the Alexandrite laser, in the fact that the former actually searches the position of the hair follicles and extracts them without affecting the pigment of the skin, as it happens with the darker tones.
You can also find more info on hair removal process and hair removal costs. Bestlaserhairremovaltreatment.com is a comprehensive resource to know more about Laser Removing.

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July 15, 2007

Home Electrolysis Machines for Hair Removal  

Home Electrolysis Machines for Hair Removal

More and more people are adding home electrolysis machines to their supply of beauty equipment. Many people constantly struggle to get rid of unwanted and unsightly facial and body hair. The use of home electrolysis machines to take care of unwanted hair problems is becoming a popular alternative to shaving, waxing, and using depilatory creams.

Inexpensive home electrolysis machines are available from a variety of retail stores and online retailers. Home electrolysis machines are small, easy-to-use devices that people are able to use in the privacy of their own home to take care of unwanted hairs. The newest models use a conductive gel rather than invasive needles, and provide pain-free permanent hair removal.

Choosing a Home Electrolysis Machine There are a number of different electrolysis machines on the market. One of the most popular brands of home electrolysis machine is the Vector home electrolysis machine. The Vector home electrolysis machine is very easy to use, is affordable, and is a virtually pain free solution for permanent, at home hair removal. There are many loyal and satisfied Vector home electrolysis machine customers who highly recommend this machine as being the best option for at home hair removal.

The Vector home electrolysis machine uses an electrolysis gel that is highly conductive to facilitate effective hair removal. The gel is used instead of having to stick needles into the follicle of each unwanted hair. This highly conductive gel allows electrical currents emitted by the machine to find their way to the roots of unwanted hairs. The end result is permanent, painless removal of unwanted and unsightly hair.

Shopping for a Home Electrolysis Machine Since home electrolysis machines have become such a popular choice for at home hair removal, the machines are widely available from a number of sources. Most large electronics retailers carry a full line of home electrolysis machines. Many stores that carry skin care products and other health and beauty aids also carry an excellent selection of home electrolysis machines. A number of online retailers also carry home electrolysis machines.

Before selecting a particular brand of home electrolysis machine, it is a good idea to research the different available models. Don’t assume that the cheapest brand is as good as one that costs a little more. Also, don’t assume that the most expensive model is the best option either. Look for a machine made by a reputable manufacturer that has clear instructions, is easy to use, and offers a pain free solution for permanent at home hair removal.

You can also find more info on Cost Of Electrolysis and Electrolysis Hair Removal. Electrolysisguide.com is a comprehensive resource to know about Electrolysis.

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July 13, 2007

Hair Removal Without Trouble With Eflornithine Hydrochloride  

What if you don't have to use any hair removal method and your hair stops growing at places you don't want it? Can you believe that happening? Eflornithine Hydrochloride does that. Also called as, Vaniqua (a brand) this chemical is now available as a cream in the strength of 13.9%. It has been found that this cream stops hair growth if used for a long period.

Eflornithine Hydrochloride works by stopping the action of enzyme- ornithine decarboxylase that is mainly responsible for stimulating hair growth. It is to be applied twice a day for a minimum period of two months to show results in most of the users. In some users, the results may appear faster. You will continue using your standard hair removal method till that time. This cream is well absorbed by the skin, and you will begin observing difference in hair growth on your face in short time.

Many women have abnormal hair growth problems such as hirsuitism. Some women experience unwanted hair growth during menopause and some suffer from hormonal diseases and polycystic ovarian syndrome. Because of these hair appears on unwanted places on the face and affects the psychology of the sufferer.

For better results, apply the cream twice a day and leave it in place for at least four hours before washing off. You can apply your cosmetics after the cream is absorbed by the skin and has dried. You should consult your doctor about proper use. Stopping use of this cream for long term may reduce the effects seen. It is well tolerated by most women and if you experience any side effects, you should consult your doctor. Proper use of this cream can get you out of trouble of hair removal forever. Please talk to your doctor about Eflornithine hydrochloride in detail before using it and find out how best to use it.

This article is only for informative purposes. This article is not intended to be a medical advise and it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor for your medical concerns. Please follow any tip given in this article only after consulting your doctor. The author is not liable for any outcome or damage resulting from information obtained from this article.

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July 11, 2007

Laser hair removal devices at home  

Laser hair removal devices at home

Professional laser hair removal is a $2.7 billion dollar business, and makers of home laser devices hope to tap into the market. In December, the FDA cleared a home device from Gillette, but the device won't be available this year.

"We are not going to launch something until we are 100% satisfied with everything about the device," says Kelly Vanasse, a spokeswoman for Gillette. "We're still working on it."

The concept behind laser hair removal is that light emitted from the device is absorbed by the dark pigment in the hair follicle. The energy is converted to heat, causing the hair to fall out in a couple of days. Repeated treatments are needed to target the hair follicles in their various stages of growth.

Some data suggest that the hair that grows back is lighter and finer, but it's not clear how often the hand-held device will have to be used.

Professional laser hair removal treatments can cost $300 or more per treatment (several are needed), but can eventually eliminate shaving.

A Pleasanton, Calif., company called SpectraGenics is already selling a home-use laser hair removal device outside the country. The company is seeking FDA clearance to sell the device in the United States, says Robert Grove, president of SpectraGenics.

"Laser hair removal in an office setting is an enormously successful enterprise," he says. "The convenience of doing laser hair removal at home we think will be of great interest."

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Woman Almost Dies After Bikini Wax  

Source : http://www.foxnews.com

'Brazilian' bikini waxes are increasingly popular among women who live nowhere near the bikini-clad beaches of Rio de Janeiro. For one 20-year-old woman in Melbourne, Australia, this routine procedure nearly took her life.

The woman was admitted to an emergency room just two weeks after receiving a 'Brazilian' bikini wax, a procedure that involves removing even more hair front-to-back than a traditional bikini wax, according to the Brief Report published online in the June issue of the journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases.

While the patient experienced "significant pain" and some bleeding during the procedure, which was performed by a trainee beauty therapist, her health had taken a sharp turn for the worst by the time she sought medical attention.

According to the report, the young woman had poorly controlled type 1 diabetes. She was admitted to the hospital with a high fever, excruciating pain, "grossly swollen" genitalia, and a rash across her chest and neck.

The woman's pain was so intense and the inflammation so severe that doctors were barely able to examine her in the emergency room.

Eventually, the doctors were able to take blood samples and cultures, which came back positive for the potentially life-threatening bacteria, Streptococcus pyogenes.

The patient's weakened immune system put her at risk when she underwent the hot-wax procedure, which caused the infection. A more complete exam, done under general anesthetic, revealed the woman was infected with herpes simplex.

She was discharged after 10 days in the hospital after a steady regimen of antibiotics and other medications that saved her life. While she had regained her health, she had not learned her lesson.

Six months later, the woman again tried to remove her pubic hair, but this time she was shaving herself. She subsequently developed a recurrence of herpes and another skin infection.

She was treated again successfully, but the report noted that, "despite her traumatic experiences, the patient was keen to undertake further removal of pubic hair."

The authors of the report warn that anyone with a compromised immune system, including diabetics and people infected with HIV, should think twice about waxing, or any beauty procedure.

"Our case is notable, because it illustrates the infectious risks of pubic hair removal in a patient with diabetes," the authors concluded. "The beauty industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and more invasive and potentially harmful procedures are increasingly available."

Even for salon customers without suppressed immune systems, this woman's story can be a lesson. Many studies have shown nail salons that do not properly sterilize equipment can easily spread hepatitis.

Every salon patron, especially those getting bikini waxes, should ensure that they attend clean and reputable establishments where therapists regularly wash their hands and wear gloves.

The authors of this report also recommend physicians familiarize themselves with these beauty practices so they can better advise patients about the pros and cons of their beauty regimens.

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July 9, 2007

Hair removal breakthrough  

Source : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/672977.stm

Scientists have finally cracked a long-standing problem - how to remove excessive hair safely from people with dark skin.
Until now all types of laser skin treatment have been ruled out for people with dark skin because of the risk of side effects.
However, Dr Eliot Battle, a dermatologist from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), has successfully used a diode laser on a wide range of ethnic groups to reduce the number of hairs and delay re-growth.
Dr Battle said: "Many people of colour have m
edical conditions related to hair growth.
"Hirsuitism - excessive growth of hair on any area of the body - is more common in darker-skinned men and woman.
"Shaving can cause men with tightly coiled hair to develop painful ingrown hairs or 'beard bumps'."
More traditional means of hair removal - like plucking, waxing and electrolysis - can lead to dark spots in people with non-white skin.
How lasers work
Current laser hair removal techniques use wavelengths of light that target melanin, the pigment that determines the colour of both hair and skin.

In light-skinned people, the laser energy safely passes through the skin and is absorbed by the darker hair shaft, destroying the hair and its root.
However, because darker-skinned people have more melanin in their skin, those wavelengths would also be absorbed by and damage the skin.
The diode laser emits light at a longer wavelen
gth which is less destructive to the skin.
The equipment also allows doctors to spread the dose over a longer period of time.
This allows the skin to cool more effectively and to tolerate a larger total dose.
These features not only protect the skin cells next to the treated hairs, they also allow energy to be targeted to cells, known as stem cells, located near the top of the hair that are thought to stimulate growth.
Dr Battle said: "Because this slower release of energy doesn't vaporise the hair shaft, as short-pulse laser treatment does, the energy is passed to the stem cells, which otherwise would remain unaffected."

Dr Battle is completing an 18-month study of the use of the diode laser for hair removal in 84 patients from 20 ethnic groups.


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July 6, 2007

Pubic Hair Removal by Shaving, why popular?  

Pubic Hair Removal by Shaving, why popular?

Pubic hair removal is not only a fashion, it's become a matter of personal hygiene.Models, actress and other famous persons are shaving their pubic hair and speak of it publicly. Shaving is faster, easier and causes less pain than ever. The modern shavers have been developed for years to apply the most effective pubic shaving and pubic hair shavers accessories can be found in the department and cosmetic stores.

Pubic hair removal by shaving trend is the various cuts. It may be the star, the arrow, the heart, the butterfly or the traditional downward or upward triangle. Many women make a pleasant surprise for their boy friend / husband with a new pubic haircut each time.

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July 5, 2007

How To Shave Bikini Hair  

How To Shave Bikini Hair

This article provides details on how to shave bikini hair successfully, achieving perfect results without any nasty irritations or side effects.

A step-by-step guide to bikini line hair removal

If you want to wear a bikini on the beach this summer, you'll want a smooth bikini line. Shaving is a quick and cheap way of achieving this, but ingrown hairs, razor burns, and skin irritations are just some of the pitfalls of careless bikini line hair removal. Follow our guide to get the bikini line of your dreams.

Before you begin to shave pubic hair

If this is the first time you've shaved this area, trim the hair to about a quarter of an inch so that it doesn't jam up and blunt your razor or shaver. Then take a hot shower or bath to soften hair. Before you begin to shave pubic hair, make sure you dry it thoroughly.

If you're using a razor to shave pubic hair, use a good quality one designed for women. Change the blade if necessary. Apply a shaving foam or gel made for shaving pubic hair. You might already know how to shave your legs but here's how to shave bikini hair Stand with one leg on a chair or stool. Shave lightly from back to front in the direction of hair growth, being careful not to go over the same area more than twice as this can cause razor burns.

Rinse the blade frequently if you're using razor. If you want a closer shave and you're not prone to ingrown hairs or other skin irritations, you can shave against the direction of growth too. If you're using an electric razor, follow the instructions that came with it. A back and forth motion is usually advised.

When you've finished, wash away all the hairs and gently dry the area. An application of aloe vera will help prevent itching. To maintain your smooth bikini line, you will probably need to shave every other day at least but try not to shave too often, especially if you are new to shaving. You should also be aware that bikini line hair removal might lead to itching when hair grows back, but contrary to popular belief it won't grow back thicker, coarser, or darker than it was before shaving.

Find more about Pubic Shaving from experts on http://www.LeanderNet.com/Pubic_shaving/Pubic_shaving.php

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July 3, 2007

Atlanta Laser Hair Removal  

Atlanta Laser Hair Removal

If you live in the Atlanta area and are interested in a hair-freelaser hair removal atlanta body, then laser hair removal may be for you. It is a perfect solution to the keeping unwanted hair off your body. After all, laser hair removal is not for everyone and not all clinics are created equal. When considering having laser hair removal, it is important to research reputable and skilled doctors carefully. Atlanta Georgia is known for having excellent doctors in the field of laser hair removal. you could also check with the Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org) to ensure that any complaints have been resolved.

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July 2, 2007

How To Remove Pubic Hair With A Hair Removal Cream  

How To Remove Pubic Hair With A Hair Removal Cream

Using a hair removal cream is one of ways to remove pubic hair and these are tips to ensure a smooth bikini line.

Tips for a smooth bikini line.

Hair removal creams are a quick way to clean up your bikini line. Longer lasting than shaving and less of annoy than waxing, they provide an alternative method of pubic hair removal. Possible allergic reactions and an unpleasant smell are among the disadvantages of using these creams for removing pubic hair. Always do a skin test on your elbow before applying the cream to your bikini line and never use it on the actual pubic area. Hair removal creams contain chemicals that dissolve the hair so they are much too harsh for this area.

Always read the packet carefully before you buy. It's advisable to use a milder cream on the pubic area and always make sure it is in fact suitable for removing pubic hair. Basically, the milder creams smell better and are less irritating to the skin but they must be left on longer.

For pubic hair removal, soften the hair and open the follicles by either taking a hot shower or bath or by placing a warm wet washcloth over the area for a few minutes. Then apply the cream, following the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Wipe off the cream first and then cleanse the area thoroughly. The unpleasant smell will disappear as you do this.

Hair is dissolved just below the skin, so the end result will last slightly longer than shaving. If you want a longer-term hair removal method or, it might be time to try waxing for removing pubic hair.

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Pubic lice ! How do you catch them?  

Pubic lice ! How do you catch them?

Pubic lice are sometimes called crabs. They live in coarse body hair, such as pubic hair, but can also live in underarm hair, on hairy legs and chests and occasionally in beards, eyebrows and eyelashes.

They're yellow-grey in colour, measure about 2mm long and have large, crab-like claws with which they fasten themselves to hair.

Pubic lice are easily passed on through sexual contact, or through close physical contact.

  • they crawl from hair to hair; they don't fly or jump
  • the eggs of the lice can survive away from the body for up to 24 hours, so it's possible for them to be passed on by sharing clothes, bedding or towels
  • pubic lice are different to head lice
You can't catch pubic lice from sharing cups, plates or cutlery, or from toilet seats or swimming pools.

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