July 31, 2008

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects  

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects
This article provides useful, detailed information about Laser Hair Removal Side Effects.

Lasers are the latest in hair removal technology. Even though the cost is high, people have grown to accept the treatment. In fact, lasers are seen as the best mode of hair removal today. However, the treatment does come with a fair share of side effects, at times with fatal consequences. In January 2005, a woman from North Carolina lost her life when she put received and excessive amount anesthetic cream before the laser treatment.

Edema (swelling of any organ die to excessive fluid) and erythema (redness of skin) are common occurrences post laser treatment. Some blisters may appear, mainly in darker-skinned patients, who could experience changes such as darkening or lightening of the skin that could last weeks or sometimes months. There is little risk of scarring or infection. However, if the blister is irritated there could be scarring. Clients may suffer loss of freckles, darkening or lightening of tattoo color and discoloration of moles in the areas of treatment. With the use the Ruby laser, there is a very minute possibility that a fever blister outbreak may take place, mainly when bikini areas have been treated.

It is imperative that people with certain medical conditions consult a physician before undergoing laser hair removal treatment. That category includes clients who have recovered slowly after having undergone previous treatments; clients with white/grey hair; patients susceptible to discoloration of the skin and pregnant women (even if there is no direct evidence to suggest that laser used for hair removal treatment can damage fetus).

Laser hair removal can cause fever blisters, particularly on the upper portion of the lip. It is best to go under antiviral medication before the procedure. Tanned clients should wait for the tan to lighten for best results. Those under prescription of photosynthesizing medicine like Accutane, should stop the medication months before the laser treatment, Clients using Retin-APsychology Articles, Accutane or tetracycline should discontinue the medication several weeks prior to the treatment.

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July 30, 2008

Laser Hair Removal For Bikini Line - The Key To End All Hair Growth?  

Laser Hair Removal For Bikini Line - The Key To End All Hair Growth?
Bikini line hair removal is something that many women need to deal with on an ongoing basis. As most hair removal methods provide only temporary relief from hair, the continuous chore of shaving or waxing still exists. If you're tired of continuous shaving or waxing, you might want to consider permanently removing your bikini line hair with laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal for bikini line is done with a beam of high energy light that disables the hair follicles from growing hair when you shine it on the desired surface of your skin. In theory, no hair should appear on your bikini line ever again but what you will likely experience is reduced amount of hair and thickness of hair. It will take multiple sessions before you will see a complete elimination of hair in your bikini line region.

The average cost of bikini hair removal treatments is between $350 to $500 per session, depending on where you decide to have the procedure done. Your skin color, hair color and hair thickness will determine the number of treatments you will require to completely remove all traces of hair in your bikini line. Most people go through approximately 3 sessions before they can remove all hair from their bikini line.

One of the main benefits is the fact that it is gentle and painless, when the procedure is performed correctly. It provides you with permanent freedom from hair and in some cases, at least it lessens the amount of hair or thins the hair. With repeated sessions, you should be free from the daily chore of removing unwanted hair in your bikini line.

Side effects are rare in laser hair removal treatments and they are usually not permanent when they occur. Some people experience pigment changes of the skin after the procedure has been performed. This is seen typically among people with darker skin. The other known side effect is blistering and burning of the skin but this can be prevented if the doctor used his laser tool correctly. To ensure that you have a pleasant laser hair removal experienceFree Web Content, it is recommended that you do your research on who are the best doctors in your area that have been known for their consistent good performance in helping others remove their bikini line hair with laser.

Check out Natalie's web site at HairRemovalHaven.com to get more free pubic hair removal tips and reviews of the best pubic shaving tools in the market today.

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July 28, 2008

Reasons to consider Laser Hair Removal Melbourne  

Reasons to consider Laser Hair Removal Melbourne
There are quite a few reasons why people are considering Laser Hair Removal Melbourne, Reasons to consider Laser Hair Removal Melbournewhether you are a man or a woman, unwanted hair is regarded unsightly, so most people want the hair to be removed.

Shaving, waxing and using tweezers is the traditional way to remove unwanted hair, but this is tedious and the hair only grows back.
At one time electrolysis was the only piece of equipment that used an electric current to damage the hair follicle, many people found it to be very painful.

With Laser Hair Removal Melbourne a beam of light is used in this process, and the hair permanently stops growing or it will appear lighter and finer, this procedure is not as painful, although can cause some discomfort in some cases.

This is generally a safe way to remove unwanted hair, although like most thing it does have its drawbacks and there are things to consider.

If you are fair skinned the Laser Hair Removal Melbourne tends to have the best result, but with darker skin you may need more treatments you should discus this with your dermatologist, before making the decision.

You can not have laser treatment if you have a suntan, this is to do with the pigment in your skin, you will have to let your suntan fade otherwise this will lead to dark patches on your skin.

If you keep in mind that generally it does not matter of the type of skin you have, multiple treatments are required in Laser Hair Removal Melbourne.

This can be expensive and could take a long time for you to see permanent results, so before you consider this type of treatment discus the outcome and expense with your dermatologist.

Find out more about Laser Hair Removal Melbourne

This article was supplied by Mac T. Wheeler, you can find out more about him over at his Freelancers Blog.

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Laser hair removal parlors in the city of Toronto  

Everyone desires for better looks and it is true that better Laser hair removal parlors in the city of Torontolook can make us more confident. With the development of modern scientific ways of hair removal methods, it is now pretty easier to remove body hairs. There are different hair removal parlors across Toronto and it is quite easy to locate these parlors. It is wise to rely upon the Toronto laser hair removal parlors as these parlors have highly skilled professionals who emphasize on both protection and professional care. Toronto laser hair removal parlors allow reduction of body hairs without any kind of shaving, waxing, bleaching or plucking.

The Toronto laser hair removal parlors ensure that resting follicles are not at all disturbed during the hair removal process; hardly there remain any kind of risks. It is worth mentioning that the hair removal is done under supervision of the hair removal specialists who knows the pros and cons associated to hair removal process. Still, it is advisable to select a proper hair removal center. The laser hair removal devices are skin friendly and the skins are protected with Dynamic cooling device during the treatment. In case of any doubts regarding the hair removal process, it is best to consult and ask the hair removal specialists straight away.

Toronto laser hair removal clinics provide an estimated cost associated and it is prudent to carry some more bucks while we plan to do the aesthetic enhancement. There are different online hair removal forums that provide better idea about the Toronto laser hair removal clinics. By participating in the different discussion forums it is possible for us to clarify our doubts. It is indeed an added advantage to know the first hand experiences of the people who have already taken up hair removal treatment. Even a clear overview of the price range can also be obtained from these forums.

Toronto laser hair removal clinics use long-pulse high energy alexandrite along with ND-Yag lasers, a gentle beam of light is emitted and it passes through the skin to the hair follicle and there it is also absorbed. The generated heat actually destroys the hair follicle and finally the skin areas remain unaffected and safe. The hair removal processes are usually skin friendly. Still there can be a feeling of irritation and tolerance of different individuals may vary, so to avoid any sort of pricks, topical anesthesia can be used.

Hair removal is in vogue and it is quite easy to locate a Toronto laser hair removal parlor. Addresses of these parlors remain in the yellow pages and also the internet savvy people can use the net to search out a reputed Toronto laser hair removal parlor. There remain plenty of information about laser hair removal and with a mouse’s click it is possible to retrieve many. Before visiting the parlors, it is a good idea to punch in the toll free customer care number to get basic overview of the latest hair removal process.

Consultant at various Toronto Hospitals and clinics for ROSACEA (FACIAL REDNESS VEINS), BOTOX, Varicose Veins and Spider Veins Clinic, Toronto Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Hyperhidrosis Treatments hair removal (Excessive Sweating), Age Spots treatment.

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July 24, 2008

A Guide to Beach Laser Hair Removal  

It doesn't matter if you live in Newport Beach or Sunshine A Guide to Beach Laser Hair RemovalState - Florida. They may be great places to live. But they are also great places to do laser hair removal as well.

In the Sunshine State, most of the people love the beach and those who do are used to wearing swimming suits or even light clothing that reveals more than covers the body because of the warm climate that this beautiful state has throughout the year round. Women and men today enjoy the smoothness of silky hairless skin. For the reason that we all naturally have some hair growth or other, we need to appeal to several forms of hair removal in order to obtain the silky, velvety skin.

Those traditional ways of hair removal still are popular such as shaving, which is cheap and fast, but will also at some point irritate your skin and worse it will promote hair growth as well. Waxing is great but it is very painful and messy, and at times it can leave you with some pretty bad rashes. Laser hair removal thus has remains as the best option to remove hair, firstly because it is painless, and more importantly because it is permanent.

Laser hair removal is a definitely a great option that you have and it is a procedure that can be used in order to keep the hair away for an extended period of time, consequently that you do not have to worry about constantly shaving or waxing the hair away, and so thus laser hair removal is a very great option and you will certainly want to at least consider it.

Getting Your Laser Hair Removal in Florida

There are an enormous amount of Florida laser hair removal places for you to choose from because it is a state situated in a warm climate. Tourists from all over the world travel to visit year round and very much often find themselves in the need to remove some undesired hair. It is not suitable to undergo laser hair removal on vacation, especially if you live far away from Florida, because you may need to do some follow-ups that may not be as easy if you are not in town.

In order to find the right Florida laser hair removal for you is easy with a little research, which can be done online or even locally. If you are from Florida and have your family and friends there, try asking them if they know and can recommend a Florida laser hair removal clinic where they have been. That is how you will be able to have confirmation that the services of the clinic are satisfactory.

What You Can Look for in a Florida Laser Hair Removal Clinic

The location of the Florida laser hair removal clinic is significant for the reason that you will need to attend a few sessions to remove the hair completely. The popularity of the clinic will tell you that they are professionals and good at their jobs. Ask for references at the clinic, and take a minute to confirm them out before you begin a laser treatment in any Florida laser hair removal clinic. Due to the high demand many have thus opened a laser hair removal business but don't have the professional staff to carry out the services.

Last of all are the prices practiced by the Florida laser hair removal clinic and what you can do to get the best offered on the market without compromising on the services delivered. Check and evaluate with several clinics before you commit to ensure that your laser hair removal treatment will be a success.

Nevertheless some laser hair removal centers are going to be less expensive than others, and therefore if money is a concern for you, next you are going to want to make sure that you take the time so that you can hit upon one that is really going to give you the best worth for your money.

One of the best things that you can carry out here is read reviews on different centers, so that you can take notice of about what other people have to say about the available laser hair removal centers.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. Visit Laser Hair Removal Tips to learn more about Newport Beach laser hair removal and California laser hair removal.

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Learn About the Essential Laser Hair Removal Equipment  

Our appearance is frequently what makes the first Learn About the Essential Laser Hair Removal Equipmentimpression, and as a result we all try our best to adopt the best practices. Hair growth on the body is an eternal problem for women but not only them, as men have joined with the desire to have smoothed and sleek skin that feels soft and velvety.

There are so many ways in which men and women have approached hair removal, such as shaving, cream hair removal, and waxing. All of these practices are in fact very popular and widely used around the world. But, the hair will grow back and you will once again have to watch what you wear until you go over the hair removal procedure.

Laser hair removal
is one of a revolutionary way to approach the elimination of the hair on the entire body as it will be removed forever. Laser hair removal can be applied safely on the whole body, face and the bikini area without even to worry about the side effects, rashes or the hair ever growing back. For successful laser hair removal you may be necessary to attend a few sessions, which are not cheap but certainly worth the effort and money.

To facilitate laser hair removal essential laser hair removal equipment is necessary, and that is the none other than the laser machine. There are various types of laser hair removal equipment available and depending on the budget, amount of clientele you anticipate and facilities you have need of from it you can choose the best one that fits your needs.

Most laser hair removal equipment will also be competent to perform dermatology applications, aesthetics, leg veins corrections, haemangiomas, vascular treatment and of course hair removal. Although most laser hair removal equipment is expensive. Nevertheless, financing can be made available through your bank or other financing agents, which sometimes are directly connected with the companies that manufacture and distribute the hair laser removal equipment.

If you are on the lookout for some bargains on laser hair removal equipment, you may find them in salon that are closing or moving and want to get rid of their existing equipment. To find these bargains will have need of following local newspapers, or even placing an advertisement in the newspapers that you are looking for second hand laser hair removal equipment.

Occasionally the manufacturers of the laser equipment may be able to help and direct you to those who wish to sell their existing machines as at times people will contact the manufacturers first to enquire if they would like to purchase their product back at a discounted price.

Finding laser hair removal equipment that is in good condition should, nevertheless, be your primary priority because you will be dealing with very delicate parts of the human body and any malfunction can be devastating. If achievable, try and ensure you have some type of guarantee from whom you purchase second hand equipment and also try it out prior to you close the deal. New equipment will normally come with guarantee and free service and that is one of the reasons why you should try and always purchase new products if possible.

More About Laser Hair Removal Before and After

If you learn that you are in fact an ideal candidate and thus want to learn more about laser hair removal before and after, subsequently one of the first things that you are going to want to learn about is the fact of how laser hair removal before and after is a very serious topic, as you are going to want to be familiar with about everything that is included here and about whether or not there are any risks or complications that are implicated here.

There are fundamentally risks whenever you get any sort of operation or procedure done, and this is not any different here. For example, you may find that your skin is incredibly red for a while after, or irritated and uncomfortable, and this will in general depend on the doctor that you go to as well as how long the actual process ends up taking.

In addition you can ask your doctor about available creams and lotions that you can get to help with this, while nothing is going to take it away completely. Still, there are also certain precautions that you can take in order to make yourself as ready and hopefully as protected against any risks and complications as you can be.

You are going to want to talk to your doctor about this, in order that you can get the best idea overall and be as informed as possible, because your doctor is the professional here and they will be able to consequently let you know the most important facts that you are going to need to know, and therefore you are definitely going to want to make an appointment or two before the actual first procedure so that you can talk with them and get all of your questions answered.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. Visit Laser Hair Removal Tips to learn more about Orange County laser hair removal and other Chicago laser hair removal.

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July 19, 2008

Is Hair Sugaring An Effective Way To Remove Body Hair?  

Hair sugaring is a process that can be used quite Is Hair Sugaring An Effective Way To Remove Body Hair?beneficially for hair removal. If you are someone that has used waxing in the past, consider sugaring. In the process, the wax is replaced with a sugar and honey mixture. It is sticky and works very much like that of waxing. And, it can produce the same results. But, it is organic in nature and it has the ability to give you an easier clean up too. Sugaring is a process of extracting hair from the follicle.

Although hair sugaring is a messy process the results of doing it can last upwards of two to six weeks. You can use it throughout the body since it is a natural product and see results. Many individuals find it most beneficial to the bikini line as well as to the upper lip. When the hair is removed, it will grow back. But, many people have found that it will grow back at a much lighter and finer way and it is like that it will not be nearly as thick either.

What To Use

You can actually use a homemade solution of hair sugaring and get great results. Here’s what you should use:

- One Cup Sugar

- Juice from half of a lemon

- One fourth cup of honey

Mix these well and then microwave on high for about two to three minutes. You are looking for a smooth consistency. Leave the bowl standing for several minutes to cool to a safe temperature.

Now, you will need to get some white cotton cloth in strips (or use store bought waxing papers) as well as wooden tongue depressors to apply the mixture. Here’s what to do:

- Clean skin and make sure that it is completely dry. No soap or body lotions should be used in the area.

- Apply cornstarch to the area. This will draw out the oils that are within your skin making the procedure work even better.

- Use the tongue depressor to apply a thin layer of the mixture over the area that you will want the hair removed from.

- Cover the area with a cloth strip. Rub the strip so that it is firmly in place. Do this with moderate pressure and in the opposite direction of the hairs growth.

- Grab the end of the strip and pull it back quickly in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth.

- Wash the area with water to remove the sugary mixture.

Like waxing, the area may be sensitive and red for a few minutes but this is a temporary situation. You will find it to be one that you can deal with if you want great looking hair removal at a very low cost. Hair sugaring is a procedure that can be done within a few minutes and can be repeated as necessary.
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Tips For Good Brazilian Waxing Results  

Brazilian waxing first came to North America in the late Tips For Good Brazilian Waxing Results1980s, but didn’t gain widespread popularity until the later 1990s. The procedure removes all the hair in the pubic region, front and back. In some cases, a small strip of hair is left in the center, but total hair removal is more common. The smooth look is very popular in Brazil where thong bikinis for sun tanning are so common.

Not all beauty salons offer this form of waxing. Brazilian requires an experienced technician. When the technician works fast, there is less pain associated with the procedure. This form of waxing is more common in major cities, such as Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia. As the procedure gains popularity, it becomes available in more areas.

The Brazilian Waxing Procedure

The technician will start by trimming your pubic hair. The hair only needs to be a quarter of an inch long to get good results. After the hair is trimmed, the technician will spread the wax across the area in the direction of hair growth. Cloth strips are then pressed onto the wax and allowed to cool. Once the wax cools, the strips are ripped off in the direction opposite of hair growth. This pulls the hair out by the root. Any stray hairs will then be plucked with a tweezer. A soothing lotion is applied after the procedure to cool the skin and soothe irritation.

Tips for Good Results

o The hair needs to be at least a quarter of an inch long before the procedure. If you shave your pubic hair, allow it to grow back in prior to your session.

o Red bumps caused by ingrown hairs may occur after your session. This can be helped by exfoliating the skin. They are less likely to occur after repeated waxing sessions.

o You will need to wait at least three weeks in between sessions for the hair to grow back. The procedure will last anywhere from four to seven weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

o Some salons offer this procedure for both men and women; others only offer it for women. Check with the salon before scheduling an appointment.

o The degree of pain associated with this procedure varies according to your pain threshold and the amount and texture of the hair. A fast moving technician is best for reducing pain.

Caring for Your Skin After Waxing

Proper care will help prevent ingrown hairs and extend the time needed in between sessions. Use a soothing lotion to reduce irritation after your session. Lavender is a common ingredient in these lotions. The skin in this area is very soft and can be easily irritated by the wax process. Cleaning the area regularly will prevent and help heal this irritation.

Ingrown hairs are common after hair removal procedures. Exfoliate the skin regularly to help relieve and prevent ingrown hairs. You can use a commercial exfoliating product, a loofah or a wash cloth. A warm, damp washcloth held to the area helps heal ingrown hairs.
About the Author
Erica Bosworth reveals many articles for http://www.laser-hair-removal-tips.com. Within her publication she provides tips on brazilian waxing and beauty.

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Bikini Waxing At Home - Everything You Need To Know  

If you’ve had enough of frequent shaving and the constant Bikini Waxing At Home - Everything You Need To Knowitching that often goes with it, and you don’t have the time or money for a salon, you might have thought about trying a home bikini wax. Here are some tips to help your bikini waxing go smoothly. First, exfoliate and make sure the area is clean. Large amounts of bacteria live in the bikini area and you don’t want them getting into the exposed hair follicles after your bikini waxing.

Make sure the bikini area is bone dry before you begin. Sprinkling baby powder over the area is another good way to make sure it’s dry. Bikini wax won’t stick properly to wet skin. Nor will it pull out very short hairs. You will have to wait ‘til they are around quarter of an inch long if you’ve had a bikini wax recently. On the other hand, hair shouldn’t be too long. Trim it if it is. As we’re getting closer to the pain part, this is a good time to remind you to take a couple of painkillers before you start waxing. You could also try one of the numbing creams or sprays, which are now available.

Waxing kits are many. Hard wax formulas, cold waxes, and sugar waxes are among them. You can even make the wax yourself. Do some research to find one that’s right for you. Some claim to be suitable for a Brazilian wax, but actually you should never attempt a Brazilian wax at home. Whichever bikini wax you choose make sure you pull hairs out by their roots to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. If this is your first bikini wax, bear it mind that this is the most it’s going to hurt. Waxing weakens the hair follicles so hair re-growth is less prolific with each treatment. Eventually, you may find you don’t need to bikini wax very often at all.

After waxing, calamine lotion will soothe the area. Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes or underwear until any redness or pain has gone. Waxing lasts for about for four weeks.
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July 13, 2008

Which Is The Right Hair Removal Treatment For You?  

Here is what you need to ask yourself first about hair removal treatments:Which Is The Right Hair Removal Treatment For You?

Where is the hair to be removed? Both generalized as well as specifically determine which area or if all areas are to be treated.

What level of intensity will you need? For some, hereditary factors contribute to the growth, re-growth rate as well as the thickness of the hair. Determine if you have situations where you will likely need more treatments than others.

Can you withstand a little pain? Some of the hair removal treatment options that you have do require some pain. For example, waxing and electrolysis are two methods of hair removal that you can consider. But, both of these do offer some pain, even though it is quite temporary. Can you handle it?

What budget do you have for hair removal treatments? These can be quite costly and they can require several treatments, making them even more costly than you thought. What can you do to remove hair from your body? What can you afford to spend on treatments? This will ultimately determine which method you use for hair removal. One example is laser hair removal. It will cost you several thousand dollars to effectively have your hair removed because you’ll need several treatments done.

Do you want permanent or temporary hair removal? If you are looking for long term results, then the best methods for you to consider are both laser hair removal treatments as well as electrolysis treatments. Both have show to be significant in their abilities to remove hair. They do this through destroying the follicle’s ability to produce hair. That makes them as permanent as can be. Neither method is 100% accurate for everyone, but this is the best permanent method of choice.

Choose the method that fits your needs the best. While permanent solutions seem like the right way to go, if you can not afford it, then look in another direction. Choose the hair removal treatment that fits all of your needs.

There are many online resources that can help you with information about hair removal.
About the Author
As a beauty consultant Nicola is always evaluating new products. Visit her site at http://www.epilator.info for Epilator Resources, Views and Information to help you choose an epilator for you. Copyright http://Epilator.info. All rights reserved. This article may be reprinted in full so long as the resource box and the live links are included intact.

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Laser Hair Removal. Who Else Wants Smooth Skin And Less Hair?  

Laser Hair Removal. Who Else Wants Smooth Skin And Less Hair?

Laser Hair Removal can give you just what you desire. The Laser Hair Removal. Who Else Wants Smooth Skin And Less Hair?longing for smooth skin not only fills an emotional need but also creates sensual feelings. It arouses.

The removal of unwanted facial and body hair has recently become one of the most demanded cosmetic enhancements in recent years. This holds true for the ladies, as well as, for a greater and greater number of gentlemen. Excessive facial and body, according to the current dictates of acceptable fashion, is a big fashion turn off and no-no.

And so, for a number of reasons including vanity, millions of women and men, spend millions of dollars each year on enhancements, including laser hair removal, as well as lotions and potions, that promise smooth, satiny skin free of ugly, excessive facial and body hair.

Laser hair removal is a speedier, more gentle way to dispatch unsightly hair, with awesome results. In some cases laser hair removal can be permanent.

Laser hair removal uses accurately controlled energy pulses, (electrical and light with cooling), reaching deep into the roots or base of the hair follicles that lie within the skin. The pulses heat the hair, right down to the bottom of the root, destroying it without damaging surrounding skin or tissue.

Lets take a look at how laser hair removal works:

Human hairs are made up of 3 distinguishable components: the bulb at the root of the hair follicle that develops hair, the shaft, and the hair follicle itself. Both the bulb and the shaft are imbedded within the skin, leaving only the hair visible to the naked eye. For semi permanent hair removal, the hair follicle must be eliminated along with its germinating centers that are in the bulb. Hair can be destroyed only during the active phase of the growth cycle.

Therefore, because of these staggered growth cycles, patients usually require a number of treatments over time for long-term hair removal resolutions. Hair will continue to grow after your treatment. Anybody who tells you that optimum results can be attained in just one or two times under the laser is simply not telling the truth.

Here Is The Good News About Laser Hair Removal:

· Laser hair removal is non-invasive which does not require needles or messy chemical creams.

· It is a smoother, more gentle way to dispatch unwanted hair, with dependable results.

· Since many hundreds if not thousands of hairs can be lasered in a single session, big expanses like the back and shoulders, legs and arms can be treated at one time.

· Considered safe if performed properly.

Would You Like To Know The Boundaries Of Laser Hair Removal?

· Exact rates and frequency on hairs growing back have not been precisely established and cannot be predicted.

· Most usually laser hair removal is not as efficient on gray hairs and red or blonde hair.

· It must be used very judiciously (if at all) on darker skin tones or on patients who suntan regularly. The shin could get discolored patches.

All in all the technology is getting better all the time and prices are getting more competitive. If it is what your heart desires…Why not? Indulge yourself. Don’t you deserve it?
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Why wait to learn the truth about laser hair removal? A gallery of powerful information is yours for the taking. improve the quality of your life. Click here: http://www.the-laser-hair-removal-locator.com and claim you free gift 101 Romantic Ideas.

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Austin Laser Hair Removal Centers Explain That Nasty Chin Hair  

Austin Laser Hair Removal Centers Explain That Nasty Chin Hair

So you may be one of the millions of women who have chin Austin Laser Hair Removal Centers Explain That Nasty Chin Hairor other unsightly hair on your face that you don’t talk about; don’t worry, Austin laser hair removal centers are here to the rescue.

Before the technology that Austin laser hair removal became so famous for, women were forced to use regular facial creams or god forbid, pluck these unsightly hairs from their faces every day.

Women flock to Austin laser hair removal centers because unwanted facial hair is thought to be associated with a lack of femininity. While this condition can sometimes be caused by a medical condition, either way women want the hair to be gone. And, for good. This desire has prompted a surge of information on Austin laser hair removal options.

For most women, the causes of unwanted facial hair can be hormonal or hereditary, either way causing women to search for Austin hair removal options. This can occur in women of all skin colors and with all hair colors.

Hirsutism, which causes an imbalance of hormones in the skin near the adrenal glands, is a primary reason for unwanted hair. This unwanted hair can be removed by Austin laser hair removal centers.

Another cause, called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, causes irregular ovulation and irregular periods in women. This hormonal balance can cause hair to grow on the face and causes women to search for Austin laser hair removal options.

Austin laser hair removal centers will discuss these issues and potentially refer you to a physician to further discuss any underlying health issues with you in addition to helping you to remove the hair.

Women that have this disease most often will notice excessive facial hair on their lips, chin and neck which becomes heavier and darker over time.

Your practitioner at the Austin laser hair removal center will discuss this further with you. Either way, whether its causes come from heredity or otherwise, women are flocking to research the available Austin hair removal options.

Another common cause of unwanted facial hair can be aging. Aging women commonly seek professional help in Austin laser hair removal centers. This condition is a perfectly natural course of life, however most women cannot stand it and want help. Therefore, they research Austin laser hair removal options to find the best match for them personally.

One thing that does not discriminate by age can be dark unwanted hair. Many women notice lip hair and sideburns at many stages. These women seek research from about the available Austin laser hair removal to see what long term solutions can help them to solve this problem. Your Austin laser hair removal center will discuss available options with you.

Keep in mind that you need to talk to an Austin laser hair removal center professional before your hair turns gray. Once it turns gray, it cannot be treated by laser and you will need to then search for alternative Austin laser hair removal options.

You can search the many different Austin laser hair removal strategies to determine which option is best for your unwanted facial hair.
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Cheryl Piquard is a licensed electrolysis texas pioneer, who has over 25 years of hair removal georgetown and hair removal round rock experience in Texas. Cheryl started the first electrolysis center in Austin, TX. For a free hair removal consultation please visit www.laserelect.com

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July 10, 2008

Wax Brazilian - 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider It  

Wax Brazilian - 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider It

The Brazilian wax is the next level up from the bikini wax the Wax Brazilian - 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Itformer removes all pubic hair while the bikini wax leaves some hair.

The Brazilian wax is more popular than ever today and most women who have one are delighted – not only are they fashionable, but they give a women freedom and are sensual for both men and women.

Origins and popularity

The Brazilian wax originated in Brazil, so women wanting to wear the then-new thong bikinis, which was not widely popular inside the United States at the time.

Brazilian waxing became popular in the 1990s in the US before spreading worldwide.

1.It's hygienic

Waxing of the public area is not new and centuries ago in ancient civilisations such as Persia and India women were waxing their pubic hair.

One of the main reasons is hygiene.

Pubic hair is magnet for germs that can cause bad odors and a variety of skin irritations. Shaving off the pubic hair will dramatically reduce the risk of these problems

2. It Gives you Freedom

You can wear that skimpy bikini, or swimsuit with confidence and lingerie that’s as revealing as you wish without the problem of unsightly hair running your look

3. It’s Sensual

Women have reported frequently they feel more sensual and have more intense orgasms after having a Brazilian wax. Do men like it?

In a recent poll 91% men said that they found it both more attractive and erotic.

4. It’s cheap

Today a Brazilian wax treatment at a salon is not just for the rich with the rise in the popularity of people waxing Brazilian style salons are offering it as a standard beauty treatment and prices are affordable to all.

You can get DIY Waxing kits you can use at home but these require some caution and you are best of to use a professional waxer in a salon to avoid accidents

5. It doesn’t take long

In around about 30 minutes a skilled waxer will have the treatment completed, so it’s really as quick as having your nails done.

Like your nails though you need regular treatments as pubic hair re grows.

5. The pain is not as bad as most women think!

The pain is not as bad as many women believe it would be (it is still painful though) and it is tolerable for most women, furthermore as you do more waxing treatments the pain drops down as your skin becomes used to the treatment.

The Brazilian wax is more popular than ever and if you want to try it and you’re not sure about the pain start with a Bikini wax first to see how you feel.

So it’s hygienic, sensual, liberating, affordable and takes very little time so there is a lot to be said for waxing Brazilian style, if you have not considered all the advantages add them up and take the plunge.

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July 5, 2008

Laser Hair Removal With Diode Laser  

Laser Hair Removal With Diode Laser

Shakespeare’s plays abound with references to ‘bearded Laser Hair Removal With Diode Laserladies’. Indeed, a few centuries ago women, for that matter even men, who had to put up with unprecedented hair growth in embarrassingly obvious (and not so obvious) spots had to well, just put up with it. Women down the ages have tried everything, from shaving their arms and legs to threading, often with painful results and serious health consequences.

Ancient Egyptians prepared a mixture of bees’ wax and sugar to remove bodily hair. Hair removal was done with the intention of discouraging lice growth as well as for aesthetic purposes. In India as well as Arab countries threading of facial hair was considered the norm, aver archaeologists who have stumbled upon concrete evidence during excavations.

As a young girl I was quite self-conscious of the hair on my legs; the prevalent culture (persisting till date) dictating that hair visible on a girl’s body (except the head, of course) is a definite no-no. I recall a favorite aunt, a great scientific brain, who nevertheless became the laughing-stock in her neighborhood as she had facial hair. It is another matter that my aunt, who had made a great name for herself in the field of Physics, did not care and put up with all the barbs that came her way with stoic humor. But I am chicken! Well no, not really. I simply like to look good. Plus, it is such a nice, clean feeling not to have that annoying stubble on your arms and legs.

How well I remember the first waxing session just before the school prom. My best friend had taken me to the beauty salon hardly a yard away from my home. I had stared practically horror-struck at the boiling wax and the waxing strips. I can barely recall the number of times I winced and the number of times I stopped myself from screaming my lungs out. Yet I went back to the beauty salon again in the hope that repeated treatments would actually retard hair growth on the unwanted parts of my body. I even tried rubbing a wet pumice stone over my arms and legs having read somewhere that that’s what girls in ancient India did. It was soooo painful! I stopped almost immediately after I had begun. One of my friends had shaved her legs with her father’s razor and the hair came back with atrocious force to the extent that her legs now resembled twin jungles!

To render hair removal more or less painless cosmetic companies came up with hair removal creams, gels and lotions which worked fine for a day or two. On the third day, the stubble would re-surge with the stubbornness and will power I had come to envy. So it was back to the waxing table and a monthly dose of painful treatment.

Another of my friends, in the meantime, also tried electrolysis which, unfortunately, damaged her skin. The ad had said it was a ‘painless’ process which turned out to be bunkum, to use my indignant friend’s words. What is more, electrolysis did not work on large quantities of hair or bushy hair-growth. Add to that the pain and the tedium of the process.

I thought of going back to the waxing table yet again in despair of ever finding a permanent remedy for hair removal or reduction when I was told about a brand new treatment. This was the diode laser hair removal treatment which zeroes in on the pigment of the hair- chiefly the pigment located within the hair shaft and hair follicle. The pigment attracts the light emitted by the laser; it is the energy of this light which gets converted to heat. That is how the hair follicle gets decimated. The beauty of this treatment is that it covers a vast patch of the hairy area unlike other treatments like electrolysis which obliterate each hair follicle one by one. If all this sounds somewhat daunting and risky, don’t worry. The diode laser treatment is both safe and painless. The laser gets switched on or pulsed for less than a second, which is long enough to render inoperative a single hair follicle. The cooling tip of the laser instrument is designed to render the hair removal experience painless– or almost painless. What you get is a ‘tingling’ feeling or a slight stinging sensation, especially when the more sensitive areas are being treated. After the treatment, some people could feel a sensation which comes after sunburn for a few hours.

And that’s about all. As you will find out for yourself, the diode laser hair removal treatment is the best there is at the moment. Think of the freedom you stand to earn post-treatment – no more expensive bleaching, painful waxing sessions, plucking and tweezing.

Mirjana Hasanagic, Kitchener - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Mirjana Hasanagic, Kitchener - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Go Laser Inc. Owner and Laser Operator. http://golaser.ca Beauty Clinic & Tanning Spa mira@golaser.ca tell. 519 746 2934

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