October 3, 2007

Laser Hair Removal System - Read the Facts  

by: Al Falaq Arsendatama

Not all laser hair removal systems are the same. Each one has some or the other unique feature. Hence, it’s crucial to gain knowledge about this amazing technology before you make a decision.

The Rosy Side of Hair Removal System

• It’s totally safe, IF done by a trained specialist.

• The results are long lasting. Some people have even reported to have had a permanent removal of hair through this system.

• It can be done on large surface areas such as back, chest, and legs.

• In case you have a re-growth after undergoing this system, the hair will be finer and lighter in texture.

• It’s a painless system as compared to electrolysis and waxing systems of hair removal.

The Thorny Side of Hair Removal System

What is the biggest concern of people who plan to opt for laser hair removal? Side effects, of course! Well, to tell you the truth - there ARE side effects of this system. However, it happens in RARE cases, and in other cases, the effects are temporary and nothing to panic about.

Possible Side Effects of Hair Removal System

• HYPER PIGMENTATION – this is a commonly noticed effect. You can see white or dark spots on the area. It disappears within 30 days. This occurs to those who have a highly sensitive skin.

• SUN EXPOSURE – you should know that the degree of side effects depends on how much you expose your skin to the sun or photo-sensitizing medications. So, guys, if you are fond of tanning your skin regularly, then this system may not work for you. You will have to avoid tanning beds for several months or more before you go for this hair removal remedy.

Risks of Hair Removal System

It’s vital to be aware of the risks involved with this system before you surrender your skin to those piercing laser beams.

• Your skin may get burnt or discolored by laser beams. This happens when the doctor is NOT qualified enough. Therefore, ALWAYS GO TO A REPUTED AND HIGHLY COMPETENT HAIR REMOVAL CLINIC.

• Your skin may swell or redden for some time. However, you need not use medication or bandages. It’s not that severe.

• You may get a stinging sensation for the first 2 days of undergoing the treatment.

• In some cases, there is a mild crusting of skin. If this happens, keep the entire area damp constantly. Almost all doctors recommend Vaseline for this.

Be well-informed before you go for laser hair removal system.

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