October 3, 2007

Laser Hair Removal: Before And After Your Treatments  

by: Judy Wellsworth

When you’ve finally had enough of the shaving, tweezing, and waxing needed to free yourself of unwanted hair, you may be ready to investigate laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a highly effective way to eliminate unwanted facial, arm or leg, and bikini line hair--in fact, it can be used ron almost any part of the body. While laser hair removal does not promise permanent results, it does keep the unwanted hair from returning for periods ranging from months to years.

If you are contemplating this treatment, educate yourself on the lase hair removal before and after steps you should take to ensure the best outcome. The first thing you should do is consult with a doctor knowledgeable in treating excess hair to determine if laser removal is an option for you.

You will have to give your doctor a complete picture of your medical history, past and present, including the names of any medicines you are using. Certain medications will limit the effectiveness of the laser hair removal procedure and may even lead to harmful health complications.

The doctor who is to perform your laser hair removal will make a photographic record or the area from which you want hair removed. Laser hair removal before and after pictures are great aids both for evaluating what a patient needs prior to the procedure and for judging the long-term results.


There are laser hair removal before and after safety measures you need to follow if you want to limit the risks associated with the procedure. Stay out of the sun prior to and following your treatments if you want to escape skin discoloring and blisters. Start protecting yourself with a sun block a week before you begin treatment and continue doing so for several weeks following it.

About two weeks before you are scheduled for a laser hair removal treatment, stop bleaching or tweezing your unwanted hairs. For up to three weeks after a laser treatment, you will experience the old hairs in the follicles you had treated coming to the surface of your skin. You may mistake them for new hair and be tempted to tweeze or bleach them, but they will actually drop off if you scrub them lightly with a wash cloth.


You can relieve any skin bumps or redness you experience following a treatment with a cold compress.

These laser hair removal before and after tips will ensure that you minimize your risks for complications. While laser hair removal has proven safe, it is still a medical procedure, and as such, has risks involved. Your best chance of avoiding any of the potential problems is to follow your doctor’s recommendations on laser hair removal before and after you undergo your treatments.

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