October 3, 2007

Hair Removal Basics  

by: Sharon Mirin

Every person wants to look best in front of others. Hair removal is a part of grooming one self. Whether man or woman, having hairs on hand, foot, arm pits and face is not desired by anybody. So people tend to go for various hair removal products or methods. People want to do hair removal for various reasons, some do it to enhance the beauty, some do it for hygienic reason, and some before athletic and sports performances. Unwanted hair from any part of the body can be removed now, as various hair removal products either natural or chemical are available. Usually hair from face, arms and legs are removed for cosmetic reason and hair in the genital or pubic area and arm pits are removed for hygienic reason. Sports or athletic persons prefer to remove the hair on their chest and body.

There are temporary and permanent methods for hair removal. The most common temporary method is shaving. It is done by many people allover the world the convenience of shaving is that you don’t have to depend on another person to get it done. It is less time consuming and one of the cheapest method. The draw back of this method is the cuts and burns caused by shaving. The effect of shaving can last only for two days. Tweezing, which another temporary method for hair removal can give results that can last for three to five weeks. This method is commonly used to remove hair from upper lip chin and eye brows. The disadvantages are the pain and time needed for performing. They can also cause ingrown hair which is really painful.

Waxing is another method used for the removal of unwanted hair from the body. Waxing is effective if you have to remove hair from large areas like legs, back and chest. It is less time consuming as large number of hair can be removed at a time. It is a painful process, and can cause inflammation and redness of the skin, so get it done only by an experienced person. Waxing can give long lasting results; usually hair growth can be prevented for three to six weeks. Depilatory creams are quite useful in removing hair from hands legs etc. they can remove hair instantly with out causing pained it can be used by oneself. The effect of hair removal creams can last for up to two weeks.

The permanent methods of hair removal are electrolysis and laser hair removal. In electrolysis an electric current is made use too destroy the root of the hair to prevent the growth of the hair. Electrolysis is extremely time consuming and very expensive but it is the most successful method to prevent the unwanted hair growth. The result of electrolysis can last for one year. Electrolysis should be done only by a trained person. The drawback of this method is the cost, and to get complete effect one has to do more than one sitting. It destroys hair one by one and hence time consuming, so electrolysis cannot be used to remove large quantities of hair.

Laser treatment also destroys the hair follicle by using a laser. Larger areas can be cleared at one time so less time consuming. The results of laser hair removal can last for at least six months this is widely used to remove hair from larger areas. Lasers are also painful and can cause redness of skin. Natural hair removal products are usually less expensive and cause minimal pain they are safe to use. Most of the natural hair removal products contain plant matter as their content that act as hair growth inhibitors.

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