December 27, 2007

Hair Removal: Threading, Friction and Epilators  

Friction, Threading and the use of rotating epilators are other methods of hair removal.

Friction - Friction is not a very popular method of hair removal although some people find it effective on fine hairs of the legs and arms. In this method, a rough surface, like a mitt or a pumice stone, is used to rub away hair on the skin's surface. A mitt with rough strips on a smooth surface is often used. Friction is inexpensive, fast, basically painless and can be done at home. This also exfoliates and smoothes the skin. Most say this method is good for fine hair on the legs while others use it between shaving or waxing sessions. The effects last a short time, a few hours to a few days and a pigmented area often called the dark 'shadow' is often visible. This can also cause skin irritation if rubbed too hard and is not for use on sensitive areas like the face, arms or bikini area.

Threading (Khite) - This method is called khite in Arabic and fatlah in Egyptian. It's not a commonly used method in the West but it is primarily for removing hair at the root and is used mainly on facial hair, especially in the eyebrow area. Rows of three to five stray hair strands are pulled out with twists of cotton thread.

Traditionally, the practitioner holds one end of the cotton thread in his teeth and the other end in his left hand. The middle part of the thread is looped through the index and middle fingers of the right hand. The practitioner then uses this loop of thread to lock in a series of unwanted hairs and yank them by the root from the skin. There are also devices made that can hold the thread during the procedure. A more modern procedure eliminates the use of the practitioner's teeth. Threading is inexpensive, neat, accurate and fast. This method is considered a little less painful than plucking or tweezing for many people. Threading is deemed good for cleaning the eyebrows and facial hair. Similar to plucking, results can last up to two to four weeks. Unfortunately, you cannot do it yourself and it is a little difficult to find a good professional practitioner outside urban areas. Many states call for a licensed cosmetologist to do hair removal like threading. Threading can result in pain and itching. In some cases, this results in side effects which include folliculitis, which is a bacterial infection of hair follicles causing reddening or puffiness of the skin and changes in skin pigment.

Rotary Epilators - Rotary epilators are devices that are akin to electric razors. The difference is that, instead of a cutting blade on the rotary head, the epilator has rows of tweezers which yank hairs out by the root. This tool is good for the hair on legs and arms. The hair-free effect can last from several days to a few weeks.

However, this device can be hard to use on the backs of legs. Others become sore, especially on the body's sensitive areas and the epilators often prove to be difficult to use on fine hairs. Also, the hairs to be removed must be grown long enough so that the tweezers can grasp them. To aid in this procedure, the skin must be pulled tight to avoid pinching. Like plucking, this can also result in irritation and ingrown hairs.
Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Hair Removal

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Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair  

Imagine, you've got a hot date, you went for dinner maybe even a movie. She's gorgeous and seems to be giving you all the right signs. You go to her place and she invite you in... score! Things start getting steamy and when she takes off her undies... an enormous bush, an out of control growth of pubic hair!

Nasty huh? Well what about guys who have pubic hair? Will a girl think it's nasty too? Most of the times yes, women these days are more into guys that shave their pubic hair. Hundreds porn movies and even mainstream marketing, show men hairless. The bushy chest and crotch isn't attractive any more. Now it's the clean, well shaved willy that gets her attention.

So why should we be willing to do so much for sex? Well it's not just all about sex, it's about our image as well. Yeah, I know that putting a blade on your family jewels isn't a nice feeling, but if done carefully and with commitment, you can get great results.

Get your optical inch! That's right, once you shave off your pubes, you will instantly swear that you've got an inch or more down there! Not only is this great for your self esteem, but your bed partner will notice it as well.

More hygiene. Shaving off all that pubic hair will actually contribute to better hygiene down there. A man's privates is actually a focal point for heat, sweat and bacteria. So taking it off will make it easier to keep looking, smelling and feeling clean. Plus with so much hygiene what girl wouldn't want to get closer?

A woman's body is playground of softness and smoothness, so don't you think she'll appreciate the same on you? Silky smooth balls invite both manual and oral affection. She's far more likely to play down there if she doesn't have to use a weed whacker to find it.

Ok, ok so we've made pubic shaving seem like a dream task, with all the benefits. Now here is the down part, some people experience moderate to intense itching the first couple of days after shaving as the pubic hair grows back. Try your first shave on a weekend you avoid moving around like ants in your pants on Monday. If your committed to keeping a clean area down there, the itching should decrease or stop if you continue to groom yourself frequently.

Now you that you know the benefits, learn HOW TO shave your pubic hair at Men's Skin Care Tips Blog. Learn how to shave your pubic hair in 6 steps!

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December 25, 2007

Removal Of Facial Hair - 4 Cheap Ways To Remove Facial Hair  

There are a number of different ways that the removal of facial hair can be used in order to get a silky smooth hairless face.

1. The first method you can try is shaving. However, with this method it is only temporary and certainly not recommended to be used by women. What is important to remember is that with this method hair regrowth tends to occur rapidly and in some cases may be more pronounced and thicker than before.

2. You could have a go and use tweezers. Although this is a great way for removing un-wanted hair from small areas on the face it can be painful. The reason why so many women find this method painful is that the hair is plucked out at the root. But the benefit of this method is that it takes longer for regrowing hair to appear.

3. Use depilatory creams, gels or lotions. These contain a chemical that alters the structure of the hair and so makes it much more easy to remove. These are certainly one of the cheapest ways for the removal of facial hair. Not only is it inexpensive, it can also be done in the privacy of your own home and is usually pain free. However, the disadvantages for using this method are that the effects are very short lived (often only lasting for several days) and it can cause irritation or even burning to a person's skin. So it is vital that when using these products you only use ones which are specially formulated for the face and also carry out a skin test on a small section of your face before using the product. Make sure you read the instructions provided with the product carefully and this should help you to avoid skin irritation or chemical burns to your face.

4. Why not think about waxing. This type of removal of facial hair can be carried out every 4 to 6 weeks. You will normally need to apply either a cold or hot wax to the area of unwanted hair and you then pull off the wax and this brings the hair with it. Again it is best if you test a small area of your skin in order to see if you have an allergic reaction to the wax before you commence using it and it is important not to put the wax on to either sunburned or irritated skin. Waxing can be painful but it will only be done once every 1.5 months.

The above are 4 of the more inexpensive ways for removal of facial hair. There are more expensive ways as well such as electrolysis or laser hair removal that you may want to try instead.
Ricky recommends Revitol hair removal to remove facial hair. Click here for more information.

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December 22, 2007

Review Your Hair Removal Options and Think Laser  

The popularity of permanent hair removal is obvious and has two clear options: laser and electrolysis. Laser hair removal techniques came about during the 1990's and, since then, they have seen a sharp rise in popularity. The basic idea behind laser hair removal is similar to electrolysis because it attacks hair at the root--utilizing light to destroy the melanin in hair follicles. Electrolysis uses electricity and needles to accomplish the same effect more slowly and over a smaller area of the skin. Several treatments are often required in laser hair removal to achieve the desired results which are typically long lasting and most effective in dark-haired recipients.

Hair removal with lasers, while costly, provides an excellent answer to your summer hair removal needs. Laser is perfect for use on multiple areas of the body: the arms, legs, chest, back, neck, and bikini line. After four to six sessions with a professional trained in the use of laser hair removal equipment you will be left with smooth, hairless skin.

In terms of pain, the laser is a preferable and long, lasting alternative to painful waxing and slow, expensive electrolysis. A variety of creams and sprays are available from providers of laser hair removal to help with any discomfort one might encounter while undergoing the procedure.

When you review pricing and providers it is important to remember the maxim: you get what you pay for. Cutting corners on price may lead to unsatisfying results and, in some cases, costly doctor's bills to repair damaged skin. Paying a higher price for quality service could save you headaches and money in the long run.

To get the best results, be sure to do your homework. Check local business reviews, testimonials from individuals who have undergone laser hair removal, and compare prices. The cost of laser services ranges from roughly two hundred dollars to several thousand-depending on the number of sessions offered at the practice, the geographical location and the preferences of the clinic or doctor's office. Often times, payment arrangements can be made which will make it reasonable on any budget. A thorough review of your laser hair removal options prior the session will lead to lasting results you will love.
Learn more about hair removal by visiting We cover everything from pubic hair removal to sona laser hair removal.

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December 19, 2007

laser technology  

Source from Wikipedia

A laser is an electronic-optical device that produces
coherent radiation. The term "laser" is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A typical laser emits light in a narrow, low-divergence beam and with a well-defined wavelength (i.e., monochromatic, corresponding to a particular colour if the laser is operating in the visible spectrum). This is in contrast to a light source such as the incandescent light bulb, which emits into a large solid angle and over a wide spectrum of wavelength.

A laser consists of a gain medium inside an optical cavity, with a means to supply energy to the gain medium. The gain medium is a material (gas, liquid, solid or free electrons) with appropriate optical properties. In its simplest form, a cavity consists of two mirrors arranged such that light bounces back and forth, each time passing through the gain medium. Typically, one of the two mirrors, the output coupler, is partially transparent. The output laser beam is emitted through this mirror.

Light of a specific wavelength that passes through the gain medium is amplified (increases in power); the surrounding mirrors ensure that most of the light makes many passes through the gain medium. Part of the light that is between the mirrors (i.e., is in the cavity) passes through the partially transparent mirror and appears as a beam of light. The process of supplying the energy required for the amplification is called pumping and the energy is typically supplied as an electrical current or as light at a different wavelength. In the latter case, the light source can be a flash lamp or another laser. Most practical lasers contain additional elements that affect properties such as the wavelength of the emitted light and the shape of the beam.

The first working laser was demonstrated in May 1960 by Theodore Maiman at Hughes Research Laboratories. Recently, lasers have become a multi-billion dollar industry. The most widespread use of lasers is in optical storage devices such as compact disc and DVD players, in which the laser (a few millimeters in size) scans the surface of the disc. Other common applications of lasers are bar code readers and laser pointers. In industry, lasers are used for cutting steel and other metals and for inscribing patterns (such as the letters on computer keyboards). Lasers are also commonly used in various fields in science, especially spectroscopy, typically because of their well-defined wavelength or short pulse duration in the case of pulsed lasers. Lasers are also used for military and medical applications.

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December 15, 2007

Laser Hair Removal In Atlanta - How To Select The Best Place To Go  

If you are thinking about having your hair removed using laser hair removal techniques then there are a few things you need to understand. There are many places that use equipment but you want to make sure you are in a professionals hands before having this procedure done.

Laser hair removal is not permanent. This is a common misconception about the process. You will have to make appointments for several sessions and after each session your hair will get weaker. Over time you will be able to decrease the frequency of how often you receive treatments. Some of the common places people have it are above the lips, inside the nose, inside the ear, the bikini area, chest area, face and the back. The process is fairly painless but some of the more sensitive areas like inside the nose will sting a little.

Before deciding where to have your treatment done, you need to ask around for references. Ask your friends first if they have had the procedure done. Always ask the office for references and then check the local Better Business Bureau. Make sure you get a legitimate estimate of the cost and number of treatments that will be necessary. You don't want to find out that it will take twenty sessions when you were told ten. If you are a little low on cash, many of the offices offer financing. Everything is negotiable so haggle the price and finance costs.

Laser hair removal is becoming extremely popular but it is not for everyone. Make sure you do your homework before deciding to have this procedure done.
Are you looking for reliable laser hair removal in Atlanta? Visit for tips, articles and resources on laser hair removal in the Atlanta Georgia area. Get more information about facial hair removal products today.

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Permanent Answers - Laser Hair Removal  

In the past, permanent hair removal meant electrolysis; twenty years ago laser was unheard of in the hair removal business. Electrolysis had been the gold standard of permanent removal since the turn of the twentieth century. Then, in the 1990's a rival to electrolysis arrived in the form of this. Laser, or photoepilation, serves a similar function to electrolysis, but can cover a much larger area than electrolysis ever dreamed of doing.

Today, gracing the cover of nearly every magazine from fashion to entertainment or sport you will find hairless stars and models showcasing the rising trend of sleek hairless skin. This look is popular for men and women alike. The scene on the screen big or small shows the same image-being sexy means being body-hair free.

The permanence of electrolysis or laser is a big benefit to people seeking hairless skin without constant maintenance. Clearly, it is the best answer for the busy modern life. Permanent hair removal avoids the pain and exasperation of constant shaving, itchy stubble and trips to the store for shaving creams and razors. Of course, the pain of waxing is even more noticeable-ripping hair out by the root is not for the faint of heart!

The cost varies between a few hundred dollars per session and several thousand dollars. To achieve results many people need to have four to six laser treatments. Clinics and dermatologist offices provide the most professional results for busy patrons seeking hair removal. In many laser hair removal venues it is possible to make payment arrangements which can lend affordability to an otherwise expensive procedure. The results may take a week or two to appear, however, the lasting effect easily balances out the cost of the procedure.

Is laser right for you? If you have a large area of hair to remove, light skin with dark hair, and a desire to have low maintenance then laser is a good bet. This FDA approved method is sure to please anyone looking for lasting results. Laser is an excellent answer to the question of permanent removal of unsightly body and facial hair.
Remove Hair Permanently is the premier hair removal website. Learn everything you need to know from body hair removal to laser hair removal faq.

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The Naked Truth - Electrolysis Compared to Laser Hair Removal  

How well does electrolysis work compared to laser hair removal? Electrolysis is the old heavy hitter in the world of hair permanent hair removal. The process destroys hair at the roots using needles and electricity, has been around in one form or another since the late 19thcentury and gained popularity throughout the 20th century. Not until the 1990's did a new technology arrive to rival electrolysis as a means of lasting hair removal.

This new hair removal technique was called laser hair removal or photoepilation. Laser hair removal was a more modern approach to lasting hair removal through the destruction of hair at its root. Since then, hair removal by laser has become the aesthetician and dermatologist's new best friend with many providers doing landmark business removing hair for males and females alike. Food and Drug Administration approved and widely accepted among dermatologists as an efficient means of hair removal, it is no surprise to see laser has risen quickly in popularity.

Each approach possesses unique benefits and drawbacks. Electrolysis offers truly permanent hair removal-a claim supported by the FDA-but, it is expensive, time consuming and therefore works best on small areas of the body. This fact leaves electrolysis ideal for the upper lip and eyebrows, but not a practical solution for removal of hair on the back or legs. Meanwhile, laser easily covers large portions of the body, but requires several sessions and primarily reduces and lightens hair growth rather than removing it on a permanent basis.

Additionally, until recently, laser worked best for the removal of dark hair from light skinned people. People with dark hair and dark skin or those of a fairer complexion could expect mixed or even limited results under the laser. Advances continue to be made, but electrolysis remains the most effective permanent hair removal option for the aforementioned groups of groups of individuals.

Should you choose electrolysis or laser hair removal? The answer depends on several things: the amount of hair you wish to remove, your complexion and your budget. The real differences that arise when electrolysis is compared to laser hair removal are the ones dictated by your hair removal goals.
Learn more about hair removal by visiting We cover all topics ranging from pubic hair removal to back hair removal.

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December 13, 2007

How To Get Rid Of An Infected Ingrown Hair  

When an ingrown hair becomes infected it becomes an itchy oozing mess. The ingrown hair becomes inflamed and a pustule forms causing discomfort and embarrassment. You can get rid of your ingrown hair problem before it gets any worse.

An ingrown hair can form anywhere we shave. The hair is usually cut too short, it then starts to grow back into the side of the hair follicle. It's now an angry red bump that can drive you to distraction. If it becomes irritated or inflamed with bacteria you get an infected ingrown hair. You can get rid of an infected ingrown hair by following these simple steps.

First, make sure the area around the ingrown hair is clean, wash or bathe, so you won't re-infect the area. Bacteria is always present on your skin.

Second,use a clean wash cloth, and soak it in almost hot water. Apply the wash cloth to the area for a few minutes to moisten the skin and loosen the ingrown hair. Heat and moisture will usually cause the hair to rise to the surface. Check to see if the hair is visible. If not, repeat using the wash cloth until the hair is free.

Third, using tweezers or a pin lift the trapped hair out of the follicle. You can also pluck the hair out gripping it close to the skin. Some fellow sufferers say this can lead to scarring, I have not experienced this.

Fourth, dab the area with hydrogen peroxide to prevent infection. If the pus oozes out, clean with a tissue, and apply hydrogen peroxide.

Fifth, if the area is prone to chaffing, cover with a bandaid. Re-apply hydrogen peroxide twice a day.

The infected ingrown hair should clear up in a few days. If the infected ingrown hair is deep, you can use an antiseptic cream like, Cortaid, as it keeps the area moist. If the the infected ingrown hair does not start to heal in three days it's time to dermatologist.

Dirk Bristol is an ex-ingrown hair sufferer. The information provided at his web site is real world advice.
Ingrown Hair Info-
Infected Ingrown Hair Pictures- Infected Ingrown Hair Pictures

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December 10, 2007

Women Speak Out! Is Shaving Pubic Hair Manly?  

Nowadays, grooming is entering every aspect of our lives. We men are shifting our paradigms, and find ourselves in stuff that we never even thought possible decades before. It’s true, men have always in some way or another take care of their looks, but now this trend is entering the lives of common men who are trying new things like shaving pubic hair.

However, pubic shaving in men is not something that is seen with good eyes by everyone. Some men think it is for gay men, while others use it as a way to boost their metrics statistics. But often women are left out of the conversation, so we went out and asked women what they think of men shaving pubic hair.

To our surprise, the majority of women didn’t even care about it. They say “whatever feels good for a man”, but they tend to put a stop at a certain level. They say that men can take care of that part, but to a ‘healthy’ extent. They don’t want a man who is constantly worried about his looks, specially his “down-under” looks!

Beside this majority, there is a polarity of on one side, women who think it is ‘cleaner’ to shave your pubic hair, and on the other side, women who like macho hairy men. But all women agree that manliness is not something that you should judge by the way a man treat his pubic hair. “There are all kinds of men” said Patricia, a woman who confessed she had lovers on the both sides of the spectrum “some of them are TOO concerned about how they look, I mean... there’s always a balance right?”.

So, the question here as a man, is to ask ourselves the questions. If you like to try pubic shaving you don’t have to feel less manly. Besides the only ones who will be noticing it are you and your lover. I think this whole issue brings fears to the hearts of some men who think manliness is in doubt due to some isolated activities.

If you’d like trying shaving your pubic hair, I would recommend to take it slow and go with patience. You won’t believe the amount of men who end up cutting themselves because they shave in a hurry. Also, be sure to find online an easy guide to shaving your pubic hair in a step by step manner. Good luck!

Paolo Basauri invites to visit our Pubic Hair Shaving section at, a site where you will find everything related to great skin care for men.

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December 8, 2007

How to Find Affordable Laser Hair Removal  

If you're considering having unwanted hair removed, you may be concerned about finding affording laser hair removal options. It can be expensive depending on the hair that you want hair removed from, the procedure used, and other factors. In addition, multiple treatments will generally be needed and some individuals may not get the results they are looking for because of their hair and skin texture and color.

Deciding to have laser hair removal done can be a big decision that you've thought about for some time. You may even have been setting money aside to have the procedure done. You want to find a good deal on the procedure while making sure that you use a qualified professional.

To find affordable hair removal options, consult with several different professionals or hair removal businesses. While the average price of hair removal is between $400-500, the exact amount will depend on you and where you have the procedure done. You should keep in mind that having hair removed on larger areas like legs will cost more than smaller areas.

One option to help keep the procedure affordable is to look into payment plans. Many professionals offer plans or discounts to individuals. You may be able to pay over time or receive a discount for buying multiple sessions at the same time. These discounts can save you money, particularly if you'll need a number of sessions to get the result you want or if you plan to have hair removed from more than one area.

Although you will want to find a qualified professional with great references and experience, you will also want to comparison shop between at least several different professionals offering laser hair removal. Some procedures may be better suited to your particular situation as well as differing in cost. You may also find that one will offer better discounts than others. Due to these factors, it pays to shop around a bit before deciding on a hair removal professional.

With a little searching, you can often find affordable laser hair removal options for your situation. It's a good idea to keep in mind that hair removal options, even with discounts, will cost upwards of several hundred dollars depending on the area that you want done. However, laser hair removal often costs less than you might expect, with the average at under $500 dollars. Finding out a more exact estimate of your particular cost can help you determine whether laser hair removal is for you.
Learn more about hair removal by visiting Learn everything you need to know from pubic hair removal to lazer hair removal.

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December 1, 2007

Facial Hair Removal-What is Best for You  

However, this is not the case in everyday life; it is a very secure woman that feels comfortable with noticeable facial hair. Therefore, for most women it is important to have an effective means of facial hair removal.

Sugaring is becoming a popular alternative to waxing, which can cause redness and bumps on the skin. This method involves placing a syrup ball, made of sugar, water and lemon juice, onto the skin and then quickly striping it back off. The striping motion removes the hair by the root. Sugaring is also a good alternative for anyone who has had burned skin due to wax that was applied while it was too hot.

Shaving is never recommended for facial hair removal in women. Shaving needs to be done on a daily basis and causes the hair to grow back darker and more course than before. While all of the other methods listed are equally acceptable for both men and women, shaving should only be attempted by a man.

Another temporary, but rather affective form of facial hair removal is waxing. Waxing consists of applying hot wax to the area where hair is to be removed. The wax is then pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth, taking the hair with it. This method of hair removal is expected to last four to six weeks for most people. One point of interest, when hair is removed via waxing, it tends to grow back lighter and finer than before. Be very careful when waxing as the wax can be hot enough to scald the skin.

There are several ways to remove facial hair in women including waxing, using a depilatory cream or bleaching. The easiest, least painful and most cost effective is to use a depilatory cream. This solution works by changing the chemical makeup of the hair at the skin line, making it easy to wipe away. While this is effective, it is not long lasting, usually needing to be repeated every three to five days. Be sure, when choosing this option to only use a cream that is formulated for the face, creams that are to be used on other parts of the body may cause irritation to the face.

John Mancini has been writing about Laser Hair Removal online and offline for a long time. Visit or to read more about matters like hair removal for man and facial hair removal.

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Remove That Unwanted Hair From Your Body  

When removing hair from your body there are several steps that you need to take, especially after you get laser hair removal treatment, this will make sure that the hair grow back will be minimal. All of us are searching for an easy way to remove hair from our body, we search all over the internet for the answers, but all the sources that are on the internet are pretty much the same. Hair removal is a little painful and you will need to continually go for treatment, hair removal is not a one shot deal.

People have tried everything to get rid of unwanted hair, they have tried plucking, waxing and bleaching but the problem still remains, the hair will grow back. There are many different options when it comes to hair removal, there are affordable options but you must understand that when using more cost effective procedures the length of time the hair remains removed will be of a shorter time span.

Laser Body Hair Removal is growing rapidly in popularity as men and women become more conscious of their body image. Most people who have a lot of hair on their body are embarrassed when going to any type of event that involves taking off clothing. When people go swimming in the summer most people are embarrassed about taking of their clothing because of the hair on their body. The removal of body hair is becoming more widespread and prevalent because in today’s world no hair is sexier.

Why should you use a laser to remove hair? Men and women from all walks of life are turning in increasing numbers to laser to remove unwanted hair from their bodies. The latest technology has created machines that allow technicians to remove your hair from virtually any where on your body; it only works if the hair is fully grown it does not work on small or peach fuzz hair. To remove the hair by the root it must be at least 1/4 inch or 6 mm long.

If you are looking for permanent hair removal many people choose electrolysis, using this option leaves your skin virtually void of hair. Try to find a practitioner who will put their claim of permanent hair removal in writing with a guarantee.
Time peel is a valuable solution for clients with large pores, chapped skin and fine wrinkles, as well as for improvement of the skin pigmentation. If you are going to shave your pubic hair make sure you use a wet shaver, if you cannot completely dry the area before shaving. Light skin is the preferred choice for laser hair removal and fewer treatments will be required.

Hair removal has become very popular and laser hair removal has become an alternative to waxing and shaving because when you use laser treatments unwanted hair is removed and after many treatments it is permanently removed or reduced. Waxing is another method that many women use, but this hair removal system can be very painful. One of the most cost effective methods of removing hair still remains and that is tweezing and waxing.
David Marc Fishman is the owner of Tipsquad.
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Great Tips On Armpit Hair Removal  


We all begin to grow armpit hair from adolescence. Generally speaking, women tend to remove their armpit hair once it starts to appear whilst men on the other hand do not. There are lots of different methods you can use for armpit hair removal. This article has been written to provide you tips and advice on four of the most popular methods, describing the pros and cons of each.

Tip 1 - Armpit Shaving Tips

Shaving is low cost and easy to use. Its main disadvantage is that any armpit hair removal using this method will be relatively short lived. In fact, hair will begin to grow back the very next day and for this reason shaving must be repeated frequently.

To get the best results from shaving armpit hair, always exfoliate your skin first. You can do this inexpensively by using a loofah sponge which should only set you back around $5 from a good drug store. Secondly, always use shaving cream or soap to shave with (never contemplate dry shaving!). Thirdly, always make sure you use a sharp razor. This is essential as using a blunt razor will increase your chances of getting razor burn (razor bumps). Fourthly, always shave in the direction of hair growth. Again this is an important tip to prevent the occurrence of razor burn and to obtain to a close shave. Remember to take your time and don't hurry the process, this will prevent you from cutting yourself unnecessarily. Finally, always moisturize after shaving to replace essential skins oils.

Tip 2 - Armpit Waxing Tips

Waxing is a great methods to use for armpit hair removal. A good tip if you have not used waxing before is to go and have it done professionally to begin with so you can see how it's done. This also affords you the advantage that you can ask any questions that you may have on the subject before you attempt your own waxing at home. The advantages of waxing are that it is affordable and produces a longer lasting result than shaving your armpits. The disadvantages are that some people find it the technique difficult to apply and believe there is a degree of pain involved. This is not the case if the waxing is carried out competently.

To achieve "salon style results" when waxing your armpits, here are a collection of top tips for armpit hair removal using wax. Always use warm wax and heat using a professional wax warmer. These are not expensive and will prevent you from potentially giving yourself a nasty burn whilst using wax that is too hot. Secondly, thoroughly clean the your armpits beforehand with a good soap. If you fail to do this then the wax will not adhere to it. Thirdly, only wax when your armpit hair is less than 0.5 cm long. Any longer that this and the wax will not grip it your hair and there will be no armpit hair removal as a result. If necessary, cut armpit hair down to the prescribed length with scissors. Fourthly, (IMPORTANT!), ensure you apply the wax in the direction of hair growth and remove in the oppisite direction. Lastly its always a good idea to apply a little moisturiser after you have waxed. As the armpit area can be particularly sentsitive choose something that is aloe vera based without any perfume.

Tip 3 - Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams (depilatory creams) can be bought quite reasonably from any drug store. The advantages of using hair removal creams for armpit hair removal is that they are incredibly easy to use and it can be a few weeks be your armpit hair reappears. In fact the results are akin to waxing in terms of how often the treatment needs to be re-applied. On the downside, the skin under your armpits can be a sensitive area and some hair removal creams can cause minor skin irritations that can become quite uncomfortable. When using these creams, always follow the manufacturers advice, and if in doubt try a small amount of the cream on a less sensitive area of skin first. Other people also find the creams messy and do not like the smell of them. After using these creams a good tip is to apply a moisturizing cream as some of the chemicals used in hair removal creams can be quite harsh on the skin.

Tip 4 - Electrolysis

This technique has been around for many years and is the only truly qualified method of permanent armpit hair removal. If involves using a probe which is inserted inside the hair follicle to deliver a small electric current which kills of the hair in situ. If you are interested in this treatment, my advice is to visit a qualified practitioner who will assess you needs properly and prescribe a course of treatment suitable for you.


This article has provided you with some tips on the most popular methods of armpit hair removal; shaving, waxing, hair removal creams and electrolysis. If you follow some of these tips you should be well on your way to achieving salon-style results every time you carry out your armpit hair removal routine.
Peter Craske runs an informational website on hair removal, for more tips on
armpit hair removal please make sure you vist his site. Peter has also written some very informative articles on shaving related matters like how to stop ingrown hair after shaving.

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November 26, 2007

Brazilian Waxing - 5 Reasons to Start Using It Right Now  

Nowadays many people turn to Brazilian waxing for shaving pubic area instead of shaving or trimming. There are many reasons for this choice, the first being that it gives them a feeling of cleanliness, sexiness and liberation. In fact, with Brazilian waxing, women find it much more comfortable wearing bikinis and lingerie as there will be no visible pubic hair.

It is basically better to have Brazilian waxing done at the parlor for a better and safer job. The first time bikini wax job will prove to be rather painful and uncomfortable for you when the wax is pulled to remove your pubic hair. However the waxer will provide you with some ointments for application to reduce the pain that you will feel. As the waxer is professional, there will normally be less of a discomfort and pain when you opt for a Brazilian waxing.

Brazilian waxing was started in New York in 1987 by some Brazilian sisters and since then many people have taken their lead. Another reason for Brazilian waxing is that unlike bikini waxing, here hair is removed from the front, back and everything in between. Each waxing session usually takes 15 to 30 minutes long where you have to lie on a table or bench after removing your clothes.

Another reason to use Brazilian waxing is that it leaves you ‘hair free’ for longer periods as you need to wax at the most, once a month. In fact, another reason that women opt for Brazilian waxing is that the growth of pubic hair tends to diminish with repeated sessions of Brazilian waxing.

Women also prefer Brazilian waxing as it allows a very sensual and smooth look at the bikini area, so that they look much sexier and attractive in their swim wear and lingerie. The sexy gazes they receive are very much worth the pain they have to go through with Brazilian waxing.
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Bikini Waxing - What's Hot?  

Bikini waxing is a means of shaving the pubic area that has grown in popularity in the past few years. In fact, not only women shave their pubic hair, there has also been an increase in the number of male pubic shaving customers in most hair removal salons. It is usually men using bikini style swim bottoms who head for pubic shaving.

Though bikini waxing is helpful in making you look more sensuous and attractive, you should not get a bikini wax if you suffer from psoriasis or any skin condition, if you are a diabetic of if you are under Retinol or Acutance medication. It is in fact better to ask your physician before going for a bikini wax. It is also not advisable to get a bikini wax if you are menstruating or pregnant as the pain associated with a bikini wax is increased because of increased sensitivity to the pubic area.

As a bikini wax can be painful, you could consider taking ibuprofen or aspirin an hour before waxing to reduce the pain. It is better not to do a bikini wax on your own; have it done by a professional as this reduces pain. If the pubic hair is too long, it has to be trimmed to about ¼ or ½ inch. Don’t swim or sunbathe for 24 hours before the wax and a few days after waxing.

After waxing, if there is some redness or bumping, apply ice to the region for relief. If there is some ingrown hair, ice it and then add anti-bacterial cream to prevent an infection. If you feel uncomfortable not wearing underwear during waxing, you could choose a skimpy pair like a thong and have the aesthetician work around the underwear. You will have to lift your underwear if the waxer needs to wax a covered area.
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Pubic Laser Hair Removal  

It is now possible to remove your pubic hair using pubic laser hair removal. The removal of pubic hair is basically dependant on many factors like hair strand thickness and density, skin color and hair color. It is the physician who will evaluate these choices and choose the best laser system for each patient. That’s why it is better to approach the best physician for your pubic laser hair removal as they will know the best choice for you.

Of all the methods of pubic hair removal, it is considered that pubic laser hair removal is one of the best ways to remove pubic hair. This is because the bikini area invites folliculitis, infection and inflammation of hair follicles. This often leads to itchy and painful lesions and sometimes secondary hyper pigmentation and darkening of the skin.

With laser hair removal, hair growth is reduced or eliminated while folliculitis diminished or stopped. Some laser systems are also beneficial in reducing hyper pigmentation and persistent skin redness which occurred from earlier attacks of folliculitis. So it is the advantage of having a bikini area that is devoid of hair, discoloration and irritation that entices people to opt for pubic laser hair removal.

When compared to other forms of hair removal like electrolysis, waxing and depilatory creams, pubic laser hair removal accomplishes a near permanent reduction in pubic hair. Moreover the procedure is quick and easily tolerated. The hair that remains also reduces in diameter to make them less of a cosmetic issue while reducing the irritation of hair follicle.

So it can be seen that pubic laser hair removal is a procedure that is carried out with high patient satisfaction. And as lasers are medical devices needing high level of expertise to use it, pubic laser hair removal has to be done in a physician office that specializes in the procedure for best effects, and safety through the procedure.
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Laser Hair Removal Makes You a Smoother Operator  

If you're considering hair removal, this article will give you a few things to consider before you go ahead with the process. Hair removal on legs and the bikini area can be done with great success for the most part. But, before you sign up for costly treatments, you should consider some facts about the hair removal process. Laser hair removal and facial hair removal is costly. Lasers and pulsed light's work best on people with light skin and dark hair. The new devices that have been created to work only on dark-skinned people or with light hair are working out to be only partially effective. There's a new device on the market that uses intense, pulsed light combined with radio frequency to treat women with blonde or gray hair, but it is only about 50% as effective as other types of lasers.

If you have dark skin, laser hair removal can cause discoloration unless you use a specific machine created for dark skin. Lasers use pulse light to break down and target the dark pigment in your hair referred to as melanin. Lasers target the melanin in dark skin, which can cause discoloration. Hair growth progresses in three phases, growing, resting and shedding. Lasers and pulsed light target hair in the growth phase.

Your hair goes through a cycle and usually falls out within 10 to 14 days. Use a mild exfoliate in the shower on the 10th day, as this will help exfoliate your skin and remove hair. Several follicles are targeted at once when you use light and lasers, so they allow you to treat large areas of skin. Electrolysis hair removal takes years and many many visits to be successful and is usually carried out on the back or legs. Laser hair removal on these areas usually takes sessions under two hours. It's tremendous for treating the back, arms, shoulders and chest. Be careful when you select your hair removal specialist. Laser hair removal is usually only effective on dark hair and is good for the upper lip and chin. If you have blonde hair that needs to be zapped, you're advised to use electrolysis for permanent hair removal in these areas.

You have to be patient with your hair removal sessions as it can sometimes take four to six sessions or more spaced four weeks apart to see a 70% to 80% reduction in hair growth. If you're serious about getting hair removed, consider having treatments done once a year for a couple years at least. Unfortunately, laser hair removal is not guaranteed and works better on some people than others. You're not going to know for sure where the regrowth is going to occur and in some people regrowth will occur after several months or years while others never have to worry about shaving again. It all depends on the individual.

As a rule, the average experience is a 70% to 80% reduction in hair growth over a 4-6 week course of treatment. Laser technology has come a long way over the past few years and success rates depend for the most part on the individual. Some may find that electrolysis is more effective in laser hair removal. The best way to prepare yourself is to determine first what type of pulsed light machine will be used and you'll probably be told either to shave the date of your treatment or few days before. Consult with your aesthetician before the session. As far as pain is concerned, pulsed- light laser hair removal feels like a rubber band popping against your skin. Some machines perform differently and not every zap hurts. Some areas, like a lower leg hurts more than others such as the thighs. You're advised to take couple of ibuprofen an hour before your session. Other experts advise that you numb your skin about 20 minutes before the session begins with the spray or cream containing 4 percent lidocaine. Keep in mind that salons that advertise discounted procedures are sometimes not the best places to go, especially if they have to resort to a discount to get customers.

Do your homework before signing up for hair removal services and use only a dermatologist or licensed technician. As far as the pocketbook is concerned, remember that laser hair removal is not cheap. The fee structure is generally based on what body part you treat and can run anywhere between $200-$2,000 a session, not including taxes or tip. Do your homework. Consult with others and seek out good service providers and you'll do well when it comes to hair removal.
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How Laser Hair Removal Works  

Photothermolysis is main technique behind Laser hair removal .Laser energy is converted into heat, which disables the hair follicles leaving the surrounding skin unchanged. Certain areas are focused just below the skin, without heating the rest of it. In addition to laser, some epilators use a xenon flash lamp which emits full-spectrum intense pulse light (IPL).

Energy released by laser is absorbed by dark objects called - chromophores that can be artificial or natural. Melanin is considered the primary chromophore for all hair removal lasers. Melanin is naturally present in skin. It gives skin and hair its color. Eumelanin and pheomelanin are two types of melanin present in body.

Only black and brown hair can be removed due to selective absorption of photons of laser light. As laser is attracted towards dark pigments and therefore works best with dark coarse hair. Dark skin and dark hair were not ideal combination for Laser hair removal. But now Light skin and dark hair are an ideal combination, but new lasers are now able to target dark black hair even in patients with dark skin.

Electrolysis is another method that's clinically proved for permanent removal of hair. But Electrolysis hair removal process is very slow as it involves treating one hair at a time. That is why it can be used for smaller areas like eyebrows and upper lips.

In addition it takes so many treatments compared to laser to complete a large area, and the extreme cost and discomfort are such that electrolysis is rarely used for large areas. At this time, it is the only permanent option for very fine and light-colored hair. laser hair removal treatment is best as it is a long-lasting method of hair removal. Shaving or threading are also hair removal methods but they are not permanent.

Laser treatment is used to remove facial hair and age spots. Laser works by focusing on certain areas just below the skin, without heating the rest of it.

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November 25, 2007

Laser Hair Removal Treatment  

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Laser hair removal treatment

Laser hair removal treatment has become popular in recent years because of its no pain, no scar, quick and safe approach. Laser hair removal is a promising new treatment. Laser hair removal is appropriate for any area where there is excess hair, with the important exception of the eye area. As technology and techniques improve, so are more positive results for people of all skin and hair types. Currently lasers are more advanced and do effectively reduce hair growth. Lasers work best on dark hair and light skin.

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular methods for both men and women. Hair removal has been practiced for centuries in almost all human cultures. Although the methods used vary among times and regions, most of men and women spend countless hours on temporary hair removal methods including shaving, waxing, applying chemical depilatories and tweezing, but all these procedures are quite time-consuming with some side effects. Permanently destroying the areas of hair growth while at the same time sparing the surrounding tissue has seems to be a difficult challenge. Lazer hair removal has become the best answer to this. Laser hair removal is efficient, long lasting method for removing unwanted hair that saves much of the time and energy previously given to other methods.

How the Laser Hair Treatment Works;

Laser hair removal was approved by the FDA in 1998. Today's advanced lasers are quick and gentle and can work on a wide variety of skin colors. The laser works by sending energy into the pigment of the hair shaft, the laser treatment involves a laser beam basically killing the hair follicles. The heat generated by this process damages the follicle and stops hair production. It's not pain-free. It feels like rubber bands snapping against the skin. Lasers can cause localized damage by selectively heating dark target matter in the area that causes hair growth while not heating the rest of the skin.

There are many types of lasers and treatment methods on the market, so the right type of specialist and equipment should be sought out before considering treatment. Laser and light-based methods are sometimes called phototricholysis or photoepilation. Laser hair removal offers a permanent reduction in quality or quantity of hair. Laser treatment for Rosacea (facial redness and veins). This very common skin condition effects 5% of individuals. It causes 'rosy cheeks' and red patches or small blood vessels on the face. BOTOX is a protein that occurs naturally in the body. It is also becoming an important therapy for excessive sweating, and for migraine or tension headaches. BOTOX relaxes the specific muscles that cause wrinkles. As these muscles relax, the skin that covers them becomes smoother and less wrinkled.
Always look for a clinic that has a highly experienced, also provides right guidance and treatments, with the caring staff. Your doctor should be able to decide which type of laser may work best for you. So you could soon be on your way to smooth skin.

One laser hair removal treatment may zap thousands of hairs, but one treatment isn’t enough. Hair grows in cycles. Because of this, you will need multiple treatments to achieve smooth-looking skin. For more Details on Laser hair removal treatments, Rosacea and Botox contact Baywood Clinic Toronto.
Article written by Baywood Clinic - Baywood clinic is well recognized for laser hair removal treatments, Rosacea laser therapy and Botox treatments in Toronto.

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Laser Hair Removal Information - Permanent Laser Hair Removal  

Epilation performed by laser was performed experimentally for about 20 years before it became commercially available in the mid 1990s. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) epilators, though technically not a laser, use xenon flash lamps that emit full spectrum light. Laser and light-based methods, sometimes called phototricholysis or photoepilation, are now most commonly referred to collectively as "laser hair removal". Laser hair removal became very popular in the past several years.

There are several benefits that make laser hair removal so popular. The main benefit is the fact that laser hair removal is a cosmetic method that is considered non-surgical. Through the use of the laser hair removal patients are able to permanently remove the undesirable (or excessive) body or facial hair. Since this is a permanent removal, the laser hair removal procedure allows you to achieve results faster and for a longer period. The actual laser hair removal procedure is not invasive and is usually not painful. This is also a procedure that is not too expensive. Prices for laser hair removal are continuing to drop as the technology continues to improve.

Different laser hair removal methods are developed and offered by different organizations. The actual time it will take to go through the laser hair removal procedure will depend on the skin type and area from which you would like to have the hair removed. This can be as short as few minutes or as long as few hours. The laser hair removal procedure is based on the use of low-energy laser. In general, this laser removes hair by disabling the hair follicles. You will find laser hair removal a soft and virtually painless process that will cause only smallest discomfort.

To begin preparation for the laser hair removal procedure you will need to avoid electrolysis, waxing or plucking for approximately three weeks prior to the procedure. Sun tanning and exposure should also be avoided on the areas which will be treated.

After your treatment is done, you should be able to return to your normal everyday routines and work schedules immediately. Keep exposure to the sun to a minimum about two weeks after your treatment.


* A non-invasive, gentle technique that eliminates undesirable hair from all parts of the body.
* Leaves skin looking smoother and silkier.
* Treats larger areas effectively because it removes more than one hair at a time.
* Minimal discomfort.
* Replaces waxing, electrolysis and razors.
* Immediate return to normal activities.

Who is a candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Almost anybody who has undesirable hair is a candidate for laser hair removal. However certain conditions may complicate treatment. Laser hair removal achieves the best results with light-skinned, dark-haired individuals. Lasers with longer wavelengths are generally useful for darker-skinned patients.

What can one expect during laser hair removal?

One wears goggles for preventing accidental exposure of the eyes to laser light in the process. When the laser is operated, one experience a stinging sensation. Sometimes, a topical local anesthetic is used prior to the process for reducing discomfort. The process develops a minor charring of stubble.

How long the process takes, it depends on the part of the body that is involved. A little portion of the body such as the upper lip can take a few minutes for removing hair and the largest portion such as the back can need many hours.
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November 20, 2007

Discount New York Laser Hair Removal  

When considering laser hair removal it is important to understand the truth about this modern treatment. As the name suggests, a laser beam is used to target hair follicles, incapacitating them of further growth. The permanent nature of the treatment is not guaranteed and varies. Most reputed centers do not offer discount rates. For clients who are undergoing treatment, charges reduce in the due course of time. This is because hair growth lessens and consequently requirement of the laser pulse decreases. Rates may also differ depending upon laser types that are used.

When searching for discount laser hair removal centers in New York, potential clients should not leave other aspects of the treatment unattended. In relation to recognized medical centers, the charges may not seem favorable but clients are guaranteed of successful and effective treatment. Discounted rates take a backseat when safety is in question. This is an intricate medical procedure that needs to be performed by certified professionals. Unskilled staff may cause skin burn or excessive destructive exposure to the beams. Rates tend to vary depending upon center reputation, locale, area that needs to be treated and the number of sittings a client is required to attend.

In cases where clients chance upon discount offers, they vary depending upon the center's mode of operation. This includes rate variations in clinics that specialize in laser treatments and those that are rented by operators who work in salons. Costs may seem reasonable for some clients if they are structured around a minimum charge. This simply refers to fixed rates per pulse. There are package deals where charges are determined on an average of a minimum pulse requirement per sitting. If the required number of pulse increases, clients still need to pay the predetermined amount that is lower than the actual cost.

New York Laser Hair Removal provides detailed information on New York Laser Hair Removal, New York Laser Hair Removal For Men, New York Laser Hair Removal Surgery, Best Laser Hair Removal In New York City and more. New York Laser Hair Removal is affiliated with New York City Helicopter Tours.

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November 15, 2007

Sky-Rocketing Laser Hair Removal Treatment  

When a large amount of money is invested in something, you expect to get a refund or profit in same sort, since no one likes to throw hard work over the window. That is exactly what you will be doing if you do not read a bit what laser hair removal is all about and how it works. This sort of process is both costly and time consuming, on the short term, so you need to think really hard if you're up to it and if you need it: in a nutshell, you should be able to point the advantages and disadvantages of laser hair removal, as well as other features such as the results obtained and the period they last. No Mercy: Root Follicle Removal

The laser treatment isn't for everyone as the technology affects some types of skin and favors other: for example, Caucasian fair types of skin do not handle the beams very well and might get irritated while African American and Hispanic types are sure to obtain a perfect smooth skin with this treatment; the idea is that the hair must be differently colored and textured when compared to the skin: an ideal candidate would be a light complexioned person with dark hair. The curriculum of the process involves some physics of course, but nothing too complicated since it all comes down to the damaging of the follicle's root. More exactly, beams of full spectrum light combined with infrared light that has low wavelengths and only some rays get into the skin, which track down the melatonin pigmented hairs and heats the roots. After a few sessions, at least three or four, the root is destroyed and burnt.

It's All Good

The biggest plus laser therapy has is that you are able to take care of every part of your body, the technicians and cosmetologists using this type of equipment will not be hindered by complicated angles or delicate areas: the hair on the legs, arms, from under the armpits, above the lip, on the chest, on the back, the extra strands of hair on the eyebrows, along the bikini line...where else? Laser hair removal can go anywhere and the specialists that are at your disposal can confirm it.

Does it seem to good to be true? Well, here is another benefit of laser hair removal: there are no unforeseen or considerable side-effects. It is natural though, after your skin has undergone such a serious treatment, to expect some redness over the area and a sensation of inflammation that will fade away in maximum three days, depending on how large the treated area was. However, you should keep in mind that you have to be patient and persistent in your goal, and go to the other two or three sessions, to remove the hair completely and get it done once and for all. Otherwise, the effects will still last long, longer than any other method that removes only the hair and not the root. For further information, don't hesitate to ask your doctor about the types of lasers used and what kinds of treatments are suitable for you.

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November 13, 2007

Laser Hair Removal And Its Effect On Tattoos  

Can you get laser hair removal, without effecting a tattoo? After being asked this question numerous times by friends, and family I sought to search out the answer. I asked a few laser hair technicians, and tattoo artist alike but none seemed to have the answer. If you are a technician, or tattoo artist I would suggest educating yourself on the effects of laser hair removal.

After rigorous research, I have found many cases of people who have had laser hair removal preformed. Most cases were caused by a slip up of the technicians preforming the laser hair removal "slipping", or being careless. The results were often the same, a puss-filled blister covering the area that had been crossed by the laser. In some cases, infection was almost immediate , and had to be treated in the emergency room?

They have reported, that after the painful blister had healed, the tattoo was either considerably faded or disfigured. There are many problems that can arise from this, infection being the main concern. It can also cause significant scarring.

So, my only suggestion would to seek laser hair removal prior to getting your tattoos. If you do, indeed end up with scarring from your treatment you will need to check with your artist. Most artists will not tattoo over fresh scars, and depending on your own body's healing it may take years for the scar to flatten enough before it is able to accept pigment.

If you are still considering getting laser hair removal around your tattoo, protecting yourself with knowledge is the key. Read the fine print in any contract you are requested to sign, if it includes anything to the nature of "not responsible for damaged tattoos" I would then search for another company. If laser hair removal goes wrong, it can not only damage your tattoo but cost you time, and possible thousands of dollars to repair.

Though, there is one option that you do have. Though it can be expensive, and tedious Electrolysis is the only proven hair removal method that will not have an adverse effect on your tattoo.

From needles, ink and tattoo machines to body piercing jewelry and equipment, we can provide you with all the info as well as current industy news and new products. Beginning with tattoo kits, it's important to research the types of equipment that are out there and the pros and cons to using each type. Tattoo equipment sterilization, needles, tubes, tattoo starter kits, machines, and inks are all key to starting a studio, shop, parlor or business. The guns and machines are usually hand crafted or homemade. As for the inks, it is crucial to carry a wide variety of colors so you as the artists can create rich and unique designs. More information: Body piercing pictures.

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November 9, 2007

Electrolysis in San Francisco - What You Should Know  

The available procedures for electrolysis in San Francisco are the same as those in other areas. Galvanic electrolysis, thermolysis, and a combination of the two are all forms of electrolysis which have been known to chemistry since the 1870s, but only recently have they been developed as permanent hair removal techniques. Practitioners of electrolysis in San Francisco will be skilled in the use of all three, and offer each client the one best suited to his or her hair removal needs.

The State of California requires that those who wish to practice electrolysis hair removal undergo training and become licensed or certified. Anyone offering electrolysis in San Francisco are subject to state oversight from different agencies, regardless of the kind of facility in which they work. Both hair removal salons and dermatologist M.D.s are required to be certified in order to perform electrolysis in San Francisco.

Choosing A Practitioner

When you are looking for someone to perform your electrolysis in San Francisco, one of your priorities should be to examine the cleanliness of the facilities you are considering. Make sure that any probes used by the electrolysis technicians are disposed of at the end of each individual's treatment, and that the electrolysis equipment is sterilized in between sessions. San Francisco, like all large cities, can be a source of infectious diseases, so you should verify that the salon where you will be receiving electrolysis in San Francisco takes all the necessary sanitation measures.

You should also ask whatever questions you need to so you can determine if an electrolysis technician has a true understanding of your hair removal needs. Some people may simply want to stop having to shave their armpits or legs on a regular basis, while others may have decided that they look better when their heads are completely bald. The sensitivity of your skin and density and amount of hair you want removed will play big parts in the type of electrolysis in San Francisco appropriate for you.

Your electrolysis practitioner should be open about how many treatments of electrolysis in San Francisco you will need to undergo to achieve your desired results, how frequently they will be spaced, and their total cost.

The Electrolysis Procedure

Getting electrolysis in San Francisco will mean having an initial consultation, and when your skin type and hair density have been determined, having a very small probe inserted into each of your individual hair follicles. One at a time the follicles will de exposed to either a direct or alternating electrical current, depending on the type of electrolysis most appropriate to treat your unwanted hair problem. The follicles will be destroyed, and the hair they have been producing will be gone for good.
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Electrolysis In Northeast Philadelphia - Making The Right Choices  

If you are looking for someone to provide you with electrolysis in Northeast Philadelphia, there are some suggestions you should follow to make sure the practitioner you choose is the best one to get you the permanent hair removal results you desire. Your search for electrolysis in Northeast Philadelphia is leading you to a decision you will have to live with for the rest of your life, and will have a very real effect on your future appearance, confidence, and happiness.

You therefore deserve to be certain that your choice of an practitioner of electrolysis in Northeast Philadelphia is the best one you can possibly make. Once you have settled on a choice, you should be able to relax and enjoy the process of ridding yourself of that unwanted hair.

Finding An Electrolysis Provider

You can learn a great deal about all the facilities offering electrolysis in Northeast Philadelphia without having to set foot in any of them. Many people do not realize that they can find significant information on electrolysis in Northeast Philadelphia and narrow down their options before they begin making on site visits, simply by taking the time to do some preliminary research.

You can locate electrolysis Northeast Philadelphia clinics by a simple Internet search, which will link you to many clinic websites. On their sites you will be able to get a clear idea of the qualifications, experience, and services each of the electrolysis Northeast Philadelphia clinics offers. Pay special attention to their discussion of safety measures, and check to see if they offer their pricing
When you have selected the most promising clinics to provide you with electrolysis in Northeast Philadelphia, run a second search on each of them to see if you can find reviews of their services by previous clients. Be careful not to mistake reviews posted by the clinics themselves for those of customers; you need the opinions of people who have actually been worked on at the clinics.

The Consultation

Because different electrolysis Northeast Philadelphia clinics may vary slightly in the kinds of electrolysis hair removal procedures they offer, you should make sure you understand how each clinic would approach your specific hair removal problem. The best way to find out is to move along from your online research and start visiting the most promising clinics in person.

Each clinic should be willing to give you an initial consultation to determine your hair removal needs, decide whether or not they can give you the appropriate treatment, and let you the total number and cost of the procedures you are facing. If a clinic refuses to do so, scratch it off your list and look for your electrolysis in Northeast Philadelphia somewhere else.

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November 7, 2007

How to remove pubic hair permanently  

Pubic hair removal can be permanent with the help of laser treatments. Could this be for you?Laser pubic hair removalSome women find that temporary pubic hair removal locks them into a never-ending cycle of ingrown hairs and itching and... they decide to go for permanent hair removal instead. Laser hair removal is a method of permanent hair removal that has greatly improved since it first received FDA approval in 1998.

How to remove pubic hair with a laserPut simply, a pulsating beam of light is passed directly through the skin. Hair follicles, which are usually darker than the surrounding skin, absorb most of the beam and eventually die. To permanently remove pubic hair from the bikini line usually takes around four sessions.

Is it for me?Laser hair treatments work best on dark hair combined with light skin. Basically, darker areas absorb more of the laser beam than lighter areas. If skin and hair follicles are the same color or the skin is dark, the skin will absorb too much light, which could cause skin damage. Darker skin can be treated but it's more difficult it takes longer. As far as hair color goes, coarse dark hair is best and blond and red hair are worse. It should be remembered that results can be difficult to predict and they may be disappointing.

The cost and inconvenience of using laser treatment to remove pubic hair should also be considered. It can be expensive and there are many pre-treatment and post-treatment restrictions. For example, exposure to sun without a sun block should be avoided for six weeks after laser hair removal and waxing and shaving for two weeks. After treatment skin will feel burned for two to three hours and small blisters may appear.

On the other hand, if the treatment is successful, hair will never re-grow, and your days of waxing and shaving , razor-burn and ingrown hairs will be over.
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New York Laser Hair Removal – The Clinics  

When it comes to lazer hair removal and in particular laser hair removal treatments in New York the choice you have is amazing...

New York laser hair removal clinics are renowned for their excellent facilities and services but knowing which New York laser hair removal clinic to choose can be difficult. Listed below are some of the top New York laser hair removal clinics and their features.

The first New York laser hair removal clinic featured is hairlasers. This lazer hair removal clinic has a number of offices located throughout New York including offices in New York City , Manhattan and long island.

Smooth Synergy lazer hair removal clinic in Manhattan offers clients the chance of permanent body hair removal for both men and women and includes a wide choice when it comes to body hair removal. This New York laser hair removal clinic uses the most advanced lazer hair removal technology in a friendly and professional environment. This lazer hair removal clinic uses two different types of lasers for their body hair removal process and ensures that all skin types can be treated.

EpiCenters lazer hair removal clinic in Long Island is another of the New York laser hair removal clinics and this clinic specializes in lazer hair removal for men and women and also offers pulse light training and instruction for those interested in pursuing a career in laser hair removal.

Skin So Smooth lazer hair removal clinic in Great Neck specializes in Cynosure Alexandrite laser treatments and uses only top quality lasers for their lazer hair removal treatments.

There are thousands of people that have hair problems and who search for permanent solutions every day. Lazer hair removal can help so why not check out some of the laser hair removal clinics and the treatments available to see if you can cure your hair problem.

We offer the best laser hair removal source. Check us out on Laser hair removal in New York. All about laser hair removal on LeanderNet -

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Laser Hair Removal Unwrapped  

The indication for laser hair removal is mostly subjective. A desire for hair removal is the only criterion for laser hair removal.

The laser has become a precision surgical instrument widely used for a variety of procedures. Most recently, lasers have been utilized for the quick, gentle removal of unwanted hairs. The laser works by sending a pulsating beam of light, of a particular wavelength to precise areas on the skin. The light passes directly through the skin, but is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and shaft. Once absorbed by laser light, the follicles are impaired from future growth, and eventually die off. Laser hair removal has come a long way since the first laser for hair removal received FDA clearance in mid 1998. Older generation normal-mode ruby lasers were very slow, very painful and worked only on individuals with very dark hair and very light skin. Today, lasers can work on all skin colors and some lasers are even safe for treating tanned skin.

Lasers are not for everyone, and their proper use requires great skill, training and expertise. The laser technician at minimum must be a Certified Laser Specialist who has graduated from an accredited school for laser. Generally it is best to have a laser-trained dermatologist, or plastic surgeon perform the procedure, in case of complications. For the laser to be effective, the hair pigment must be darker than the surrounding skin pigment. If this is not the case, the treatment will not work and may have harmful complications. Additionally very darkly pigmented people absorb too much laser energy in their skin and are not ideal candidates. Tanned patients with light hair are not candidates either.

Light skin makes laser hair removal easier to perform. Fewer treatments are required, and better, faster results are obtained. People with darker skin can be treated, but results are slower, more sessions are required, and greater expertise is required on the part of the doctor. Coarse dark hair responds the best to laser treatment, light hair is more difficult to treat. Blonde or red hair is very difficult to treat, multiple treatment sessions are required, and results are variable. Laser hair removal must be individualized for each patient.

Although one laser session can produce impressive hair removal, generally, multiple treatment sessions are necessary to see optimal results. In large part this is due to the fact that laser hair removal is most effective for hair, which is in the growth phase. Since hair grows in cycles, not all of the hairs are in the growth phase at any given time. Additional sessions are necessary to catch all of the hairs when they are in this phase.

Any area, except adjacent to the eye, where there is excess hair can be treated. The most common areas requested are the face, upper lip, neck, chest, breast region, underarms, back, abdomen, bikini line, and legs.

The costs for a single laser hair removal treatment vary depending on the part of the country, and range from $300.00 to $500.00 per session. Consumers are advised, as with all forms of medical care, to seek the center of highest quality, rather than lowest cost. Laser hair removal requires a great deal of skill, individual attention, experience, and a trained, caring, professional staff.

After treatment, most patients have a mild sunburn-type sensation that fades in 2-3 hours. Moisturizers and/or cool compresses can help during this time. Small blister areas can be treated with topical antibiotic until resolved. Sun block should be used for up to 6 weeks after treatment if sun exposure is anticipated. No waxing, shaving, or dying should be performed for 2 weeks after treatment. Pretreatment restrictions are also applicable to the post treatment period.

It must be remembered that it is impossible to predict the exact result a patient will achieve with laser hair removal , especially with regard to how many sessions a given individual will require. The indication for laser hair removal is mostly subjective. A desire for hair removal is the only criterion for laser hair removal.
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The Real Scoop on Affordable Laser Hair Removal  

Laser hair removal treatment has become a very popular method of hair removal, but unfortunately there are many who have not used this method because of the cost. Believe it or not, there are places that do offer affordable laser hair removal, and having a hair free body no longer has to be a dream.

When you are considering hair removal, you want to be sure you consider the cheaper places that offer it as well as the more expensive ones. While price is often a consideration, it is also highly important that you make sure that the quality of your laser hair removal is good as well.

Cheap Laser Hair RemovalThere are some places that advertise that they have cheap laser hair removal. When you are considering these types of places, you need to make sure that you are going to get quality care. Some places that advertise cheap laser hair removal may not be certified in these procedures and you may end up with a job that is not well done. If laser hair removal treatment is not done right it may mean that you need a few more treatments, which in the end could end up costing you even more money. While cheaper rates may sound great, you need to make sure that you are getting quality as well.

Expensive Laser Hair RemovalOn the other side of the picture, there are many places that provide laser hair removal that is more on the expensive side. While laser hair removal treatment is always going to be a fairly expensive procedure, there are some places that may have prices that are astronomical. In many cases the high prices are caused by the prestige of the clinic where you have it done. Although you want to avoid a cheap place that may not provide you with quality laser hair removal, you also will want to avoid paying more than you should as well.

Quality is Most ImportantWhen you are choosing where to go for your laser hair removal needs you need to consider quality. Finding affordable laser hair removal is great, but most importantly you want it to be quality as well. Why pay for laser hair removal that is not done as it should be? You are better off to pay a bit more for quality laser hair removal that is done by a qualified professional than to get a cheaper price at a place that is not certified and does not provide you with good results.

If you are looking for a place to go for your laser hair removal needs, you need to consider both the price and the quality. One without the other will not be a good choice, but when you find a great price and quality laser hair removal technicians , then this is an excellent place for you to go.
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November 4, 2007

Laser Hair Removal Training - The People Behind It  

There is no such thing as Jack of all Trades today: we all specialize in a certain domain, depending on our talents, on the money we need and sometimes, we conform our choices to our parents' wishes. However, the domain of laser hair removal training is so profitable, that it has become required by more and more students that wish to learn the undergrounds of laser technology in the industry of beautification and to attend specific courses that enable them to practice at the clinics and spas all over the country.

How It Started and How It Goes On

Laser hair removal training is a somewhat distinct sector of learning, in the knowledge of the beauticians, since a plain old aesthetician couldn't manage the machines properly and different states have different rules to impose on the clinics: thresholds of pain, amount of time invested in a single section, types of equipment, all these may vary from place to place and the necessities of the client. But rest assured, laser technology is free from risks, provided that the trained personnel and the good machines perform the treatment, because it's been thriving these recent years.

Of course, in the beginning, laser weren't used for mundane purposes such as hair removal nor have they been initially successful: FDA gave its approval in 1995, but because the laser hair removal treatment worked on a trial basis and the intensity of the pulsating light was too high it caused skin inflammations and they were pulled off the market. Later in 1997, laser hair removal training has developed, and clinics started to appear, with better trained staff and equipment. Even today, the question still remains whether a medical doctor should be entitled to operate at all times, or the students that finish laser hair removal training should be let to practice and work as they have been thought in the special courses, without the costly supervising of a doctor. Clients seem somewhat calmer at the sight of a professional so it still remains a debatable subject.

The Best Choice

It is not exactly like any diploma student that barely finishes laser hair removal training can start a clinic of his own and get the necessary accreditation, not at all. Generally, Courses of Biology are integrated in the study plan, so that the future technician should know exactly what to do, in a prompt manner, in case of emergency. Just to be on the safe side, you could write down a number of questions to ask the one who will operate his skills on your skin: how many years has he been in the business, if the equipment is a new one and corresponds to the latest FDA standards and if the location is squeaky clean and the devices are immaculate, than you could rest assured, with the Medical Doctor that supervises the whole thing by your side. To make the best choice, you can analyze all these facts, and ask someone that has already gone to this particular clinic and practitioner. The debate whether the students that finish laser hair removal training should be accompanied or not by doctors should not affect you at all: your main goal is to achieve that smooth skin, once you are assured of the professionalism of the staff.

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November 2, 2007

Laser Hair Removal Surgery - Be Prepared  

It is not a complicated and difficult operation to undergo, no is it painful, but laser hair removal surgery does have a fearful name to it, doesn't it? You have to know at least the basis of laser hair removal, so that you are completely calm and cool about it.

A Matter of Choice

As any other cautious person would do in different surroundings, when deciding you want the unsightly hair removed off you body, you need to find yourself the appropriate clinic that offers such procedures and then ask about its propriety. There is personnel specifically employed for the Public Relations sector that have to provide you with all the information needed. If they are kind and helpful, then it's a good sign you should inquire more. You wouldn't want to waste a good deal of thousands of dollars on grumpy doctors and careless nurses, nor to be disappointed by the tools and the effects of the treatment. Once you sign some sort of agreement and you have paid the price, you are tied by the clinic you invested in, so make sure there are all the official accreditations of the doctors and assistants within reach and sight, and all the equipment has FDA's approval. When resolving to choose laser hair removal surgery, the treatment has to be secure and without much pain, so ask exactly how painful it is.

Laser Hair Removal Surgery: Certainty and Calm

When we hear of the word "surgery" our mind flickers instantly and recalls unpleasant moment of our lives, dim prospects or incomprehensible fear: it is not as if you had your kidney removed, so calm down. At the huge sum of money you have paid, you are entitled to feel uncertain, but in no way should you feel insecure about the personnel and technology. You must ask all the questions before the surgery takes place: how long does it last, how many professionals will be attending it, what type of technology is there used and how does it work, if the diplomas are officially accredited, and you can contact a former client to receive an unbiased opinion about the future treatment you will be undergoing. If you have a fair skin and grey or blond hair as well, chances are that the medical doctor there will tell you from the beginning that there is no use for you to throw money on the window, because the laser tech works by detecting pigmented hair, if possibly, contrastingly pigmented hair: if you have the same fair skin with dark tones of hair, than you are sure to have a successful laser hair removal surgery.

In order for the procedure to be effective it is recommended that you do not pluck the hairs out with their root for two month, and just use the razors for an immediate solution. Once you have the surgery, the lasers will take care properly of the roots; also, the sensations you might experiment during the operation shouldn't be unbearable, and make sure the doctor acknowledges how you feel, in case you are hurting. Afterwards, red skin and swollen surface is to be expected, but nothing else serious.
Once you choose laser hair removal surgery, follow these guidelines, since it's better to be safe than sorry.
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