February 28, 2008

Find Laser Hair Removal Facilities In Atlanta  

Lazer hair removal is one process that you can undergo to remove excess hair from your body. You can have hair removal for your upper lip, back, chest, legs, and other areas. Laser hair removal is a safe procedure to undergo although there can be complications for some individuals. If you have never had the procedure performed before you should read all the literature the doctor offers you in order to find out the proper information for before, during, and after the procedure. The laser is going to enter under your skin to kill the hair producing cells for a while.

Laser removal of hair generally lasts for several months so that you do not have to shave that area. Your hair producing cells will re- grow after a time. Of course if you continue the procedure you will find that eventually the cells will not reproduce hair. If the laser is held over one area of skin for too long you can effectively kill the pigment in your skin and have issues, to see that this doesn't happen the laser removal hair personnel are trained in the equipment and certified.

To find lazer hair removal facilities you can search online, in your local phone book, or speak with another person you know had the procedure completed. When you are looking for a facility you should interview the staff, and visit the clinic before undergoing the procedure. You want to make sure that you are in a place that offers top notch service, clean equipment and of course the proper training. Once you feel comfortable with the facility the doctor on staff who will perform the procedure will walk you through every step and how often you can have the procedure done in order to permanently remove the offending hair.

The procedure is an outpatient one therefore you will be released to go home after the procedure is completed and you will be given instructions on what to look for regarding the hair removal process. You will need to follow instructions and keep your skin away from potentially irritating creams for a few days.

Looking for lazer hair removal Atlanta reviews? Visit http://www.lazerhairremovalatlanta.com/ where you will find information about Atlanta laser hair removal offices and which one’s are best.

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February 26, 2008

Cinaron Laser Hair Removal: The Best Info Here  

At last you can dispense with all those so-called "painless" hair removal solutions of yesteryear. Its out with the old and in with the new as the advancement of technology has brought us Cinaron laser hair removal. It's now possible to get rid of unwanted hair... for a very long time.

But before you get all excited about the wonderful idea of Cinaron laser hair removal technology, it's worth knowing that this kind of treatment isn't for everyone. Yes, you heard that right. Not everyone can benefit from this type of hair removal.

You see, the pigment of a person is what determines whether the person is a suitable candidate for the Cinaron laser hair removal or not. The pigment of a person is responsible for giving color to the skin and to the hair of the person.

In this type of hair removal process, the hair of the person has to be much darker than the skin surrounding it. So, if you are a person that has dark body hair color and light skin, then you are the perfect candidate for this laser hair removal process compared to a person who has dark or tanned skin.

Also, it's important to know that Cinaron laser hair removal will cost you some good money. A complete procedure of this type will give you good result but can cost you about $2,000. I know it's a lot of money for most people, but the beauty is that when you add up all the costs of the other methods of removing unwanted hair, they can add up to the cost of a complete laser hair removal procedure, especially considering the fact that the results of laser hair removal are longer lasting.


However, dashing out and booking your Cinaron laser hair removal sessions, keep in mind that this treatment is not for everyone and can be quite costly. Therefore it's also advisable to spend some time reading more information about this technique to be better informed about it before going ahead. Remember the popular saying about ignorance being bliss? That's rubbish. Learn all you can about this particular type of laser hair removal and you will be glad you did. Peter Craske runs an informational website on hair removal, for more tips on jefferson county missouri laser hair removal and http://www.hairremovaladviser.com/laser-hair-removal-central-finchley-important-guide.php please visit his site.

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February 25, 2008

Understanding the Specifics of Laser Hair Removal Treatment  

To have a beauty is a wish for everyone. So, to have beautiful face or body, there are many methods and treatments available in the market. There are many brands that have established themselves in this business of making one beautiful. One such technique aiding towards beauty is Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Today, hair removal treatment is simple for any one. One can have this treatment in beauty parlors or in saloons. But nowadays, all of them want to get rid off visiting parlor every month for hair removal. The solution for this is laser hair removal treatment. Let use move to a pool of Laser Hair Removal Information

Laser hair removal system is used for the people who wish to remove unwanted hair from their body. The common location for this treatment is underarms, chin legs, bikini line, and hands. This treatment would not give any assurance of removing hair on permanent basis from the body. It enhances the hair-free period, which can differ from months to years for various individuals.

Laser is used in various medical procedures. The principle of laser hair removal is simple. Laser energy is transferred into heat which disables the hair follicles leaving the surrounding keeping the skin unchanged. This instantly arrests hair and thus stops the growth of hair. Laser hair removal depends upon the types of the skin and hair color. It works very well on fair skin. However, it can be utilized on the dark skin too.

The common methods used for this laser hair removal are: • Long pulsed ND (YAG) • Long pulsed Alexandrite laser • Long pulse diode

Some more hair removal information

The patient who wants to undergo this treatment should take a review from the health care expert, so as to solve their own queries for any confusion regarding their skin problems. Experts provide information regarding the benefits and risks involved in it. The person who wants to undergo this activity should provide the photograph of the angles to be treated so that experts can give the best judgment whether to go for it or not. The patient having this treatment is also asked to wear eye gear during this treatment to protect eyes from the laser light.

Advantages of laser hair removal

Through laser hair removal, many people have experienced the best results of permanent hair elimination. It is also virtually proved to be less harmful than waxing or electrolysis. It can be carried on the larger part of the body such as chest, legs or back too. Re-growth of hair, if found after this treatment, would be finer and lighter in texture as compared to period before the treatment.

Care to be exercised

Laser hair treatment is not very appropriate for red, blonde or grey hair. Hence, one may need to look at other treatments too. It is not generally advisable for people who are having dark skin or Tanning. One should ensure that this operation is skillfully done as it can cause skin disorder such as discoloration of skin or burning of skin. The charge for having this treatment may touch anywhere around $500 per hair removal or more.

This treatment is not recommended for people suffering from skin disorder or having diabetes, heart problems or for a pregnant lady. People below the age group of 17 should also avoid undergoing this treatment. Thus after many restrictions of scientific facts and claims, it cannot be completely proved. Excessive use of this treatment should be avoided in order to allow the body to progress naturally and in a proper manner.

About the author: Helene Salmon writes articles for utubevideoclip. The author gives valuable information about Laser hair removal, Laser Hair Removal Information, and Hair removal information which are available at utubevideoclip.com

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February 19, 2008

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal? The Truth About Laser Therapy!  

Over the years, women have continued to look for ways to remove hair. Permanent solutions have continued to evade those looking for smooth skin without the distraction of coarse or unsightly hair. Shaving tends to leave nubs of hair that feel even worse to the touch than if the hair grew long, and it is the most short-term solution, with hair growing back within a day's time. Waxing is painful and still has to be done very frequently in order to keep skin smooth and hair-free. Even electrolysis doesn't provide a permanent solution - often, the hair follicles are merely damaged rather than destroyed, leaving them with the ability to grow hair (albeit a finer, lighter hair than previously).

Laser hair removal therapy is the latest trend in hair removal. Laser gives new hope to the thought of a permanent solution for unsightly hair. Less painful than electrolysis or waxing, laser hair removal uses a laser beam to target the hair follicles of the current hair cycle (the visible, growing hairs) and destroys them, leaving them unable to reproduce hair in the future.

Laser hair removal requires fewer treatments than electrolysis - in order to even attempt to permanently remove any hair, electrolysis treatments must continue for years. Laser tends to permanently remove most hair within five to six treatments, with the exception of extremely dense areas (like men's beards).

Why might laser hair removal take so many treatments if the hair follicles are killed? You should understand that hair grows in cycles; everyone has three separate hair cycles, and two are dormant while one grows. This means that you have to wait for the next cycle to grow prior to getting another treatment (usually at least eight weeks after the previous laser treatment). So, if there are only three hair cycles, why should you have five or six laser treatments? Sometimes, it may take two passes to pinpoint all the hair follicles in a cycle and destroy them. After all, it would be a bit strange to walk around with a few errant hairs growing from spots that may simply have been hard to get to for the nurse.

Be aware that, once a follicle is destroyed, it can never again produce a hair. And bodies do not produce new hair follicles after birth - we are born with all of the hair follicles we will ever have. So, if you choose to participate in laser therapy treatments, you can not expect to stop and re-grow all of your hair. Also, laser targets the pigment of the hair, so if your hair is red or blonde, laser is not an option for you. Sure, you could try it, but you'd be wasting your money.

All laser hair removal therapy must be done in an office by a trained professional, and a nurse or doctor will perform the therapy session. With all of the advances in laser treatments today (new and different lasers are available all the time), the latest technologies and all of the improvements in equipment and training allow for greater diversity in clientele. What does that mean? That means there are different types of lasers available that will work for almost any skin tone and almost any hair color, as long as you DO have pigment to your body hair.

So, the next time you sit down to shave your legs or wax your upper lip, think about laser hair removal therapy. Perhaps it's the best solution to avoid the time consuming, painful efforts you've lived with for years.

About the Author
Do you want to know more about laser hair removal and who may be a candidate? Find tons of information on our website at http://www.laserhairremovaltoday.com/!

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Differences Between Electrolysis And Laser Hair Removal Methods  

Everyone wants to get rid of unwanted hair. We all have to face the problem of embarrassing unwanted hair every day that’s why we spend significant amounts of time on temporary remedies like waxing, depilatories, tweezing, and frequent shaving. For those people, electrolysis can be a godsend. Electrolysis is a hair removal procedure usually performed by those trained and licensed to do so, although home electrolysis kits are becoming increasingly popular. Professional caliber electrolysis machines will remove unwanted hair for good.

In Electrolysis tiny needles are used to insert probes into the follicles producing the excessive hair, without actually going into the skin. When the probes are positioned, an electrical current passes through the follicle, destroying both the growing hair and its root. When performed properly, electrolysis will permanently remove the hair. Electrolysis treats each hair follicle individually whereas laser hair removal treats a whole area at a time covering hundreds of hair follicles. Depending on the density and volume of hair, laser hair removal for back hair can be completed in 1 to 3 hours.

There are a number of different techniques for electrolysis. The primary reason most people seek electrolysis treatments is to end their battle against unwanted facial and body hair once and for all. Electrolysis is an excellent means of permanently removing unwanted hair. Prior to having an electrolysis treatment, it is a good idea to investigate the many different methods and techniques, to choose the one that best meets you needs.

Many salons and skin care clinics encourage or even require their on-staff electrolysis hair removers to display their training and licensing certificates for customers to see. This is a good sign, because it indicates that a facility understand the importance of credentialing for electrolysis hair removers.

While electrolysis is a safe technique when practiced properly, problems can arise from improper electrolysis procedures. When you work only with electrolysis hair removers who have the proper credentials, you are taking an important step of making sure that your technician has been properly trained.

Of course, just because electrolysis hair removers have a license does not necessarily mean that it will be impossible for you to have a problem as a result of electrolysis. However, certainly you are much safer in the hands of trained and licensed electrolysis hair removers than with people who do not have any credentials in the field.

About the Author
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February 14, 2008

Laser Hair Removal a.k.a. getting rid of unwanted hair  

You can shave, pluck, wax, bleach or depilate, but the one inherent problem with unwanted hair is that is always grows back.

Laser Hair Removal
, seems to be one of the only permanent solutions to removing hair in places you'd rather be without.

Laser Hair Removal has been performed since the mid 90's or so. Even thought this procedure is fairly new, more efficient techniques are still being developed by researchers. Men and women the world over have found relief from unwanted hair via Laser Hair Removal. Women prefer to be "sans" hair in facial areas, the legs, arms, underarms and the bikini area. While men have increasingly found laser hair removal beneficial for excessive hair on the chest, shoulders and back (no more excuses for hairy backs).

Laser Hair Removal has many advantages over waxing and electrolysis, but none are as more comforting than the reduced pain factors. If you have thinker skin than you may bypass the topical anesthetic, but if you prefer not to feel any discomfort what so ever, you simply need to apply the "miracle" cream one hour before your Laser Hair Removal treatment and you can say "ciao" to pain!

Laser Hair Removal machines are well adapted to treating large surface areas, making laser treatment an excellent and more permanent alternative to conventional removal methods.

In essence, the Laser Hair Removal machine's energy is absorbed by the pigment that gives hair its color. Red and near-infrared laser light propelled by the machine is strongly absorbed by brown or black hair, while red and blond hair absorbs very little infrared light. The energy of the absorbed laser light is released into the hair follicle, and therefore damaging or destroying the target tissue in the follicle. It's crucial that the correct laser intensity be used for hair removal. If the intensity is too strong, the laser beam will burn your skin. You should request a patch test to see how your skin reacts to the laser before going through a full removal.

Laser Hair Removal is ideal for almost all skin coloring. That said, darker complexions should note that the a higher level of pigmented skin tends to absorb more of the red to infrared laser wavelengths, while fair skin absorbs less of these laser wavelengths. Hence, the chances of darker complexion of burning and scaring are MUCH greater. You must discuss this serious side effect with your medical spa expert or your dermatologist.

Freedom from unwanted hair is very possible thanks to Laser Hair Removal methods. That said, Laser Hair Removal is a highly effective way of reducing hair, but like another other method it's not 100 percent effective in permanently removing all unwanted hair. Some body parts such as the bikini area will require yearly Laser Hair Removal treatments to continuously reduce the hair mass and thin out hair re-growth.

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Facial Laser Hair Removal: A Good Option?  

What is facial laser hair removal?

Unwanted facial hair can be quite irritating, especially for the ladies. Some of the more unfortunate women can have very unfeminine facial hair growth that requires them to tend the areas on a regular basis, like every two or three days. However, removing unwanted facial hair can be annoying, and in the end, time-wasting. There are several solutions to this problem, and we will examine each in turn.

The first option for removing facial hair is to shave it. This is what most people do, because it is the easiest to do. Unfortunately, the effects of shaving are very temporary. Men and women who shave one day can expect some sort of hair growth the very next day. Thus, shaving can become a waste of time.

The second option is to tweeze unwanted facial hair. Technically speaking, tweezing off hairs is better than shaving it - it removes a larger portion of the hair strand, which will delay future hair growth. However, tweezing is also more painful, and due to the sensitivity of facial skin, may not a good idea foe those with low pain tolerance levels.

The third option is to use some sort of chemical to make hair removal easier. There are several creams and lotions in the market today that claim to fulfill this function. Using these products can make shaving or tweezing or shaving more effective, not to mention less painful. Of course, you must choose the products you will be using carefully.

The fourth method is waxing. In this method, you apply hot or cold wax to the area that you want to treat. The hairs will stick to the wax, and when the wax is removed, so will the hair. The downside is that this can be very, very painful. So like tweezing, it might not a good idea for some people.

The fifth and final option is facial laser hair removal. In this method, a laser is used to treat the hair follicles. The laser effectively burns and damages the hair follicles, which severely constrains their ability to grow more hair. It's like pulling out grass by the roots. By killing off the hair follicles, facial laser hair removal makes sure that you won't be having facial hair ever again.

Despite the description, facial laser hair removal is not painful at all. Even when the laser is burning the hair follicles, all patients will feel is a slight irritation at most. Painkillers and anesthetics are not even required. In short, facial laser hair removal is an excellent long-term solution to the problem of unwanted facial hair.

About the Author
Magdalena Witkowska is a successful Webmaster and publisher of http://www.nohairsolution.com/ To find out more about facial laser hair removal, please visit her website.

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Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Zapping Unwanted Hair  

For many people, zapping unwanted hair is an enticing though. However, now you can turn these thoughts into reality with laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal systems use laser light ( an intense, pulsating beam of light) to remove unwanted hair. For optimal results, multiple treatments are often required.

So, what is all of this is going to cost. Well, it is a bit pricey. A single treatment costs an average of $388 according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. However, if you are serious about getting rid of unwanted hair, laser hair removal can be a very effective solution.

First, you must determine whether or not you are a good candidate? Laser hair removal works best on those with dark hair and light skin. However, if you are not the perfect candidate, laser hair removal may still be beneficial. It is best to consult a laser technician to find out what your options are.

However, there are other factors that can influence your results. No matter what skin type you have, you will most likely experience better results if you do not smoke and have no history of abnormal scarring. A good candidate also avoids excessive sun exposure.

So, you've decided to take the plunge. Here are some things you should know about preparing for laser hair removal.

The first step is to find a reputable clinic with an experienced and caring staff. Your doctor should be able to decide which type of laser may work best for you. If you have a tan, you must wait until it fades before you can undergo laser hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal is effective only on short, visible hair, so make sure you shave two to three days before your treatments. Avoid waxing and plucking. If you would like to minimize any pain, be sure and ask your doctor about ways to minimize discomfort.

If you have darker skin, an ND YAG laser may work best for you. The ND YAG laser is the only type of laser that has been proven safe and effective for all skin types. If you have light skin, a ruby, alexandrite, or diode laser may work best for you. To minimize discomfort, lasers often have a cooling device built-in to them.

One laser hair removal treatment may zap thousands of hairs, but one treatment isn't enough. Hair grows in cycles. Because of this, you will need multiple treatments to achieve smooth-looking skin.

So, what can you expect from all of these treatments? After six months, laser treatments should remove 60-95% of targeted hair. However, some hair regrowth is natural and expected. Fortunately, you can have touch-up treatments for optimal results.

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If you are tired of constantly waxing, shaving, and tweezing, laser hair removal treatments may be the perfect solution for you. For a complete guide to laser hair removal, visit http://www.laserhairportal.com/

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February 11, 2008

Today's Top Hair Removal Options  

Let's face it, few people enjoy dealing with unwanted hair. The hassles involved in its removal can be many, and the thought of leaving it in place just won't do for the appearance conscious. The problem is there are many options for removing unwanted hair. Choosing the right one for you is a matter of personal preference.

Whether it's removal of unwanted facial hair, the bikini area, the back or beyond, the main choices for removal include such things as shaving, depilatories, waxing and laser treatments. Each method comes with its own plusses and minuses.

Shaving is the most commonly used form of hair removal. In this process, a person simply uses a razor and some form of lubricant to make the razor work more efficiently. This method is great for those who don't want to deal with the other options. It's quick, cheap and does get the job done. The problem with it is the fact it can be painful - especially if the razor slips - and it must be repeated frequently. Although a good option for many, shaving just isn't for everyone.

Depilatories are creams that essentially remove unwanted hair. They can be lathered on and then wiped off, taking the hair with them. This is a cheap method that avoids the pain of a slipped razor, but again, it's not the right method for everyone's needs. These creams can be harsh and they can sometimes fall where they don't belong. Not the most precise method, depilatories are good for large areas, such as the legs, but awful for the bikini line and not much fun to use on a lip. Hair removal done in this manner requires frequent touch ups, but not necessarily as many as shaving alone.

Waxing is a favorite choice for many seeking to remove excess hair. Although a bit high in the "ouch factor," this method works for keeping hair off for a while. During a waxing, the area to be treated is cleaned and conditioned and then wax is applied. Long strips of cotton or other such material are applied over the wax. When the wax dries, the hair is removed by ripping the strips off. Those who swear by waxing say this process leaves skin baby soft. Those who don't like it simply say it hurts. Effective for the face, back, legs, arms and beyond, waxing is a good hair removal choice for those who don't mind dealing with the initial shock.

Laser hair removal is a favorite for those who want hair removed for good - or close to it. More expensive than the other removal processes, this one involves a medical or at least salon or clinical setting for the use of a specialized laser. The process doesn't work for everyone, but it is generally considered permanent or semi-permanent. The procedure is virtually painless and is considered so effective because the hair follicle itself is damaged during the procedure. Hair is removed and regrowth is retarded or prevented by the damage.

Hair removal is serious business. Choosing the right means for you should be considered carefully. Not all removal processes are alike and each comes with its own pros and cons.

About the Author
Long-term hair removal solutions http://www.hairremovaldirect.com/ http://www.laserhairremovaldirect.com

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Why Laser Hair Removal Can Help  

Laser hair removal is one that you can take seriously if you want to get rid of that hair growing on your butt, on your legs, or on your back. The rates are not all complete, but the studies are showing that a real reduction in hair loss is what you will have when using the laser hair removal system. The laser hair removal system uses light to change how the hair follicle acts. As the laser changes the hair follicle, this is going to put a stop to the hair growth, lessening the amount of hair growing on the back, on the legs, or on the neck.

Laser hair removal is not going to work as well the first session on hair that is light in color such as blond or red, or on gray colored hair. There are no long-term results that can be stated with any real certainty because the laser hair removal procedure is one that has not been established for the long term, it has only been used for the last few years.

For those who have darker skin, that are tanning all the time, that are generally dark in color, or those who are using any type of coloring tanning solution you will be required to talk to your consultant about this. You don't want to have the laser actually burn your skin or discolor the skin in any way, so talking about this topic before hand will give you the best informed decision.

If you are considering using a laser hair removal treatment that is not through a license practitioner you may find that if not done properly you could have the skin turn colors, and the hair is not going to be totally gone. Several treatments are required for any laser hair removal system to be complete and to give you the best overall effects of removing and stopping the hair growth.

Be on the look out for those who are claiming that the process is totally painless. There are some people who are going through the laser hair removal system that experience clogged pores, acnes and other problems, while others do not. The general considerations are that most people are not going to experience these problems or pain from these types of problems but you should also be aware of them. Guaranteed 100% hair removal is not going to happen - no matter where you are going for treatment. No laser hair removal treatment is going to be 100% on the first treatment. Many treatments are needed to stop the hair growth.

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February 8, 2008

Hair Removal: IPL Hair Removal  

IPL Hair Removal Therapy A Permanent Hair Removal Solution

IPL, or Intense Pulse Light, hair removal is a popular method of removing unwanted hair from the body, particularly from the face and eyebrows. IPL therapy works by focusing a high frequency ray of light directly onto the hair shaft. The light depletes the hair follicle of moisture, causing it to burn up and die. Because IPL hair removal therapy eliminates the unwanted hair from the hair root to the tip, IPL has proven to be a very effective long-term hair removal technique.

IPL hair removal therapy is one of the more expensive hair removal methods available. Therefore, it is important that you educate yourself about the facts before making the financial and time investment into IPL therapy. Read on for some important information.

For those individuals looking for a more permanent solution for hair reduction, IPL hair removal just might be the answer. IPL hair removal eliminates the hair all the way to the root by dissolving or burning the hair follicle. When the light reaches the root, it not only eliminates the hair, but it also sends a shock to the base in which the root grows. When the light comes into contact with the skin in the base, it welds it together, stopping the flow of blood. As the flow of blood to the area ceases, the hair root can no longer get the nutrients it needs to grow into a full length of hair. Thus, the hair is permanently removed.

Often, it takes more than one treatment to fully remove the unwanted hair using IPL therapy. When the light welds the skin, it usually does not weld the full area in the base. Blood can still flow to the hair shaft and follicle. Yet because the area will be partially welded, the hair will grow back lighter and less thick. This process will lead to a dramatic reduction in the amount and coarseness of hair, ultimately leading to its permanent removal.

Because IPL therapy works with lasers, or high intensity light, the hair follicle needs to have some color that the light can, essentially, cling to. Therefore, IPL hair removal therapy will not work with blond or light brown hairs as well as with darker hairs. However, IPL hair removal therapy can help to reduce the coarseness of all hair, including blond and light brown follicles.

There is some debate as to whether IPL therapy can lead to scarring. Those nurse practitioners in favor of electrolysis will tell you that IPL therapy is unsafe because the laser is pointed directly at the skin and can burn it. Those in favor of IPL therapy protest that electrolysis tends to be the more dangerous hair removal process.

The best thing for you to do to ensure your own safety is to test the method you’d prefer on a small patch of skin elsewhere on your body. Wait several days to observe the results of the therapy before making your decision. Remember: especially with the face, scarring is permanent. Though there are methods available to correct scarring, it will never fully go away.

If you are looking for a permanent or semi-permanent long-term hair removal method, IPL hair removal therapy could be right for you. Consult a local esthetician for more information and pricing.

Tamra Cantar is a freelance writer on topics of interest and has a website dedicated to providing the visitor with useful information and resources for hair removal. Visit GoHairRemoval.com for more information on IPL and other hair removal techniques.

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Sugaring Hair Removal - Never Thought of It  

As many products as you can find today on the market of hair removal, you always have a choice, according to your skin type, the thickness or color of the hair you want removed, after the amount of time you desire to invest in depilation, either you want to make it at home or in a salon, but sincerely, few of us have thought of hair removal with sugar, and if you try it just for the sake of diversity, you may want to stick to it.

Sugaring Hair Removal Essentials

We rarely if never discuss with our grandmas how they depilated in their maiden times, that if they did it, but it's been present for centuries, since Antiquity: the hot, desert-filled area of Ancient Egypt has prompted noble men and women then to use sugar for depilation. Today, it's a natural and effective alternative to depilation with razors, creams, waxes, let aside the laser and electrolysis treatments.

It's very easy to prepare for yourself the pasta since it requires just two cups of sugar, lemon juice and water; after heating it and letting it to cool, you obtain a consistent, wax-like mixture that you apply offer the area you want depilated; it should be dusted with some sort of powder like talc or cornstarch for the mixture to adhere well. From this point on, the procedure goes by the book of wax hair removal, enclosing the area in strips of cotton that should be removed after ten minutes or so, in opposite direction from how the cream is applied, meaning oppositely from the direction of hair growth. This will make the removal more effective and also easier, with a bit of smarting that doesn't compare to the sensations caused by the normal wax.

Sugaring Hair Removal: Reasons to Use It

There are plenty reasons to go with the sugaring hair removal procedure because the advantages are numberless and the disadvantages quite few. Firstly, it is a natural method and the word "cost-effective" does not describe it, because what you get in return is way more than what you invested: you can always find sugar in the cupboard, and a lemon can be bought from the store nearby, that is if you don't have one in the fridge.

All you need is the practice to get the consistency right, and to prepare the mixture. Now you're thinking: "there must be a glitch somewhere"-how long does hair depilation last? Well, you are free from depilation for at least four weeks, isn't that amazing? The fact that it's natural, economical, easy to apply, and there is scarcely any pain make the sugaring hair removal method win over the costly trip to the salon.

You can also find more info on laser hair removal and hair removal process. Bestlaserhairremovaltreatment.com is a comprehensive resource to know more about Laser Removing.

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Electrolysis In Florida - Getting The Best Experience  

If you live in Florida and are struggling with an unwanted hair problem, you may have considered modreas a solution. There are many factors involved in deciding where to have modern techniques of hair removal performed, and the most important of them is that the modern techniques of hair removal provider you choose is professionally trained and certified, capable of performing the hair removal you need in a comfortable clean setting.

You can find providers of modern techniques of hair removal services in Florida easily enough by performing an Internet search or looking through your area Yellow Pages. If you have friends or family who has themselves undergone modern techniques of hair removal in your state, you can ask for their recommendations.

Do On Site Research

But the key to having successful modern techniques of hair removal is to personally visit the spas and salons, or dermatologists, you are considering for your procedure. You will get a much more accurate idea of the quality of services they offer when you see their facilities for yourself and inquire about their credentials and experience. Having a good experience with your modern techniques of hair removal begins with the research you do in advance.

You should look for a facility offering modern techniques of hair removal in Florida which can provide a range of modern techniques of hair removal procedures, and will perform the one best suited to your skin type and hair density. The practitioner who will be performing your electrolysis should do an initial consultation with you during which your skin type and hair coarseness will be determined, and then give you an estimate as to how many modern techniques of hair removal treatments you will need, and their total cost.

When you visit salons and spas before having your electrolysis in Florida, check them for cleanliness and ask to see the credentials or licenses of the staff modern techniques of hair removal specialists. You want to verify that the practitioner performing your electrolysis has received the necessary training to make your modern techniques of hair removal procedure as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Ask Questions

While modern techniques of hair removal is a cosmetic procedure, the idea of undergoing it can still be somewhat frightening for some people. So you should not be afraid to ask the facilities which you are considering for your electrolysis and prior to making your final choice. The thoroughness with which they respond to your questions will be a good indication of the effort they will make to give you the best possible results from your modern techniques of hair removal procedures.

Having modern techniques of hair removal in Florida can be a positive, life-changing experience, as long as you take the time to explore your options in advance and choose the modern techniques of hair removal specialist who makes you feel most comfortable with your decision.

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February 6, 2008

Laser Cure for Varicose Veins  

A varicose vein starts out as little more than a visual problem but it can lead, over time, to leg swelling, fatigue and pain. The reduced flow of blood to your legs causes your legs to tire quickly and often make them feel as heavy as lead weights. If left untreated the varicose vein can get serious to the point of causing leg ulcers, impaired walking, leg cramps and blood clots. Correcting the problem used to involve hospitalization, surgical removal of the varicose vein and a long recovery period.

It can make one shudder just to think about it. Today, however, utilizing the latest laser technology, in many cases, much of that old surgical procedure can be a thing of the past.

The benefits of this new laser procedure for varicose vein treatment are considerable. There is really no preparation work required at all. It can be done as an outpatient procedure and generally takes less than an hour start to finish. The old surgical procedure often took 4 to 6 hours or more. Total anesthesia for the laser procedure is not required and there is only minimal pain. When everything is done there is no scarring. The incision to insert the laser is so small that there is no need for stitches.

When the doctor is done with the laser there is really no recovery period at all. Vigorous physical activity is discouraged for the first day or two after laser treatment but generally you walk out of the outpatient facility and return to your normal daily activities immediately. There may be some minor itching and tenderness for a week or so afterwards but not enough to limit your activities. Sometimes you have to go back for a second or third follow up laser procedure to obtain complete resolution of the problem. Of course that will vary from individual to individual.

The technical name for this procedure is endovenous laser therapy. The laser used is very precise and delivers a very controlled dose of laser energy. The doctor will insert a very small thin laser fiber into your thigh. Even though your varicose vein shows up in your lower leg area the real cause of the problem is almost always a faulty valve in your upper leg. Once the laser is properly positioned in your upper leg he will activate the laser.

The heat from the laser energy will cause the blood in that area of the vein to coagulate and close off the diseased varicose vein. This will cause the entire vein from there down into your lower leg to shrink and be absorbed back into your body. The number of veins in your legs is huge so the loss of the one varicose vein is not a problem for your circulatory system. The blood that normally would have gone through the diseased varicose vein will now go through other healthier veins.

This laser procedure has proven to be more than 96 percent effective at eliminating the problem with a varicose vein. So there is still a chance that you may have to undergo the old vein removal procedure. But your chances of solving a varicose vein problem quickly and easily with laser technology are better than ever before.

Michael Russell
Your Independent guide to
Varicose Vein

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Facial Spider and Thread Vein Removal  

Spider veins are not a physically painful problem however they can cause extreme emotional difficulty for those who suffer from it‘s effects. Facial spider veins are not caused by any venous pressure and are assumed to occur due to the aging process and exposure to the sun. The only solution offered by medical professionals until recently was camouflage creams which do not treat, but instead mask the problem. Now there are two solutions, both quite similar.

A simple hand held device releases an intense pulse of light, the heat produced heats the blood until it breaks down the wall of the vein. The blood is dispersed around the area evenly and the remaining vein is gradually absorbed into the body. Over the course of 2-3 treatments spaced out over 6 weeks the veins collapse entirely and leave the skin free of the marks. Most people need 2-3 sessions however this varies with particularly dark veins.

Thread vein treatment varies slightly in that before a doctor will carry out a procedure they will generally send for a venous duplex ultrasound. This is to make sure that there is no underlying leg pump failure beneath the thread veins. Thread veins are not to be confused with varicose veins which are entirely different. Varicose veins are far more serious and mean there is are signs of leg pump failure.

On the whole patients cope well with the pain of laser removal, the discomfort doesn’t last long and local anaesthetic creams can be used prior to the procedure. The procedure is permanent after 2-3 sessions on the area treated. However, if an individual has the pre-disposition to suffer from thread veins they may appear on different sites or areas of the skin.

After 8 weeks the vein will have completely absorbed into the body and you see the final result.

Written by Justin Khalid. Find the latest information on
Facial spider and thread vein removal

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February 4, 2008

Natural Hair Removal - Easy And At Hand  

As summer comes, the subject of natural hair removal becomes more and more talked about: TV shows, magazines for men and for women, advertisements, all of these try to advise people how to use products that can help them enhance the beauty of their body. Between natural hair removal and going to a clinic there's a very natural difference of money, comfort and effectiveness, and let's not forget the health and safety measures. Until years ago, men were those who shaved and had cuts all over and women rarely if never took care of their skin. However, one is allowed to show more today, without repercussions and with a minimum effort in regard with natural hair removal in one's own cozy and snug home.

You're a Natural!

There are many advantages in choosing natural hair removal as a part of your grooming schedule and the multitude of them represent as many reasons to stay at home in your bath, instead of driving to the expensive spa you really can't afford. The industry has long since understood that, and natural hair removal products are given full attention: they have been made safe and with cooling or calming effects, let aside the achieving of a hairless skin. Depilatory creams and waxes for example can be enriched with natural extracts of chamomile, tee-tree, lemon, extracts of ginseng, ginger, apple, vanilla, all of these being in the form of natural essences that help the skin to reach a glistening and exfoliated state. The natural hair removal products render after shave and calming lotions useless, since they alone are anti-septic and complication-free.

Another advantage, along with the fact that it removes safely the unwanted hair off your skin with natural cooling extracts, is that the root is eventually weakened, and the process of regrowth is slowed down. They achieve significantly better results, better than the ones razors get you, since the latter option even makes the root more powerful and determines it to give birth to a darker and thicker follicle. By using natural hair removal line of products, you can be confident that your legs, for instance, will stay smooth for as long as two months of blissful laziness

Give me some Sugar, Sugar!

To be more specific, natural hair removal methods are to be found in your refrigerator and cupboards: it's like making a pie, where you need certain amounts of ingredients. In this worldwide used recipe, you need a cup of sugar, the juice squeezed from half a lemon, about fifty grams of honey-or a quarter of cup, some soothing oils such as tea tree, and last but not least, cornstarch that represents the rigid ingredient of the home-made cream. After you have homogenized all of these in a bowl without the cornstarch, heat it in the microwave for two or three minutes, mix again, and leave it for a little while to cool off. When applying it on your legs or any other place you want natural hair removal, just sprinkle abundantly the cornstarch along with the cream and make sure the area is squeaky clean and dry. From this point on, proceed as if it were a normal depilatory wax, using a strip of cloth, to depilate, and warm water to clean the area.

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