October 20, 2007

Laser Hair Removal Schools - Advanced Learning  

By Judy Wellsworth

As the industry of laser hair removal grows more and more and people become interested by all these new methods of having unsightly hair removed from their body, it is only natural that more experts are required: just imagine the ever growing industry, with more spas, more advanced machines and better trained staff. But some things cannot be caught up on the way, so laser hair removal schools have been started.

With Baby Steps

The most important thing the students learn is not the maneuvering of the tools but the suitability of the treatment for every potential client. Safety is the main concern and one should go to laser hair removal treatment centers to achieve a smooth hairless skin, and not an inflamed and smarting one, due to the lack of appropriateness. For example, a person with blonde fair hair and light complexion is not a good candidate for laser hair removal, because of the way laser works: it doesn’t determine the location of the pigments since they are hardly visible and mainly hurts the skin, while a person with the same complexion but with dark contrasting hair is an ideal one.

Another thing they have to learn at laser hair removal schools is the usage of the tools, which is not that complicated since it involves skill and practice: nowadays, the lasers are used at a wide scale, and all the methods and devices have been proven to be safe and sound, whereas in the past, many experiments and improvements have been done to adapt the laser technology for a sector as mundane as hair removal: it actually started with an accident, when in 1972, a specialist that worked with laser had a portion of his skin cleared of hair; this lead to subsequent success and development of the idea, until today when laser hair removal schools have been initiated.

As the term might offend the men that use this type of treatment, laser hair removal procedure is a beautifying technique that uses fancy equipment: however, no matter how trained the assistant is at one of the laser hair removal schools, a doctor is still needed around to supervise the entire process and to assess the good flow . The doctor has to be a professional in the field himself in order to make sure of the quality of the service offered by the assistant.

What Does This Button Do?

Plain pure logic requires students at laser hair removal schools to learn how the laser machines work and all the tools needed: the technology is based on intense light, with specific wavelengths that penetrate the skin and damage the hair and the root. As people have follicles have hair that have rested inactive within the surface of the skin, more treatments are imposed. After ten to twenty days, the hair will fall on its own, and after three to six sessions, the hair will not grow at all, thus achieving the permanency of smooth skin. The worst could happen is a mildly reddened surface, but the result are contenting and worthy of the money invested, that is, if the client has been selected after the analysis of his skin and after the former student of laser hair removal schools ahs decided that he is a good candidate.
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