August 31, 2008

Tried and tested: TRIA personal laser hair removal  

Tried and tested: TRIA personal laser hair removal, United Kingdom

The blurb: TRIA is the first proven laser hair removal system for home use. TRIA is compact, hand-held and rechargeable, and harnesses advanced technology ...

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August 29, 2008

Laser hair removal overcoming an IN-growing problem  

Laser hair removal overcoming an IN-growing problem
One of the most bothersome things on the body are ingrown hairs. While there are worse skin care problems out there, this can be an unsightly and painful hassle for both men and women. Medically termed pseudofolliculitis barbae , this skin condition can also be known as razor bumps.

So what exactly are ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs develop in several ways. The hair being broken off short with a sharp tip can cause ingrown hairs.
Do hair removal methods cause ingrown hair?

Subject to the skin and hair type, ingrown hair can be caused with different types of removal methods.
- Depilatories- dissolve the hair using chemicals instead of it breaking or being pulled from the root. One of the least likely temporary hair removal methods to cause ingrown hair.
- Shaving- the hair is removed at or just below the skin with the blunt cut of the razor. Ingrown hair is most likely to be cause by this method.
- Tweezing- distortion of the hair follicle is caused as the tweezer pulls the hair from the root. The angle of growth is consequently improper, cause ingrown hair.
- Waxing- distortion of the hair growth also occurs as hair is pulled from the root.
- Electrolysis- a metal probe is inserted into the hair follicle, followed by a mild electronic current killing the hair. The results of this method are varying, but eliminates ingrown hair if successful.
 Laser Hair Removal- destroys the hair follicles by using laser lights, permanently reducing hair growth. Successful procedures will overcome ingrown hair.
Although there are various treatments available for the removal of unwanted hair, traditional techniques such as shaving, plucking, waxing and depilatory creams often lead to annoying rashes and ingrown hairs. They are also painful and worst of all, the results are only temporary.

Effective Laser Hair Removal technology allows for the safe removal of unwanted hair, eliminating ingrown hairs and leaving a smooth and flawless finish. Using IPL and Laser Hair Removal technologies, optimal wavelengths of light energy are gently delivered to both the hair shaft and follicle in pulses, through a delicate, computer-controlled hand piece. Effectively, the source of the unwanted hair growth problem is targeted and treated, therefore allowing for permanent results.

Paulina Saliba is a professional laser specialist at Results Laser Clinic. For more info on laser hair removal and hair removal solutions visit

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August 28, 2008

Chest Hair Removal - Do You Need It?  

Chest Hair Removal - Do You Need It?
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Chest hair removal is becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking for permanent hair removal. While chest hair is often a sign of masculinity, it can be very embarrassing for men with excessive chest hair. Many men are self-conscious of excessive chest hair. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution.

With 4-5 one-hour laser treatments, men can have the chest they’ve always wanted. There’s no reason to put up with the pain of waxing. Simply visit your local laser hair removal clinic.

There are many types of laser hair removal systems that you can choose from. Each laser hair removal system has specific advantages and disadvantages depending on your skin and hair color. The three main laser hair removal systems include the ND Yag, Ruby, and Diode lasers.

The ND Yag laser is considered to be more effective when treating dark or tanned skin. It is also especially useful when treating coarser hair. For many, this may be a good solution for chest hair removal. One of the popular ND Yag lasers is the Candela GentleLase Plus.

The Ruby laser is best suited for those with lighter skin. It’s small spot size makes it good for smaller areas. The Ruby laser provides for a more comfortable treatment. Some common ruby lasers include the EpiTouch and the Epilaser

The Diode laser features a longer wavelength, giving it an advantage in treating a wide variety of skin types.

The Alexandrite is a unique laser that can be customized to treat hair with different degrees of coarseness. This is achieved through a versatile range of spot sizes. Another advantage of the Alexandrite lasers is that they are fast. They can remove male chest hair in about 30-40 minutes.

All of these lasers are good. However, your technician will be able to tell you which type of laser would be best for your particular skin and hair type.

If you are tired of shaving, waxing, and tweezing, laser hair removal may be the perfect solution. To find out more about laser hair removal , visit .

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August 27, 2008

Laser hair removal clinic in nj : Get Lazed  

Laser hair removal clinic in nj : Get Lazed
Get Lazed! Laser Hair Removal Center located in Colts Neck and laser hair removal in njLakewood New Jersey. The clinic offer exclusive Laser Hair Removal system. Say goodbye to the pain, hassle and mess of shaving, waxing and tweezing. Say goodbye to nicks, cuts, stubble and ingrown hair.

Get Lazed are the largest and fastest-growing Laser Hair Removal company in the industry, using the latest Laser Hair Removal technologies and techniques. All of Laser Hair Removal protocols are physician-approved.

Clinic offer free personalized Laser Hair Removal consultation. Guest consultants will talk to you about removing unwanted hair and the importance of customizing a treatment for your skin tone and hair type.

475 Route 70 West
Lakewood NJ 08701
Telephone: 732-886-2022

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August 19, 2008

Options for Getting Swimsuit Ready  

Options for Getting Swimsuit Ready
As the winter melts away into spring the pressure of swimsuit season is on. It’s common to panic over shedding a few pounds and finding a way to deal with all of that unwanted hair, which is so easy to neglect over the cold winter months. Don’t be intimidated by coarse or dark hair. There is a way to deal with all of it. Consider all of the possible hair removal options before committing to just one. They each have both advantages and disadvantages not to mention the difference they can all make when it comes to your budget.

Shaving is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to achieve a hairless look immediately and without any pain involved. It’s fast and easy but it is the lease effective of all possible hair removal methods. It might get you out of a quick jam if sudden dinner plans come up and you have an hour to get ready but if it’s a long term solution you want then keep looking. Those who lack a steady hand may also want to forgo this option. If you do choose to shave then be sure you use a shaving lotion that has moisturizer in it. Shaving can really dry out the skin.

Those who are brave enough to give waxing a try often come away either loving or hating the experience. It’s no secret that it involves some pain. Even waxing kits that claim to be pain free can’t possibly be completely void of any discomfort. But that is the price one chooses to pay in order to have a silky smoothness that lasts for weeks. Waxing is great for all parts of the body. You can try it at home yourself or go to the salon and have it done by a professional.

Depilatory creams have been on the cosmetic market for several years. They didn’t start out as a highly effective way to remove hair but have since become much better in terms of development and results. Designed to be pain free, they’re a great alternative for sensitive places like the bikini line which is a must have for swimsuit season. Avoid the pain of wax strips and the nasty remnants of razor burn which are prone to occur in the bikini area. It might take a few tries to find a depilatory cream that works best for you. Like with any item, shopping around is important for the best quality product.

There are simple at home procedures for getting rid of unwanted hair but there are also a few other methods that require a professional trained in that area. Laser hair removal is a temporary solution that lasts longer than any of the rest. It often requires more than one visit and can become hard on the budget over time but it leaves positive results that last for months. When it comes to slipping into that slinky bikini and having fun in the sun, your hair removal system may help determine your confidence. Try them all to see which works best for you.

Before you commit your time, money or body to any hair removal treatment, get the facts. We help you choose the best hair removal option for any body part. For more information on topics such as laser hair removal treatments, visit now.

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August 16, 2008

Laser Hair Removal: The Nd YAG Laser Hair Removal Option  

Laser Hair Removal: The Nd YAG Laser Hair Removal Option
The Neodymium: Yttrium Aluminum claret laser is also normally known as the Nd YAG Laser. It is a newer form of laser hair removal care than the garnet, Alexandrite and Diode lasers so excluding long label study is presented on its ability to eradicate unwelcome hair long label.

Nd YAG lasers are not only worn for hair removal but in some suitcases are worn for tattoo and pigmented graze care.

Nd YAG has a long wavelength compared to other laser hair removal options. Longer wavelengths such as the one provided by the Nd YAG laser fallout in excluding energy being absorbed by the skin than with other laser options.

Before Nd YAG laser care occurs, the serene has a carbon-based balm place on the district to be treated that is worn to absorb most of the laser energy.

somebody like myself who has ever had pulsed light hair removal care is intimate with the apparent gel that is practical to their skin that is worn to cool the skin to elude burning.

As with other laser hair removal options, the triumph of hair removal and probable area property of the hair removal will modify by serene. Also, the aptitude of the practitioner will also go a long way in delabelining your triumph or require thereof.

Alan Tang is an author and internet marketing consultant living in Pennsylvania. Find more about Laser Hair Removal at

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Get Rid of Superflous Hair  

Get Rid of Superflous Hair
Superfluous hair is also known as Hypertrichosis. It can be generalized, symmetrically affecting most of the torso and limbs, or localized, affecting an area of skin. Superfluous hair can develop all over the body or can be isolated to small patches. It is estimated that 80% of the women in Britain have some superfluous hair growth. Generally considered a "cosmetic" issue, hair growth can cause real or perceived problems with social acceptance for many people both male and female. Many cultures have a perceived ideal amount of hair growth. Changes in hair-growth patterns are sometimes a symptom of hormonal imbalances. Use of stimulating liniments, poultices, etc., may lead to an increased hair growth in that particular region.

Genetic observations to the pathogenesis of hypertrichosis remains uncertain. Some drugs (e.g., diazoxide, diphenylhydantoin, and minoxidil) and toxins (e.g., mercury) can induce generalized hair growth as well. The electric needle is the only method which can be recommended for the permanent removal of superfluous hair, and it should be used only by an exper. Shaving regularly. Depilatories which are hair removal creams can also be used as long as the skin is free from cuts or open sores. Laser and electrolysis treatment approaches hold the promise of being permanent hair removal approaches. Other treatments are temporary and have to be repeated. Bleaching can help to lessen the look of these hairs but make sure to check for chemical reactions.

Get Rid of Superflous Hair

1. Electric needle is the only method for the permanent removal of superfluous hair.

2. Shaving also get rid of superflous hair.

3. Waxing generally reduces hair growth if performed continuously.

4. Plucking and Threading is also used for removing odd hair around the nipples.

5. Bleaching can help to lessen the look of these hairs but make sure to check for chemical reactions.

6. Electrolysis is a method used for removing unwanted hair permanently.

7. Hair removal creams can also be used as long as the skin is free from cuts or open sores.

8. Camouflage is treat superflous Hair.

About the Author: Juliet Cohen writes articles for free hairstyles and fashion tips. She also writes articles on hairstyles tips.

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August 11, 2008

Factors That Influence Laser Hair Removal Cost  

Factors That Influence Laser Hair Removal Cost
Laser hair removal is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. With a few zaps of laser energy, almost any part of the body can become permanently smooth and hair-free. While laser hair removal isn’t a cosmetic surgery procedure, you will still want to choose your clinic with care. Instead of just looking for the lowest-priced clinic, use these factors to help you understand the cost of laser hair removal, then make an informed decision about which clinic to select.

Factors That Influence Laser Hair Removal Cost -- Size of Treatment Area

Generally, the size of the area treated with laser hair removal will have the biggest influence on this cosmetic procedure’s cost. It stands to reason that hair removal on the upper lip or underarm will cost less, sometimes much less, than on the back or legs. The technician will have to spend a greater amount of time on a larger area, which will have a bearing on your cost.

Factors That Influence Laser Hair Removal Cost -- Your Skin and Hair Color

As you may already know, skin and hair color are key factors in how well laser hair removal can work. Since the laser is attracted to certain kinds of pigment, and dark hair contains more of these pigments, laser hair removal is generally easier for people with dark hair.

This does not mean that people with light hair (considered to be red, gray, blond or white) cannot have laser hair removal. They may just need a greater number of treatments. The laser is also attracted to the pigment in darker skin tones. Someone with darker skin and darker hair may need more treatments or more advanced laser technology to achieve the desired hair removal.

For patients with light hair or dark skin, a skillfully trained and highly proficient technician is necessary, which may increase your cost. Laser hair removal clinics with more advanced laser technology may also offer you a greater chance of success, but may cost more.

Number of Laser Hair Removal Cosmetic Procedures Required

As you consider factors that will influence your laser hair removal cost, you will find that most clinics charge a separate fee for each session. Your cost scales up or down, according to how many sessions you need. You may want to investigate package pricing versus pay-as-you go plans to determine any potential savings.

Factors That Influence Laser Hair Removal Cost -- Laser Hair Removal Technology at the Clinic

If you select a clinic with the latest and most advanced laser hair removal technology, you may find you are quoted a higher cost for each session. This offsets the clinic’s investment in new equipment.

You may decide that the potential for fewer treatment sessions is worth the extra cost per session. However, keep in mind that almost everyone needs at least three sessions to achieve the desired hair removal. This is because the hair follicles go through active and dormant phases in the skin cycle. Dormant follicles may not respond to the laser. Claims of complete hair removal in a single session may not be entirely accurate.

Factors That Influence Laser Hair Removal Cost -- Clinic Staff and Training

Laser hair removal clinics may be staffed with doctors, nurses or other trained personnel, depending on the requirement in your state. Clinics staffed entirely with doctors may sometimes charge more for their services. When you are researching laser hair removal clinics, you may want to ask about the credentials, board certification and licensing of the staff as a way to help understand the clinic’s pricing structure.

Factors That Influence Laser Hair Removal Cost -- Clinic Location and Amenities

Geographic location plays a role in pricing at laser hair removal clinics. Some parts of the country are more expensive than the national average, and some are less. Clinics in larger cities with more competition may offer lower prices than clinics in smaller towns. Some clinics are bare-bones facilities, while others offer luxury spa amenities. Obviously, these clinics will all offer different pricing policies.

Now that you understand the factors influencing the cost of laser hair removal , you can feel confident selecting the facility that best meets your cosmetic surgery needs -- and budget. So if you are contemplating this type of cosmetic procedure , you can now shop for your perfect deal.

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Laser Hair Removal - It's Easy, It's Safe, It's Affordable  

Laser Hair Removal - It's Easy, It's Safe, It's Affordable
Today, there are numerous hair removal methods available such as: Tweezers, Shaving, Depilatories, Waxing, Hair Inhibitors, Threading, Laser hair removal, Sugaring and Electrolysis. Which will be the best for you? All hair removal candidates would like permanent hair removal and permanent laser hair removal is the only unique solution.

Laser hair removal is gaining popularity among those looking for permanent hair removal. Nevertheless, permanent laser hair removal does not suit everyone. Before going for a laser hair removal you are recommended to go through these points.

1. Laser hair removal is best for dark hair with light skin but it does not mean that you are not the right candidate for the laser hair removal. You should visit a dermatologist before going for a laser hair removal and you should collect information on laser hair removal from the manufacturers or direct from their site. However, some dermatologists can suggest you some alternatives. If you have light color hair then artificial hair darkening is advisable followed by laser.

2. It is very important to have a consultation with a dermatologist. You should meet the technician and request him or her to perform a test pulse. You should find a clinic, which is dedicated to your needs. Laser hair removal treatment is very particular depending on the type of skin and hair. Find a clinic with a friendly and informative staff that makes you feel comfortable.

3. Avoid waxing and tweezing for at least 6 weeks before your laser hair removal treatment. You are advised not to remove hairs by the roots.

Laser hair removal is a painless process. If there is a little pain, it is certainly bearable. If you cannot bear the pain during laser hair removal you should tell your technician so that he or she can supply you with numbing creams or proper coolants. Your feedback about pain will help the technician to adjust the intensity of the laser.

However, Permanent Laser Hair Removal is one of the long lasting hair removal methods. However, re growth can occur after laser hair removal, which may be lighter in color.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal: 1) A long-term data regarding safety, effectiveness and response rate of laser hair removal has not yet been established. 2) Sometimes regrowth takes place even after laser hair removal, which indicates laser hair removal is not 100% permanent. 3) Laser hair removal is generally not effective on gray, red, blonde or unpigmented hair. 4) Laser hair removal must be used very carefully because improper treatment can cause skin discoloration, burns, lesions or patchy regrowth. 5) Laser hair removal requires eye protection and skin cautiousness.

If you are residing around New York or in New York, you seem to be very lucky. Welcome yourself to laser hair removal New York; one of the fastest growing industries that will help you to get rid of your unwanted hair using the latest technologies.

No matter where you are and what you want, be it laser hair removal New York or laser hair removal Los Angeles, first of all you should get full information on laser hair removal and consult a dermatologist to take a major decision.

Tyson J Stevenson creates useful articles & reviews on a wide variety of everyday subjects. Expect to see his name often. View further samples of his work at HubbuH or at Your Laser Hair Removal

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August 5, 2008

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal  

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal

Intense Pulse Light (IPL), Hair Removal is faster, less obtrusive, and more cost effective than any other hair removal system today. With authorised trained technicians, and FDA & TGA approval, Pulse Light Hair Removal is the answer for silky smooth, hair free skin.Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal is the most advanced and effective permanent hair reduction process now available.

Far superior to traditional hair removal methods, Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal employs the latest technology to efficiently and effectively remove all hair types, without damaging the surrounding tissue.With little to no interruption to your usual daily routine Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal is the perfect solution for long lasting, permanent hair reduction.What is Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal and how does it work?

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal works by penetrating the epidermis, or top layer of the skin with a specific wavelength of light that targets to reach the dermis underneath in where the hair follicle resides.Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal uses a chilled lens which cools the skin before, during, and after the light pulse, that will give a slight sting or pinch sensation, similar to the snap of a rubber band. Used in conjunction with our protective cold gel, any discomfort or reaction caused by Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal is reduced even further.

Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal, also known as photo epilation, specifically targets the follicle during the growth stage, destroying, or severely limiting its regrowth capacity.As at any given time different follicles may be either dormant or active, several treatments are required to effectively cover the treated area.A highly advanced computer regulates the wavelength of light being emitted by the Intense Pulse Light, administering the correct exposure safely to any area, from large sections such as the back or legs, to the more delicate and sensitive areas of the lips, and face.Unlike traditional methods, Intense Pulse Light leaves the surface of the skin undamaged, it also enhances the bodies own natural production of Collagen which in turn improves the condition of the skin.Traditional treatments have had limited effect on lighter hair shades, however by combining the treatment with Meladine to give the hair pigment, all hair colours can be treated safely with Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal technology.

Treatment times and exposures may vary depending on the area being treated, hair colour and pigmentation of the skin. Prior to commencing treatment, all clients must have an initial pre-treatment to ascertain the correct level of exposure for their skin type, and to prepare the skin for the following treatment 24 hours later.Although the number of treatments required will vary from client to client, typically Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal is a progressive process, hair reduction increases with each treatment you have, to ensure that you get the very best results from Intense Pulse Light we recommend a minimum of 4 treatments at five week intervals.

Your Image by Laser consultant will be happy to discuss with you your individual needs and requirements, and expectations and outcomes of the Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal treatments.For best results it is imperative that once regrowth appears (approximately 5 weeks after the initial treatment) that it is treated immediately.Costs vary depending on the duration of treatment required and the size of the treatment zone.There are several important steps that you can take to get the best result possible from your Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal session.

a.) Avoid sun exposure by using spf 30+ total block out sunscreen for 4 weeks prior to your treatment, and 2 weeks afterwards, as melanin, or skin pigment stimulation can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

b.) The area to be treated must be either shaved, or creamed 24 hours prior to the treatment so that the hair will be at the ideal treatment length of 1mm.

c.) After Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal, keep the treated area clean and coolBusiness Management Articles, and minimise your exposure to the sun.

Image by Laser specialise in laser hair removal Brisbane. They also perform permanent hair removal Brisbane and have an office in Maroochydore for hair removal sunshine coast.

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August 2, 2008

Selecting the Right Hair Removal Method For Men  

Selecting the Right Hair Removal Method For Men
Hair removal is necessary for removing unwanted hair from the body. The primary reason for hair removal is to improve one's looks. However other reasons like bodybuilding, body tattoos, partial beards, reducing body odor etc also require removal

Hair removal is necessary for removing unwanted hair from the body. The primary reason for hair removal is to improve one's looks. However other reasons like bodybuilding, body tattoos, partial beards, reducing body odor etc also require removal of hair. There are various practical methods available for male body hair removal. Men usually shave for the removal of excessive hair but one cannot shave the entire body.

The best method for men is to go for laser hair removal. The procedure in this method is simple and safe. Chest, neck, abdomen, genital area, legs, and armpits are the various parts of body where men get hair growth. Among these areas men usually prefer to remove the unwanted hair from chest, neck, chin, and genital area. Chest hair growth is a male characteristic and it starts growing after attaining puberty. The attitudes of men towards chest hair have varied from time to time and cultures to culture. Presently the trend is hair removal from the chest.

There are several technologies available in the market by which long-term hair growth can be achieved for a longer period for men. These methods include electrolysis, laser hair removal, intense pulsed lamps etc.

1) ELECTROLYSIS : In this method a thin metal probe is inserted into hair follicle (in a hair root) and electricity is passed through the probe. Due to this permanent damage is caused to the follicle or hair rootFind Article, due to which hair stops to grow.

2) LASER HAIR REMOVAL : In this method a laser causes damage by heating the dark root of the hair where the hair grows and not heating the rest of the skin. It is considered to be one of most effective and best hair removal system and suitable for large area.

3) INTENSE PULSED LAMPS OR FLASH LAMP : Here specific wavelengths of light are generated in a flash lamp. The full spectrum and infrared light is transferred to the melanin in the hair follicle or root of the hair thereby damaging the hair root. It is similar to the laser technology.

Find more about Laser Removal on . More useful content on LeanderNet -

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