September 30, 2007

Join The Hairless Brigade By Removing Your Pubic Hair  

By Sashi Sarda

Pubic hair has suddenly started losing its privacy. With the introduction of latest products and the trend to remain hairless being the key, women of today are on the look out for products that can make them get rid of pubic hair. If you form part of the lot and want to join the new hairless brigade, you need not feel embarrassed. Instead, opt for one of the hair removal methods that suit you and just go for it.

Hair removal from the genital area is relatively new to modern Western Culture. In Australia, the practice of waxing or shaving the pubic area did not become common until the 1990s. In a study carried out by Basow and Braman, a large number of participants, who were randomly assigned to watch a video-recording of the same bikini-clad woman either with or without visible body hair, judged the woman as less attractive, intelligent, sociable, happy, and positive when hairy than when hairless.

The introduction of Brazilian wax brought a revolution in pubic hair removal. The Brazilian wax originated in Brazil for women wanting to wear the then-new thong bikinis. The “Brazilian” involves removing pubic hair from the mons pubis, labia and the Bikini line. Some hair may be left on the mons pubis depending on individual patient preference. Getting a “Brazilian” was popularized on shows such as Sex and the City and within the past three years is as commonly advertised by beauty therapists and medical laser hair removal clinics as compared to other more traditional beauty and cosmetic treatments. Removal of pubic hair has been gaining acceptance worldwide.

Technology offers a buffet of hair-removal methods ranging from the quick and cheap to the sophisticated and costly. Razors may leave behind irritation, ingrown hairs and abrasive stubble. Depilatory creams wield strong chemicals and irritants. Still, the two procedures are favored for affordability, convenience and privacy. Moving up a step, there's no getting around the fact that while waxing hurts but 15 minutes of hell earns up to a month of smoothness and a reduced chance of ingrown hairs. Other advanced options like diode laser hair removal are also gaining ground. Electrolysis and laser hair removal are permanent means of unwanted hair removal. They need to be performed by qualified experts and are expensive and time consuming.

Have a look at the results of a recent study on pubic hair removal to gain back your confidence -
(a) 63% of clients reported feeling “sexier” with minimal/no pubic hair.
(b) 75% of clients reported “aesthetic” as a major reason for removing their
pubic hair.
(c) 71% reported “hygiene” as a major reason for removing pubic hair.
(d) 17% reported “cultural” as a major reason for removing their pubic hair.
(e) 60% of clients reported experiencing greater sexual pleasure with
minimal/no pubic hair.
If you are interested in joining the hairless brigade or to give your partner a pleasant surprise, go for pubic hair removal and have a sexy feel thereafter. The world may not remain the same.
The author is well versed in solving all problems relating to hair loss These problems include the common ones like dandruff and alopecia to problems like hirsutism, which are generally not discussed openly.

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