September 16, 2007

Laser Hair Removal and Prices - 4 Tips to Help You Save  

Laser Hair Removal and Prices - 4 Tips to Help You Save

Laser hair removal prices vary greatly by practitioner and geographic area. This is because a laser hair removal clinic may be privately owned, or part of a bigger clinic such as a dermatology or plastic surgery center. Generally you'll pay more for a practitioner who specializes in laser hair removal, as it is a substantial part of his business. A dermatology or surgery center may give bigger discounts because the majority of their business lies elsewhere.

Another factor that can adjust the price is You. Yes that's right, the uniqueness of you plays a major role. Sometimes people are not good candidates for laser hair removal. If you have dark skin or light hair, it may be harder for the technicians to "see" the hair that needs to be removed, therefore requiring more time on their part. These factors may also increase the number of times that treatment may need to be done, which will dramatically increase the costs.

The type of laser can also play a role in overall price. Some lasers require more training to operate, which can indirectly affect the price of the treatment. Different lasers call for different "projects." Higher powered lasers will need to be done on deeper roots, like the legs or back. Lower powered lasers can be used on softer and more sensitive areas such as the face.

Some clinics also offer "packages" that will save you over the long haul. Many treatments need to be repeated to be effective, and these packages will generally cover repeat visits.

Here are some tips that can help you save:

1) Ask for special offers. Most clinics offer special package prices.
2) Ask to pay for all treatments up front in exchange for a discounted price.
3) Offer to bring in a friend. Most clinics offer referral bonuses.
4) Ask if they have special financing in exchange for buying multiple areas. Again, packages will generally help you save in the long run.

Most clinics will oblige your requests and you could end up saving a lot of money.
As always, consult with a professional before deciding.For more information about laser hair removal prices or anything related to laser hair removal please visit:
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