September 28, 2007

Pubic Hair Trim Basics  

By Oliver Turner

Trimming pubic hair has now become a sort of an art where you trim your pubic hair to get a specific design. The advantage with pubic hair trimming is that if there is a mistake the first time, there is nothing to worry about as no one will be able to see it. There are stencils that can be used to create shapes as you learn to trim pubic hair. All that has to be done is to place the stencil over the pubic hair, and trim around using a trimmer.

Once you get familiar with pubic hair trim, you can create your own stencils using simple cuts from lightweight plastic containers which can be washed and reused. Once you learn the skill of trimming pubic hair, you can wield your razor to create your own style free hand. The most common choices for pubic hair trim designs are landing strip, happy face, upward triangle, downward triangle, heart, lightning bolt, diamond and a large arrow.

The personal trimmer is a wise choice for trimming your pubic hair. This is because they are designed to trim your pubic hair to stubble without biting, nicking or cutting your skin. When using the personal trimmer, ensure that the pubic area is dry; so don’t use it after a shower or bath.

Instead, sprinkle some baby powder over the area as it absorbs moisture and oils produced by the skin. This leaves your skin dry with which you can use your personal shaver quite effectively.

After trimming your pubic hair, it is better to use loose clothes to prevent any discomfort of the trimmed hair. And of course, make it a point to clean your trimmer after every use for hygienic reasons.
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