September 23, 2007

Laser Hair Removal Equipment - Dig In  

Laser Hair Removal Equipment - Dig In

Many of us have had it with the messy wax that keeps burning us and causes irritations, or with the useless razor that solves the problem for the day, but who knows what the second brings? And the depilatory creams work fine, but the smell is just unbearable and it persists on skin for hours. Laser hair removal treatment seems like bliss, and is welcomed to make us proud with our body no matter where: along the bikini line, for women, on the chest, for men, on the legs, arms, under the armpits, on the back, face and so on. There is no mission hard enough for the laser not to carry through.

But before one decides on this type of procedures, one should do a bit of research of his own, to get to know the laser hair removal equipment. This helps to be more confident that the money you invest in it goes in the right place, and plus, you learn something new and helpful: the undergrounds of beauty science.

Keep in Mind

No matter how modern tech they use, there are still the standards pieces of laser hair removal equipment which can be found in every clinic or spa that has on the menu such treatments: the IPL or Intense Pulse Light uses beams with specific wavelengths, based on a xenon flash lamp and several focusing optics. The IPL is used not solely for hair removal, but for other skin flaws such as dyspigmentation, vascular and pigmented birth marks, acne Rosacea, and therefore it is quite indispensable to good clinics to build their renown over this piece of wonder.

The flash light, based on xenon, looks like a hand-held wand handled by the professional technician, and it practically uses a full spectrum beam of light combined with infrared light, which are released and focused over the area that needs to have laser hair removal treatment. Thus, the rays “look” for the pigmented hairs and once they have done so, they turn into energy and the hair along with its follicle is destroyed. This is performed with no tissue damage and could be the safest procedure compared to any other that doesn’t use laser hair removal equipment.

What is That Thing?

Well, in truth IPL is not a laser. That doesn’t mean the industry has lied, but the physics standard perception of how laser light works is just different from the functioning of the xenon flash lamp, which is considered laser hair removal equipment. It only emits beams of high intensity that destroy the unwanted hair on the body, and therefore it’s safe to leave its name as it is: a laser hair removal equipment. For those who want more, the permanency along with efficiency, photothermolysis is there for them, and a highly accredited doctor, that has experience in this sector of beauty treatments, will be smoothing your skin in a few sessions like you never dreamed. The laser hair removal equipment is indeed complicated and there have to be specialists to maneuver it, and money from your part: in the end, the result will be all that counts.
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