September 19, 2007

The Truth About Laser Hair Removal In NYC  

By: Erica Bosworth

Any relatively new technology can be a thing to approach with some wariness. This is even more true when it involves procedures and equipment that come in close contact with your skin and can affect the way you look and even your health. That is why many people are a bit cautious when deciding if laser hair removal in NYC is the right beauty treatment for them.

The process of laser hair removal is relatively new and therefore there is still not enough evidence to conclusively say what long-term effects would be. To date, there have not been any serious claims or judgments on a widespread basis, so the procedure could be deemed generally safe and effective.

How Lasers Work to Remove Hair

Understanding how laser treatments work can help you understand what some of the inherit risks and benefit can be.

A small hand-held instrument resembling some kind of electronic pen is held in the hands of a technician. The specific wavelength of light is directed toward the individual hair follicle.

Protective eye wear is worn by both the client and the technician even though little light escapes the pen’s aim. As the technician lifts and redirects the pen, there could be a dangerous exposure to the eyes, hence the eye protection.

A chemical and mechanical reaction occurs in the hair follicle without affecting the skin. In some cases, the skin is overly exposed and there is some short term redness. In rare cases, the redness lasts for a long time.

Who Will Have the Best Results

Anyone can get some sort of result for long term hair removal from laser treatments. Those that generally have the least reaction to their skin and the longest lasting, sometimes even permanent, hair removal are those with fair skin and dark hair. The texture of the hair and colour of the skin respond well to the treatments.

Those who usually don’t have good or long lasting results are those with grey hair. This non-pigmented hair does not seem to react to laser light. Darker skinned people or those who are deeply tanned are the ones who have reported the least desirable results, and it is suspected that the laser light does not affect those skin tones in the same way.

Even those who don’t experience the longest times before re-growth are pleased with the results of laser hair removal in NYC. They often experience finer, softer re-growth and hair that does grow back is usually much lighter. This can make a significant change in appearance for someone with unwanted facial hair when the skin is light and the hair is dark.

Avoiding the Pitfalls in Your Expectations

Going into laser treatment knowing what to expect will help you not be disappointed with the results, especially considering the relatively high cost. Be cautioned against any salon doing laser treatments that “guarantees” permanent hair removal. While some people do experience this after a few treatments, there are no guarantees to how your skin and hair will respond. No two people are alike in this and the clinics can only approximate results based on past experience with similar skin and hair types.

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