September 28, 2007

To People Who Want To Try Brazilian Wax Hair Removal But Can't Get Started  

By Nat Williams

Brazilian waxing is swiftly gaining popularity as an efficient and long-lasting method to get rid of undesired pubic hair on the anus, vagina, pubic area and perineum. Although it causes the greatest amount of pain compared to other pubic hair removal methods, many women still insist on Brazilian waxing because the pubic hair stays gone for close to a month. A justifiable sacrifice for long term pleasure in exchange for short term pain.

What is the Difference Between Brazilian Waxing and Bikini Waxing?

A lot of people confuse bikini waxing with Brazilian waxing. Bikini waxing refers only to the waxing of the pubic hair along the bikini line. This is recommended for first-timers to get a feel of the waxing process without going through the full waxing process . There are a few types of Brazilian waxing. You could opt to have all your pubic hair removed or leave a small bit of pubic hair in whatever shape you want but usually a "landing strip" design is the norm.

Where Should I Go To Get A Bikini Wax Done?

You could Brazilian wax at home by yourself with a home waxing kit. The good thing about having a Brazilian wax at home is that you do not need to expose your private parts to a stranger if that troubles you. A good home waxing kit only costs $20 or less, which will help you save a lot of time and money in the long run. The disadvantage is you can't really see areas like your anus and perineum from your position. It would be a real problem for you to wax these areas by yourself.

The most common place to get a Brazilian wax is to visit a professional waxing studio. The whole process should take about 30 minutes depending on what pubic hair style you desire and how much hair you want removed. The more difficult the process, the higher the price. Be prepared to pay anything from $25 to over $100 for a Brazilian waxing session.

What is Brazilian Waxing Like?

At a waxing studio, you will be expected to strip off your %pants and underwear and lie down on a waxing table. Some studios use a numbing spray on your pubic area to minimize the pain during waxing. If you have long pubic hair, your pubic hair stylist will have to trim it before applying the wax. Next, a coat of tacky honey-like liquid is applied on your desired areas of waxing with a wooden stick called an applicator. Thin pieces of muslin waxing strips are then pasted onto the drying wax so that the wax can be removed conveniently. Once the wax has dried, your stylist will pull it off with one strong jerk.

Usually, the first attempt will not remove 100% of the hair. Your stylist may have to redo the waxing process or pluck out the remaining pubic hair with tweezers. After all the hair has been removed, soothing lotion will be applied to relieve some of the soreness. There is no guarantee that you will not develop ingrown pubic hair when your hair starts to grow. Therefore, it is recommended that you get ingrown pubic hair creams to try to prevent ingrown hairs or treat them when they develop.
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