September 28, 2007

Male Pubic Hair Shaving  

By Joqtan Anicama

Shaving the family jewels can be lots of work, particularly if you've never done it before. It may take you up to an hour to do it the first time. Don't get all macho and make sure you invest in aftercare. Under no circumstances use an electric razor, the only thing it will do is cause’ you PAIN!

The easiest way to shave your crotch is to start at the bottom. Pull up everything with one hand and embark on shaving from in between your legs upward. Be very careful around the center of the scrotum, since your skin is particularly tender there. Afterward do both sides and finally concentrate on the top of your scrotum, preferably before working on and above your penis. By working at it this way you'll have the hardest parts completed first.

So why go through all the trouble of shaving your pubes? Check out the bonuses that make spending all the extra bathroom time worth every minute.

Most men worry obsessively about the hair on their heads yet rarely give some though about the pubic hairs. But when that hot babe comes along, only then do we realize that maybe spending some time on the magic stick could help us at action time.

Mr. Clean. The penis is a focal point for heat, sweat, and bacteria. Removing your pubic hair makes that area much easier to keep clean, and more notably, smelling clean and manly. She's more likely to explore that area up close if it's well maintained.

If you remove most or all of her pretexts, to performing oral sex on you, isn't it worth the trouble? Pay special attention to removing stray hairs from your shaft. You don't want her choking on your pubes.

Don't Forget The Scrotum. A woman's body is playground of softness and smoothness, so don't you think she'll appreciate the same on you? Silky smooth balls invite both manual and oral affection. She's far more likely to play down there if she doesn't have to use a weed whacker to find it.

The Empire State Building on your crotch! Need I say more? You will swear that you gained at the very least an extra inch in length! If your crotch is not groomed regularly, you probably have pubic hair at least part way up your shaft. Your penis seems to begin where that pubic hair ends. Remove the underbrush and whip out the real magic stick.

Note that some people experience moderate to intense itching the first couple of days after shaving as the pubic hair grows back. Try your first shave on a weekend you avoid moving around like ants in your pants on Monday the itching should decrease or stop if you continue to groom yourself frequently.

And just in case the boys on in the locker room start making fun of you, first and foremost ask them why are they checking you out, especially why are the looking at your dick. In the embarrassed silence that follows, tell them why you did it, that you're having twice as much sex as they are, and what most women won't do with them, they're more than happy to do with you! Then if you feel like it, let them in on your secret.

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