September 10, 2007

Pubic Hair Care and Groom  

By Paton Jackson

Pubic hair is defined as the hair in the frontal genital area, in the crotch and some add the top inside of the legs. In most cases, distinguished pubic hair can be found within 3 years into puberty.
Women have always paid attention to grooming their pubic hair. In paintings from the 19’Th century naked women have a shaved or trimmed pubic hair. In some cultures as the Islam, women must trim their pubic hair.
There are 3 main pubic hair care types used among women:

1. Removing pubic hair – Pubic hair removal becomes more and more common. It is popular among the modern western society as well as traditional societies like Islam or Hindu. Some remove all they pubic hair while others prefer to leave some of it usually with the shape of an upside down triangle (other shapes like heart are also popular).

There are several methods of removing pubic hair – trimming with scissors, tweezing, waxing (bikini wax) and shaving. Why use waxing? Hair growth slows within time and it can be done at home.
Why use shaving? It is relatively cheap and can be done at home. Why use tweezing? It is useful to remove some hair fibers but not all pubic hair.

2. Dying pubic hair – More and more women dye their pubic hair although they are not aware of the risk they take. There is no product in the market that was manufactured with the purpose of tinting pubic hair.
In spite of the potential risk many men and women will dye their pubic hair to become real and all red hair or blond.

3. Shaping pubic hair – Becoming a hair dresser and shaping the pubic hair with any shape you can imagine is a widespread phenomenon. The recommended steps to shaping the pubic hair area are: deciding on the shape, trimming the hair besides the hair you are leaving as short as possible, taking a warm shower, shaving the pubic hair with a razor, cleaning the area thoroughly and finally drying it off.
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