September 28, 2007

First Time Bikini Wax - For Beginners  

By Oliver Turner

Bikini wax is a means of removing pubic hair that has recently grown in popularity. Some people may opt for a bikini wax in preparation for a honeymoon or to wear a summer bikini and others, just for hygienic reasons. With a bikini wax, the waxer applies warm wax to the pubic area, applies cloth strips on the wax to be removed when the wax cools down. Sometimes a thatch of hair is left on the vagina which may be in the shape of a heart or triangle.

With bikini waxing, you can wear your thong or string bikini without any embarrassment of pubic hair. Moreover, with pubic hair removal, the pubic area tends to look and feel more erotic. With its advantages, a bikini wax is rather painful the first time. After a few sessions, the body gets used to the pain and does not feel it that much. After a bikini wax, it takes about 3 weeks for pubic hair to re-grow.

Diabetics, people suffering from psoriasis or other skin conditions and those taking Retinol or Accutane are not suggested to have a bikini wax. Even pregnant women and women menstruating should not have a bikini wax. If required, you could take an ibuprofen or aspirin an hour before the bikini wax to cut down on pain.

With a bikini wax, you can create pubic hair designs on the pubic area that reflects your personality. The most popular designs are hearts and triangles. You can use your creativity and pubic hair to come up with better designs too.

Nowadays, not only women, but also men turn to pubic hair removal to look better in their swimwear. Whoever it may be interested in having a bikini waxing, it is better to have it done professionally at a parlor as it is not only safer, but more economical too.
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