January 31, 2008

A Look At Genital Hair Removal  

When you talk about genital hair removal for men and women, they differ in the private parts to be treated for obvious reason. For men, hair is removed from the penis and the scrotum. In the case of women, the hairs from the labia minora, labia majora and the clitoral hood are the ones taken out. The skin on the private parts of the body is softer than the rest of the skin so more care should be given when undergoing genital hair removal.

Generally, compared to men, it is easier for women to remove their unwanted genital hair by waxing. If it wasn't easy for them than the Brazilian type of waxing would not have become famous at all. However, genital hair removal by waxing is not advisable for men because the skin on their penis and scrotum are loose.

If you pull the wax off the skin, this will overly stretch it and cause great pain in the man. This experience will not only leave the man in pain but in embarrassment as well because it is not easy to expose your most private parts to a stranger especially if the waxing professional is also a man.

There may be depilatories and hair removal creams for the face but these are not usually safe to use on the genital area. If you apply depilatories that are for other parts of the body, this will sting and irritate your genitals.

If you want a painless procedure and do not mind showing your private parts to a total stranger then you should get electrolysis or laser light treatments. Either one of these two genital hair removal techniques can help you get rid of hair permanently.

Another available product you can use is the shaver designed specially for hair removal. The secret is in the device used and the shaving technique.

You can start by soaking yourself in warm water to soften the hair and dry yourself afterwards. You can use scissors to trim off long hairs to make it easier for you. When shaving genitalia, pull the skin tight with your free hand then shave in the direction of the hair growth. Make sure you wipe off any excess hair that gets clogged in the shaver. Rinse off the area when done and apply moisturizer to keep the skin free from irritations. You can also use hair growth inhibitors to lessen the frequency of shaving.

There are several reasons why people would want to have genital hair removal. A lot of people do this to enhance their sexual experience or please their sex partner which is why you will see that most of the porn stars are bare down there. Others do it to be free to wear anything especially with the popularity of thongs on low rise jeans. No matter what genital hair removal method is used, the important thing is that it leaves you safe and satisfied.

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