January 2, 2008

Laser Hair Removal - Is It For You?  

Unwanted hairs or hairs in unwanted places can be a real source of heartache for anyone. Hair growth on the body generally differs from person to person for several reasons, but what seems to bring everybody together, as far as unwanted hair growth is concern, is that everybody wants the most effective way to get rid of these hairs with minimum pain and price.

There are several hair removal processes and each comes with its successes and side effects. Electrolysis and shaving seems to be the oldest hair removal procedures. Unlike shaving, electrolysis seems to be more painful, tends to damage the skin, especially delicate skin and the rate at which the hairs grow back is another concern. Shaving is a far more acceptable hair removal procedure. In most cases, men content themselves with good shavers and it tends to be effective.

The epilator is a more technologically advanced hair removal product and it is especially good for delicate skins. That explains why it is preferred by ladies. They always come in a handy, compact size, easy to carry and removes hair from the root with much less pain compared to other hair removal methods.

When a permanent hair removal product is what you want, then the laser hair removal process is probably what you need. How does it work? The laser beam to be used for the hair removal is directed at the area to be treated. The dark pigments of the hair follicle absorb the light energy from the laser. As the follicular pigment absorbs more and more of this light energy, the follicle dies. So, it cannot grow hairs again.

However, your skin texture and hair color also determine your success with laser hair removal procedures. It is generally believed that the process works best for people whose hair color is darker than their skin color and work less in people with very light or fair skin. However, laser hair treatment is available for a wide array of needs, from a small area of upper lip hair removal for women to full body back hair removal for men.

There are different types of laser hair removal, so no general limitation can be placed on your eligibility or otherwise for the procedure. If you are interested in the procedure, you can always find out from your local laser clinic, what their services are and which process is applicable to you.

Besides, your skin and hair color, not having undergone a tanning session or having applied any other mode of hair removal are factors that could determine the success of hair removal treatment with a laser.

Most people who have undergone laser hair removal treatment generally have had very little to complain about, but you never can tell. You should expect some blistering or reddening of the skin after a laser removal treatment, though it is always short lived and not much cause for concern. You should also expect some dark spots and bumps formed by the death and scarring of the follicles by the light energy of the laser beam. This too will fade out in no time.

One last thing you should have in mind when contemplating laser hair removal treatment is that it is not a completely permanent treatment. Though, it keeps the hair at bay for a longer period of time compared to other hair removal processes, after some time, you should expect a re-growth of some hair, though this might be fairer or thinner and less worrisome.

Price is a factor to think about when contemplating laser hair removal treatment, but if you are sure it is what you want, the price should not be a problem, as long as you can afford it. Depending on the treatment type and the specialist involved, the prices generally range from a few hundred bucks to a couple of grand. Again, if it's what you want, the price is no problem.
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