February 4, 2008

Natural Hair Removal - Easy And At Hand  

As summer comes, the subject of natural hair removal becomes more and more talked about: TV shows, magazines for men and for women, advertisements, all of these try to advise people how to use products that can help them enhance the beauty of their body. Between natural hair removal and going to a clinic there's a very natural difference of money, comfort and effectiveness, and let's not forget the health and safety measures. Until years ago, men were those who shaved and had cuts all over and women rarely if never took care of their skin. However, one is allowed to show more today, without repercussions and with a minimum effort in regard with natural hair removal in one's own cozy and snug home.

You're a Natural!

There are many advantages in choosing natural hair removal as a part of your grooming schedule and the multitude of them represent as many reasons to stay at home in your bath, instead of driving to the expensive spa you really can't afford. The industry has long since understood that, and natural hair removal products are given full attention: they have been made safe and with cooling or calming effects, let aside the achieving of a hairless skin. Depilatory creams and waxes for example can be enriched with natural extracts of chamomile, tee-tree, lemon, extracts of ginseng, ginger, apple, vanilla, all of these being in the form of natural essences that help the skin to reach a glistening and exfoliated state. The natural hair removal products render after shave and calming lotions useless, since they alone are anti-septic and complication-free.

Another advantage, along with the fact that it removes safely the unwanted hair off your skin with natural cooling extracts, is that the root is eventually weakened, and the process of regrowth is slowed down. They achieve significantly better results, better than the ones razors get you, since the latter option even makes the root more powerful and determines it to give birth to a darker and thicker follicle. By using natural hair removal line of products, you can be confident that your legs, for instance, will stay smooth for as long as two months of blissful laziness

Give me some Sugar, Sugar!

To be more specific, natural hair removal methods are to be found in your refrigerator and cupboards: it's like making a pie, where you need certain amounts of ingredients. In this worldwide used recipe, you need a cup of sugar, the juice squeezed from half a lemon, about fifty grams of honey-or a quarter of cup, some soothing oils such as tea tree, and last but not least, cornstarch that represents the rigid ingredient of the home-made cream. After you have homogenized all of these in a bowl without the cornstarch, heat it in the microwave for two or three minutes, mix again, and leave it for a little while to cool off. When applying it on your legs or any other place you want natural hair removal, just sprinkle abundantly the cornstarch along with the cream and make sure the area is squeaky clean and dry. From this point on, proceed as if it were a normal depilatory wax, using a strip of cloth, to depilate, and warm water to clean the area.

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