January 15, 2008

Four Hair Removal Methods  

Hair removal can be a daunting daily task for both men and women. Ridding yourself of unwanted hair not only consumes time, but can be expensive as well. So, what are your options on hair removal when you are on a budget?

The first and the most common way to remove hair is shaving. Every man or woman has to shave certain parts of his or her body, oftentimes daily. Shaving can remove hair for as little as one day and last as long as eight days. The length of time between shaves varies among people. Some advantages of shaving are that razors are relatively inexpensive and the shaving process is quick. Also, there are many different types of razor available: disposable, three blade, four blade and electric. Just experiment with each type to see which is best for you. Disadvantages of shaving are razor burn, bumps, cuts and irritated reddish skin.

The next form of inexpensive hair removal is tweezing. Tweezing involves using a pair of tweezers to pluck hairs out of your skin one at a time. Hair grows back slower than shaving because you are actually pulling out the hair at its root. The hair then has to grow a new root, which takes a longer time than just shaving it off where it extrudes from your skin. Tweezing can keep you hairless for one to two weeks. Some benefits of tweezing are that it lasts much longer than shaving. A few drawbacks of tweezing are that it takes longer to tweeze hairs than shaving because you are only removing one hair at a time. Also, tweezing can be painful. Ingrown hairs and a reddening of the skin are common outcomes for tweezed areas.

Thirdly, one could wax the skin to remove hair. This is a lot like tweezing, but over a larger area of skin. During waxing, hot wax is spread thickly over an area where hair is to be removed. The wax is allowed to cool slightly and then the wax is pulled off of the skin in one swift motion. Waxing can remove hair for up to six weeks. However, waxing is very painful -- it rips many hairs out simultaneously by the root. Waxing leaves you hair free for a much longer time than shaving or tweezing, but is it worth the pain? That is something you will have to find out for yourself. Waxing also can leave the affected area of skin red for a short time.

The newest form of hair removal is laser treatments. Laser treatments involve treating areas of unwanted hair with a laser. The hair follicles absorb the laser and it damages the hair. You can be hairless for up to eight weeks. New forms of lasers are being introduced everyday and hair removal can last even longer. Some drawbacks of laser hair removal are a slight stinging sensation when the laser touches your skin and it can be quite expensive.

Hair removal can be accomplished in many ways. How you do it depends on your own personal preference. You must decide how much time and money you want to spend. Moreover, make sure you can handle some pain if you choose waxing or laser hair removal. Keep experimenting until you find what method is best for you.

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