January 2, 2008

Pricing Your Pristine Look - Laser Hair Removal  

What is laser a typical laser hair removal pricing? How much can you really expect to pay? The laser, also called photoepilation and phototricholysis uses light to bombard the hair follicle-destroying the hair in the treated area at the root. Commercially available since the 1990's, laser hair removal has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Over the course of several treatments-usually between for and six-skilled professionals at the laser hair removal clinic will treat the desired areas with light to remove hair and reduce hair growth.

Hair removal using lasers, while relatively new to the beauty scene, is the darling of the dermatologists office and beauty salon or spa. As a method of hair removal it is particularly effective on the dark, coarse hairs found in the underarms, male chests and the bikini line area. Compared with electrolysis, laser hair removal is a much faster process and is suitable for use over a much larger area of the body.

In looking for a clinic for your depilatory needs, you should seek a hygienic and hospitable facility with competent, professional employees. While the expertise of a dermatologist is best, skilled, licensed technicians can provide equally effective results in a clinic. The machines used far outpace the home versions now arriving on the market.

In the process of evaluating pricing it is important to remember the old rule: you get what you pay for. Cutting corners on price may lead to less professional service and inadequate results. As with any procedure involving the body, risks exist. It would not make sense to pay for cheap laser hair removal from an unlicensed source only to find you have to pay a dermatologist to fix damage caused by unskilled work.

Prior to searching for a hair removal clinic, be sure to do your homework. Check local business reviews, word of mouth from individuals who have experienced satisfactory results, and compare prices. The cost of services range from roughly two hundred dollars to several thousand-depending on the number of sessions offered at the practice, the geographical location and the preferences of the clinic or doctor's office. Often times, payment arrangements can be made which will make laser hair removal pricing reasonable on any budget.

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