July 22, 2007

Permanent Body Hair Removal Electrolysis  

By Ricky Lim

As we all know hair grows on all parts of our bodies except for the palms, lips and certain areas of our private organs as well as the sole of the feet. Usually the most commonly used methods for removing hair are waxing, trimming and shaving. However, for many people they are looking for ways to remove hair permanently and so are searching for permanent hair removal products that they know are safe and they can trust.
Currently, the most common permanent body hair removal products include processes such as electrolysis, laser hair removal, intense pulsed lamps and products which include oral medication or chemicals. However in this article I will take a closer look at electrolysis as a product to use for permanent body hair removal.
At present electrolysis is the only clinically proven method that can remove hair permanently and it does it by targeting the hair follicles and then killing them when they are at their peak growing cycle. However what you must remember is "permanent" does not mean "forever" and so a good hair removal technique should be able to keep you hairless for about a year or so.
Electrolysis uses hair thin metal probes which are carefully slithered into your hair follicles. Once in place the probes will introduce an electrical current to the follicles and this cause's localized damage to them and so prevents them from growing any further in the future.
However what is important is that when you are considering any kind of permanent body hair removal products you should remember that none of these are 100% effective for everybody. But where electrolysis is concerned it has a long history of producing satisfactory permanent hair removal and it is considered both safe and effective and has been used for more than 125 years. There are some disadvantages to using electrolysis as it can be both costly, tedious and painful and it may become difficult to use if there are large amounts of hair to be removed.
If you want to try electrolysis for permanent hair removal, then make sure to get someone who is properly trained in carrying out the procedure correctly. Another way is to get a personal electrolysis unit. However some experts recommend against it as it is difficult to use and it is ineffective if you do not have the right training to use the equipment.
I would highly recommend hair removal cream instead as it is easier to use and a lot cheaper.
Ricky Lim recommend trying hair removal cream before attempting other hair removal methods such as electrolysis. Visit his website for more
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