July 24, 2007

3 Steps To Sexy Legs  

By Janice

Wee Guys do get distracted by long, lean, sexy legs peeking from the slit of a skirt, or flaunted in a mini skirt. Any woman can have sexy legs. All you need to do is to keep your legs toned and wax them regularly. Even cross dressers are able to make their legs look sexy. To start with, first, you need to get your legs in shape. That means, get off your butt and start walking. Walking, running, jogging and climbing stairs really tone your legs. Step 1. Tone your legs. If you are serious about getting your legs very well toned, make that effort after work, to run for 45 minutes each day. You could run around the compound, run your way home, run on a jogging track or even in the gym. Just do it before dinner, straight out of the office. On rainy days, climb the stairs instead. Try climbing up and down the stairs for a stretch of 30 minutes, without stopping. Walk more. Walk instead of driving. If you take the public transport, get off a few stops before your actual destination and walk the rest of the way. Getting toned legs takes effort. The end result is worth it. A plus that comes with these toned legs would be a slimmer body from all that exercise. Step 2. Remove unwanted leg hair. Next, wax your legs. Get a waxing kit or try sugaring instead. Or you could invest in an epilator which you can use to remove your unwanted body hair for years to come. Waxing, sugaring or using the epilator remove your leg hair from the roots. The result is smoother skin. Hair regrowth is smoother as compared to the stubbly results you get from shaving or using a depilatory. Step 3. Flaunt your smooth, well toned legs. Smooth, well toned legs are always hot. They look even sexier in a pair of stockings. The sheen from the stockings or pantyhose highlight your legs. Pantyhose makes your legs look smoother. More refined. More sophisticated. A must for when you want to look put together. Sophisticated. A must for the office, boardroom and the dinner date. If you have a problem with your tummy, go for the control top pantyhose. That would hold your tummy in. In fact, a good pantyhose holds in your legs, making them look more slender. Then there are the fishnet stockings. These are about pure, raw sex appeal. For that glamorous night. For those moments when you want to turn heads. For movie star on the red carpet treatment. These add the finishing touch. Wear a dress, a skirt or shorts that show off as much leg as you want.The writer is the webmaster of http://www.buy-stockings.net, where you can find the stockings, tights, panty hose, and thermal underwear.

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