July 23, 2007

Laser Hair Removal Prices - Guidelines  

Laser Hair Removal Prices - Guidelines

Laser hair removal prices can vary greatly depending on the geographic area.
A candidate's physical features also affect laser hair removal prices.According to one authority, an absolute requirement is that the hair must be darker than the surrounding skin. The whole area on the back or the legs can cost considerably more while smaller areas such as the upper lip obviously cost less. Individual consultations are necessary to establish accurate laser hair removal prices.
Note: Due to the variables involved it is impossible to predict exactly what the results will be for any individual. Many reputable clinics avoid giving guarantees for this reason. A consumer guide on laser hair removal gives $500 per treatment session as a reasonable average with 3 to 4 sessions often necessary. Another survey on laser hair removal prices in the U.S.A. gives these averages according to area:

Average Cost for 1 treatment:

Midwest - $497
East - $458
South - $307
West - $469

When checking laser hair removal prices in your area, ask for special offers.
Suggestions for obtaining discounts Offer to pay for all treatments upfront in exchange for a discount. Additionally, you could try and get a discount by giving a referral if you have a friend who also wishes to receive laser hair removal treatment. Some practitioners offer a 6 treatment package which includes 1 free if you pay for 5. Others may even offer a 50% discount on the regular laser hair removal prices if you need more than 6 treatments.
In other cases, laser hair removal prices can be reduced by seeking discounts on additional areas to be treated. Some for example, offer a 10% reduction in cost for each additional area. A final tip - to clarify the laser hair removal prices you are given, be sure to find out whether the quote is for both arms, underarms, or legs or just one. Conclusion: Laser hair removal prices can vary greatly. Do your research, use the guidelines above in trying to get discount prices and go with the clinic that offers you a professional service for a reasonable price.

Note: For peace of mind you could decide only to go to a Board Certified Dermatologist. Additionally, you may ask to see before and after pictures of the practitioner’s own results.

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