July 2, 2007

How To Remove Pubic Hair With A Hair Removal Cream  

How To Remove Pubic Hair With A Hair Removal Cream

Using a hair removal cream is one of ways to remove pubic hair and these are tips to ensure a smooth bikini line.

Tips for a smooth bikini line.

Hair removal creams are a quick way to clean up your bikini line. Longer lasting than shaving and less of annoy than waxing, they provide an alternative method of pubic hair removal. Possible allergic reactions and an unpleasant smell are among the disadvantages of using these creams for removing pubic hair. Always do a skin test on your elbow before applying the cream to your bikini line and never use it on the actual pubic area. Hair removal creams contain chemicals that dissolve the hair so they are much too harsh for this area.

Always read the packet carefully before you buy. It's advisable to use a milder cream on the pubic area and always make sure it is in fact suitable for removing pubic hair. Basically, the milder creams smell better and are less irritating to the skin but they must be left on longer.

For pubic hair removal, soften the hair and open the follicles by either taking a hot shower or bath or by placing a warm wet washcloth over the area for a few minutes. Then apply the cream, following the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Wipe off the cream first and then cleanse the area thoroughly. The unpleasant smell will disappear as you do this.

Hair is dissolved just below the skin, so the end result will last slightly longer than shaving. If you want a longer-term hair removal method or, it might be time to try waxing for removing pubic hair.

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