July 5, 2007

How To Shave Bikini Hair  

How To Shave Bikini Hair

This article provides details on how to shave bikini hair successfully, achieving perfect results without any nasty irritations or side effects.

A step-by-step guide to bikini line hair removal

If you want to wear a bikini on the beach this summer, you'll want a smooth bikini line. Shaving is a quick and cheap way of achieving this, but ingrown hairs, razor burns, and skin irritations are just some of the pitfalls of careless bikini line hair removal. Follow our guide to get the bikini line of your dreams.

Before you begin to shave pubic hair

If this is the first time you've shaved this area, trim the hair to about a quarter of an inch so that it doesn't jam up and blunt your razor or shaver. Then take a hot shower or bath to soften hair. Before you begin to shave pubic hair, make sure you dry it thoroughly.

If you're using a razor to shave pubic hair, use a good quality one designed for women. Change the blade if necessary. Apply a shaving foam or gel made for shaving pubic hair. You might already know how to shave your legs but here's how to shave bikini hair Stand with one leg on a chair or stool. Shave lightly from back to front in the direction of hair growth, being careful not to go over the same area more than twice as this can cause razor burns.

Rinse the blade frequently if you're using razor. If you want a closer shave and you're not prone to ingrown hairs or other skin irritations, you can shave against the direction of growth too. If you're using an electric razor, follow the instructions that came with it. A back and forth motion is usually advised.

When you've finished, wash away all the hairs and gently dry the area. An application of aloe vera will help prevent itching. To maintain your smooth bikini line, you will probably need to shave every other day at least but try not to shave too often, especially if you are new to shaving. You should also be aware that bikini line hair removal might lead to itching when hair grows back, but contrary to popular belief it won't grow back thicker, coarser, or darker than it was before shaving.

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