March 2, 2008

Undergrounds of Permanent Laser Hair Removal  

Laser hair removal treatments have become more and more famous due to the intense advertisement on the TV screen, in special editions of the TV Shows that wish to inform people about methods of beautifying, in the magazines, that overwhelm the market and do not now what to use and what to write in order to attract more readers: however, the secrets of permanent laser hair removal are not given away that easily, and some still like to stick to the good old tweezers, razors, wax or cream.

Permanent laser hair removal is as good as its name: it removes completely and forever the unsightly hair on our legs, arms, backs, noses, ears, bikini lines, just everywhere a man or a woman might be disturbed of hair, in a specific number of sessions, not in a single one. Since the discovery of the laser in Physics, scientists and doctors have been experiencing for more than twenty years the use of this groundbreaking invention in the industry of beautification. With leaps and bounds, the laser hair removal technology has been released on the market in 1990 and clinics have been set up since then.

Definition of Permanent Laser Hair Removal

What is different in this procedure, compared with any other that we could use by ourselves in our cozy homes? Firstly, the machines are based on the use of light: beams of full spectrum light and infrared are focused on the solicited areas, and locating the pigmented hair, vaporize the root and the shaft of it: that is why it is also called "phototricholysis" and "photoepilation". Moreover, a Xenon Flash Lamp can be used with the same principle but even if it stands as permanent laser hair removal equipment, it uses solely intense beams that destroys the hair, and have no connection what so ever with lasers. All these fancy machines can be the perfect answer to your ingrown hairs, bumps or other skin flaws, as smooth skin for a long, long time is achieved .

Forever Not

It is normal that the industry speculate on some aspects of a business in order to attract more clientele, and the scattering of a few enticing words on a banner or TV commercial can make a big difference between ten and ten thousand clients. Such a word is "permanent": as much as we'd like to think that laser hair removal treatment is permanent, given how much it costs, it helps at the reduction of hairs on an area, and indeed for a long period, the skin looks Baywatch-lifeguard-like. Many sessions destroy the root of the hair, but even IPL or Intense Light Pulse technology cannot stop your body from producing new follicles: it tries to protect itself from dust, sweat and germs.

Actually, in 1998, FDA member Richard Felten tried to change "permanent laser hair removal " advertised trait into "permanent laser hair reduction". If one desires genuine permanent hair removal, the elimination of each and every hair in many costly sessions of electrolysis is the answer, but a good solution, a very close to a "permanent" one is still laser hair removal with IPL technology.

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