March 6, 2008

A Men's Guide To Laser Hair Removal In Manhattan  

You have heard of different methods of hair removal for men. Some of them are effective while others are not. Some hair removal procedures are even very traumatic especially when done without professional supervision. Imagine eliminating a thick carpet on your chest using one of those hair removal mitts. The end result can be dreadfully agonizing. Good thing there is now laser hair removal for men in Manhattan, New York.

Laser Treatment - The Best Option For Hair Removal

Today, both men and women can say goodbye to unwanted facial and body hair. With the help of modern technology, you can now visit the nearest hair removal clinic for a laser treatment. Through this method, laser systems produce a mild beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair follicle, disabling hair growth. This is the only proven method that can easily do away with large areas of unwanted body hair. Despite being very expensive, costing at least $400 a session, you may find that it is worth the price because it is highly effective, almost pain-free and would leave you smooth and sleek for long a period of time.

The people of Manhattan, New York City have been using laser hair removal for both aesthetic and hygienic purposes. To date, laser hair removal clinics in Manhattan are growing rapidly. With the method offering the fastest results and advances in related technology for all skin colors, it is not surprising why so many people are now taking advantage of this service.

Laser Hair Removal Clinics In Manhattan

Listed below are some of the top laser hair removal clinics in Manhattan. You may want to review the services, confirm observations made by their customers, do a background check on the health spas and consider references. Again, this method is not just for women, but works remarkably for men as well. Keep in mind though before you jump in with both feet that lasers are made of high-energy beams that can cause serious injury if abused or misused. That being said, here are some of Manhattan's laser hair removal clinics for your perusal.

Geroge Lefkovits, M.D., F.A.C.S, Cosmetic Surgery for Men ( offers the CoolGlide Laser Procedure which is a non-invasive laser treatment used to remove unwanted body hair. The CoolGlide can immobilize hundreds of follicles in less than a second, guaranteeing long lasting results. The CoolGlide can remove hair from all parts of the body. Male patients have recovered well, returning to normal activities immediately. Dr. Lefkovits has helped thousands of men in New York improve their bodies with this modern technology.

Laser Cosmetica ( offers safe laser treatments in New York, Long Island and Westchester. With all systems approved by FDA, you can also get a Three Year Guarantee to come back to any of their clinics for free if you follow all their recommended protocol and still experience any hair regrowth.

Park Avenue Aesthetic Surgery (, with clinics in Westchester and Manhattan, safely eliminates all unwanted body hair without irritating your skin.

Manhattan Laser Removal Center (, a pioneer in New York, uses the most advanced and powerful lasers to provide safe, affordable, permanent laser hair removal services in a full service medical spa.

Author Resource:- For more information on Manhattan male laser hair removal, visit the male hair removal site.

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