March 4, 2008

Men And Laser Hair Removal  

An interesting fact about the future of laser hair removal treatments on men.

Recent published reports estimate that the vast majority of the population in North America suffers of unwanted body hair. Eager to solve this widespread cosmetic problem, companies such a Omlas are busy in a way that is truly unprecedented. In fact laser hair removal is already eliminating the need for traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, waxing, plucking and electrolysis.

Until recently, electrolysis has provided the only permanent method of hair reduction. The electrolysis procedure called for the insertion of a needle into each hair follicle. This removed one hair at a time. It was a very tedious process that took months or years of treatments to achieve satisfactory results. The laser or IPL hair removal method is much quicker, because each pulse of laser light treats a large number of hair follicles at the same time.

Omlas is currently servicing over 30000 estheticians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons world wide by providing them with state-of-the-art laser hair removal systems and training. When taking surveys among its clients, Omlas has also discovered a very interesting fact about laser hair removal. The fact is that an alarming large number of men are coming in for laser hair removal treatments. Some of the spas that use the Omlas systems on their client’s report that over 40% of the individuals coming in for laser hair removal treatments are men. Also the spas that offer both waxing and laser hair removal have noticed that when comparing the number of men coming in for waxing to the number of men coming in for laser hair removal, the number of men coming in for laser hair removal is usually more then triple.

Many of the spa owners are suspecting that the one of the reasons why men are coming in for laser hair removal treatments at such large numbers is mostly due to the convenience of the procedure. Unlike traditional methods of hair removal there is very little if any discomfort, treatments are low maintenance and the final results are permanent. As men are growing more and more concise of their bodies and wanting to take better care of themselves, the number of men having laser hair removal done will defiantly be growing in the future.

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This article is courtesy of Omlas. Omlas is committed to providing superior lasers, light-therapy medical devices and spa equipment at very competitive prices, for a wide variety of applications. The company is a global leader in the development of lasers and light-therapy medical devices.

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