March 10, 2008

IPL-Treatment for Rosacea  

Intense Pulse Light, mostly known as IPL, is a laser-related technology which has gained field in the last few years in treating different skin problems. Rosacea is one of the most common chronicle inflammations of the facial skin and also one of the most rebel as there is no actual cure for it yet.

Laser produces a single wavelength of light and is highly used today in the medical and cosmetic field for removing unwanted hair on your body, repairing damaged blood vessels like the ones affected by varix. Laser beams are helpful in removing also dark spots on your skin or aesthetical marks from tattoos.

By reducing or even eliminating the redness of the face caused by sunburn or Rosacea, Intense Pulse Light is a real improvement in treatment of various skin disorders. IPL produces an exact length spectrum of light; an example of IPL technology is Cutera 560. The intervention with IPL should be followed by laser-beam-sessions in order to correct dilated blood vessels on your chin, chicks and nose.

After a few IPL treatments, many patients have reported they blush more rare and less easily than they did before. In this kind of skin damage any sort of improvement is welcomed as it can increase people’s self-esteem and the quality of their lives.

People suffering from Rosacea are often judged as alcohol abusers because of their red nose and chicks and also for their flushed complexions. Of course this aspect can only harm their social life and their relationships with other people. So decrease blushing through IPL-treatment improves their extern looks as well as their every day life.

While applying IPL, patients need to use also skin care products such as Rosasol to protect their sensitive skin against sun and also treat the skin inflammation.

In time, a sensitive kind of facial skin gets affected by the sunshine and UV-waves and brown points, freckles and” liver spots” appear. IPL is therefore useful in removing also unwanted residue on their face caused by sun-exposure.

Knowing all these, we can surely state that IPL-treatment improves not only patient’s outer look but also the way they feel about themselves. Restoring health in someone’s skin often means retrieving health as well as joy.

IPL-patients see treatment like a new beginning, a second opportunity to do things a better way; this is why many of them give up smoking, stop drinking alcohol, exercise more often and care for their diet, after intense pulse light-interventions. Your new way of life can improve the way world sees you and can develop your general appearance.

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