February 8, 2008

Sugaring Hair Removal - Never Thought of It  

As many products as you can find today on the market of hair removal, you always have a choice, according to your skin type, the thickness or color of the hair you want removed, after the amount of time you desire to invest in depilation, either you want to make it at home or in a salon, but sincerely, few of us have thought of hair removal with sugar, and if you try it just for the sake of diversity, you may want to stick to it.

Sugaring Hair Removal Essentials

We rarely if never discuss with our grandmas how they depilated in their maiden times, that if they did it, but it's been present for centuries, since Antiquity: the hot, desert-filled area of Ancient Egypt has prompted noble men and women then to use sugar for depilation. Today, it's a natural and effective alternative to depilation with razors, creams, waxes, let aside the laser and electrolysis treatments.

It's very easy to prepare for yourself the pasta since it requires just two cups of sugar, lemon juice and water; after heating it and letting it to cool, you obtain a consistent, wax-like mixture that you apply offer the area you want depilated; it should be dusted with some sort of powder like talc or cornstarch for the mixture to adhere well. From this point on, the procedure goes by the book of wax hair removal, enclosing the area in strips of cotton that should be removed after ten minutes or so, in opposite direction from how the cream is applied, meaning oppositely from the direction of hair growth. This will make the removal more effective and also easier, with a bit of smarting that doesn't compare to the sensations caused by the normal wax.

Sugaring Hair Removal: Reasons to Use It

There are plenty reasons to go with the sugaring hair removal procedure because the advantages are numberless and the disadvantages quite few. Firstly, it is a natural method and the word "cost-effective" does not describe it, because what you get in return is way more than what you invested: you can always find sugar in the cupboard, and a lemon can be bought from the store nearby, that is if you don't have one in the fridge.

All you need is the practice to get the consistency right, and to prepare the mixture. Now you're thinking: "there must be a glitch somewhere"-how long does hair depilation last? Well, you are free from depilation for at least four weeks, isn't that amazing? The fact that it's natural, economical, easy to apply, and there is scarcely any pain make the sugaring hair removal method win over the costly trip to the salon.

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