February 25, 2008

Understanding the Specifics of Laser Hair Removal Treatment  

To have a beauty is a wish for everyone. So, to have beautiful face or body, there are many methods and treatments available in the market. There are many brands that have established themselves in this business of making one beautiful. One such technique aiding towards beauty is Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Today, hair removal treatment is simple for any one. One can have this treatment in beauty parlors or in saloons. But nowadays, all of them want to get rid off visiting parlor every month for hair removal. The solution for this is laser hair removal treatment. Let use move to a pool of Laser Hair Removal Information

Laser hair removal system is used for the people who wish to remove unwanted hair from their body. The common location for this treatment is underarms, chin legs, bikini line, and hands. This treatment would not give any assurance of removing hair on permanent basis from the body. It enhances the hair-free period, which can differ from months to years for various individuals.

Laser is used in various medical procedures. The principle of laser hair removal is simple. Laser energy is transferred into heat which disables the hair follicles leaving the surrounding keeping the skin unchanged. This instantly arrests hair and thus stops the growth of hair. Laser hair removal depends upon the types of the skin and hair color. It works very well on fair skin. However, it can be utilized on the dark skin too.

The common methods used for this laser hair removal are: • Long pulsed ND (YAG) • Long pulsed Alexandrite laser • Long pulse diode

Some more hair removal information

The patient who wants to undergo this treatment should take a review from the health care expert, so as to solve their own queries for any confusion regarding their skin problems. Experts provide information regarding the benefits and risks involved in it. The person who wants to undergo this activity should provide the photograph of the angles to be treated so that experts can give the best judgment whether to go for it or not. The patient having this treatment is also asked to wear eye gear during this treatment to protect eyes from the laser light.

Advantages of laser hair removal

Through laser hair removal, many people have experienced the best results of permanent hair elimination. It is also virtually proved to be less harmful than waxing or electrolysis. It can be carried on the larger part of the body such as chest, legs or back too. Re-growth of hair, if found after this treatment, would be finer and lighter in texture as compared to period before the treatment.

Care to be exercised

Laser hair treatment is not very appropriate for red, blonde or grey hair. Hence, one may need to look at other treatments too. It is not generally advisable for people who are having dark skin or Tanning. One should ensure that this operation is skillfully done as it can cause skin disorder such as discoloration of skin or burning of skin. The charge for having this treatment may touch anywhere around $500 per hair removal or more.

This treatment is not recommended for people suffering from skin disorder or having diabetes, heart problems or for a pregnant lady. People below the age group of 17 should also avoid undergoing this treatment. Thus after many restrictions of scientific facts and claims, it cannot be completely proved. Excessive use of this treatment should be avoided in order to allow the body to progress naturally and in a proper manner.

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