November 9, 2007

Electrolysis in San Francisco - What You Should Know  

The available procedures for electrolysis in San Francisco are the same as those in other areas. Galvanic electrolysis, thermolysis, and a combination of the two are all forms of electrolysis which have been known to chemistry since the 1870s, but only recently have they been developed as permanent hair removal techniques. Practitioners of electrolysis in San Francisco will be skilled in the use of all three, and offer each client the one best suited to his or her hair removal needs.

The State of California requires that those who wish to practice electrolysis hair removal undergo training and become licensed or certified. Anyone offering electrolysis in San Francisco are subject to state oversight from different agencies, regardless of the kind of facility in which they work. Both hair removal salons and dermatologist M.D.s are required to be certified in order to perform electrolysis in San Francisco.

Choosing A Practitioner

When you are looking for someone to perform your electrolysis in San Francisco, one of your priorities should be to examine the cleanliness of the facilities you are considering. Make sure that any probes used by the electrolysis technicians are disposed of at the end of each individual's treatment, and that the electrolysis equipment is sterilized in between sessions. San Francisco, like all large cities, can be a source of infectious diseases, so you should verify that the salon where you will be receiving electrolysis in San Francisco takes all the necessary sanitation measures.

You should also ask whatever questions you need to so you can determine if an electrolysis technician has a true understanding of your hair removal needs. Some people may simply want to stop having to shave their armpits or legs on a regular basis, while others may have decided that they look better when their heads are completely bald. The sensitivity of your skin and density and amount of hair you want removed will play big parts in the type of electrolysis in San Francisco appropriate for you.

Your electrolysis practitioner should be open about how many treatments of electrolysis in San Francisco you will need to undergo to achieve your desired results, how frequently they will be spaced, and their total cost.

The Electrolysis Procedure

Getting electrolysis in San Francisco will mean having an initial consultation, and when your skin type and hair density have been determined, having a very small probe inserted into each of your individual hair follicles. One at a time the follicles will de exposed to either a direct or alternating electrical current, depending on the type of electrolysis most appropriate to treat your unwanted hair problem. The follicles will be destroyed, and the hair they have been producing will be gone for good.
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