December 22, 2007

Review Your Hair Removal Options and Think Laser  

The popularity of permanent hair removal is obvious and has two clear options: laser and electrolysis. Laser hair removal techniques came about during the 1990's and, since then, they have seen a sharp rise in popularity. The basic idea behind laser hair removal is similar to electrolysis because it attacks hair at the root--utilizing light to destroy the melanin in hair follicles. Electrolysis uses electricity and needles to accomplish the same effect more slowly and over a smaller area of the skin. Several treatments are often required in laser hair removal to achieve the desired results which are typically long lasting and most effective in dark-haired recipients.

Hair removal with lasers, while costly, provides an excellent answer to your summer hair removal needs. Laser is perfect for use on multiple areas of the body: the arms, legs, chest, back, neck, and bikini line. After four to six sessions with a professional trained in the use of laser hair removal equipment you will be left with smooth, hairless skin.

In terms of pain, the laser is a preferable and long, lasting alternative to painful waxing and slow, expensive electrolysis. A variety of creams and sprays are available from providers of laser hair removal to help with any discomfort one might encounter while undergoing the procedure.

When you review pricing and providers it is important to remember the maxim: you get what you pay for. Cutting corners on price may lead to unsatisfying results and, in some cases, costly doctor's bills to repair damaged skin. Paying a higher price for quality service could save you headaches and money in the long run.

To get the best results, be sure to do your homework. Check local business reviews, testimonials from individuals who have undergone laser hair removal, and compare prices. The cost of laser services ranges from roughly two hundred dollars to several thousand-depending on the number of sessions offered at the practice, the geographical location and the preferences of the clinic or doctor's office. Often times, payment arrangements can be made which will make it reasonable on any budget. A thorough review of your laser hair removal options prior the session will lead to lasting results you will love.
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