December 15, 2007

Permanent Answers - Laser Hair Removal  

In the past, permanent hair removal meant electrolysis; twenty years ago laser was unheard of in the hair removal business. Electrolysis had been the gold standard of permanent removal since the turn of the twentieth century. Then, in the 1990's a rival to electrolysis arrived in the form of this. Laser, or photoepilation, serves a similar function to electrolysis, but can cover a much larger area than electrolysis ever dreamed of doing.

Today, gracing the cover of nearly every magazine from fashion to entertainment or sport you will find hairless stars and models showcasing the rising trend of sleek hairless skin. This look is popular for men and women alike. The scene on the screen big or small shows the same image-being sexy means being body-hair free.

The permanence of electrolysis or laser is a big benefit to people seeking hairless skin without constant maintenance. Clearly, it is the best answer for the busy modern life. Permanent hair removal avoids the pain and exasperation of constant shaving, itchy stubble and trips to the store for shaving creams and razors. Of course, the pain of waxing is even more noticeable-ripping hair out by the root is not for the faint of heart!

The cost varies between a few hundred dollars per session and several thousand dollars. To achieve results many people need to have four to six laser treatments. Clinics and dermatologist offices provide the most professional results for busy patrons seeking hair removal. In many laser hair removal venues it is possible to make payment arrangements which can lend affordability to an otherwise expensive procedure. The results may take a week or two to appear, however, the lasting effect easily balances out the cost of the procedure.

Is laser right for you? If you have a large area of hair to remove, light skin with dark hair, and a desire to have low maintenance then laser is a good bet. This FDA approved method is sure to please anyone looking for lasting results. Laser is an excellent answer to the question of permanent removal of unsightly body and facial hair.
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