December 10, 2007

Women Speak Out! Is Shaving Pubic Hair Manly?  

Nowadays, grooming is entering every aspect of our lives. We men are shifting our paradigms, and find ourselves in stuff that we never even thought possible decades before. It’s true, men have always in some way or another take care of their looks, but now this trend is entering the lives of common men who are trying new things like shaving pubic hair.

However, pubic shaving in men is not something that is seen with good eyes by everyone. Some men think it is for gay men, while others use it as a way to boost their metrics statistics. But often women are left out of the conversation, so we went out and asked women what they think of men shaving pubic hair.

To our surprise, the majority of women didn’t even care about it. They say “whatever feels good for a man”, but they tend to put a stop at a certain level. They say that men can take care of that part, but to a ‘healthy’ extent. They don’t want a man who is constantly worried about his looks, specially his “down-under” looks!

Beside this majority, there is a polarity of on one side, women who think it is ‘cleaner’ to shave your pubic hair, and on the other side, women who like macho hairy men. But all women agree that manliness is not something that you should judge by the way a man treat his pubic hair. “There are all kinds of men” said Patricia, a woman who confessed she had lovers on the both sides of the spectrum “some of them are TOO concerned about how they look, I mean... there’s always a balance right?”.

So, the question here as a man, is to ask ourselves the questions. If you like to try pubic shaving you don’t have to feel less manly. Besides the only ones who will be noticing it are you and your lover. I think this whole issue brings fears to the hearts of some men who think manliness is in doubt due to some isolated activities.

If you’d like trying shaving your pubic hair, I would recommend to take it slow and go with patience. You won’t believe the amount of men who end up cutting themselves because they shave in a hurry. Also, be sure to find online an easy guide to shaving your pubic hair in a step by step manner. Good luck!

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