April 17, 2008

Understanding Laser Hair Removal Danger  

Laser hair removal is now the second most common cosmetic procedure in the world. It has been used to help both those who are experiencing excessive hair growth because of illness, and those who are genetically predisposed to it.

While the common perception is that laser hair removal is both safe and uncomplicated, it remains a medical procedure. Like all medical procedures, therefore, it is accompanied by dangers and side effects. You'll need to weigh those seriously against the benefits you stand to gain from finally being free of your unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal consists of a series of sessions over a period of time. There have been cases of individuals who underwent laser hair removal for several years. Hair removed by laser hair removal treatments is not guaranteed to be permanent; it may grow back after several years, so ongoing treatment is sometimes required to maintain the hair loss.

Anyone planning to undergo the treatment should become educated on the possibility of the laser hair removal danger which accompanies it, and the precautions which will minimize the risks of post-treatment complications.

The Dangers
Laser hair removal requires anesthesia, and one of the laser hair removal dangers, although unlikely, is that someone might attempt to self-inject. Injectable anesthesia should only be administered by medical professionals, so they are not considered appropriate for hair removal procedures. Topical anesthetics are preferred.

A more common laser hair removal danger is that those undergoing it will expose themselves to the sun less than a week before, or immediately following, their treatment, and suffer swelling or burns as a result. They will receive a warning about this possibility from their doctor before their initial session.

Some medicines can cause laser hair removal danger by both limiting the effectiveness of the treatments and possibly causing health complications. The doctor should be informed of all medication which a patient is using before beginning the laser hair removal treatment, and decide if it is a safe option.

Although very rare, laser marks and burning are laser hair removal dangers. They will not occur if the procedure is done correctly; if you experience them, find another clinic for your treatments.

The Precautions
Check your doctor’s background and experience before beginning your laser hair removal treatments, and don’t accept treatment from any doctor who does not mention the laser hair removal danger which you might be facing.

You can’t be too careful in this regard, because if you are not being treated by a board certified physician with a well-trained staff and properly maintained equipment, you are facing cars, burns, or even skin discoloration.

And take some responsibility for your own actions if you are serious about minimizing laser hair removal danger. Protect yourself from sun exposure before and after your treatments, and avoid plucking or bleaching your unwanted hair prior to them.

Having faith in your doctor’s ability to perform your laser hair removal correctly and to give you the advice you need to avoid pre-and-post laser hair removal danger will go a long way to making your experience as pleasant as it can possibly be!

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