April 30, 2008

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost  

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost

If you want to know how much a laser hair removal costs read below to see what I found How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Costafter doing some extensive search on the topic.

There are several factors to be considered in establishing the cost for laser treatment:

First, different laser centers have different policies for cost establishment - some have flat fees for the different laser hair removal services, some charge by a time segment, and yet some charge a certain amount per each laser pulse.

The next thing to consider is how thick your hair is. In most cases people with thicker hair will pay more than people with less thick hair. Also the difference in the skin tone and the hair color is of great importance for establishing the price.

Laser treatments work best for people with lighter skin and darker hair as laser light needs dark color to work efficiently. So, if you are fair-skinned and have dark hair you should expect to pay less.

Another thing to consider is how big is the area you want your hair removed from. Generally the bigger the area the greater the cost. Example: hair removed from the back will cost significantly more than hair removed from the upper lip. Apart from that different areas will require different number of treatments for more permanent effect. Another example: back area might require as many as 7 - 8 treatments whereas a permanent upper lip hair removal might need not more than 4 or 5.

Finally, keep in mind that prices vary with the location of the center. A service in the mid west and the west cost will cost you more then what you could be charged if you were treated in the south. Laser hair removal treatments cost the most on the east and west cost.

The average price for a laser hair removal is about $360. A single sitting can cost as much as $750. As I said earlier a successful and permanent hair removal will require at least several sittings, which means you should expect to pay at least $3500 for a complete back hair removal procedure. The same procedure can run as high as $6000.

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