April 27, 2008

New York Laser Hair Removal For Men  

New York Laser Hair Removal For Men

Men seek hair removal for various reasons that include excessive or abnormal hair growth, to show off muscles like in bodybuilding, to facilitate body tattoos, and for partial beards. There are several methods for removing hair but most of them are not practical for males. For instance, one cannot shave the entire body. The procedure that appears to be most popular among men is the laser treatment. The non-invasive procedure is simple and claimed to be safe.

A laser is a device to generate electromagnetic energy through amplifying light by simulating the emission of radiation. A doctor or qualified technician directs the laser beam to the root of the hair. Since dark colors attract light, the pigments in the follicle absorb the energy and die. Fair skin dissipates the light and is therefore unharmed. Further growth of hair at the treated site will be much reduced. Good laser hair removal centers use technology and equipment approved by US Food & Drug Administration (USFDA).

The procedure takes two or more sessions a few weeks apart, depending on the area to be covered. The best response is seen in people with fair skin. Side effects are not likely. No anesthesia, general or local, is required. Some may feel a light nip on the skin when sensitive areas are treated. It is advisable to avoid direct sun before treatment. Immediately after treatment, skin care like use of sunscreen creams may be required. One can return to work soon after the procedure.

New York has many laser hair removal centers for men. It is not difficult to locate them. You can contact the clinics either online or by telephone. The prices are not low. One can compare different quotes to find the best offer, without compromising quality. Normally, a prospective client will not be charged for the initial consultation.

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