August 26, 2007

Hair Removal Systems - Weapon Of Choice  

Hair Removal Systems - Weapon Of Choice

In the beginning, nobody gives much attention to it, but as the desire to expose our body on some golden beach or at a party on Saturday night grows, we tend to worry more about our aspect and wish away that stubborn hair on the legs or on the chest. Hair removal systems have developed a great deal to satisfy exactly this desire, and they cater to our every taste.

Since hair removal systems are so famous today, by means of advertisements and special editions of men and women magazines, there isn’t much to detail on the use of tweezers or how to apply a mundane cream on your legs. As we switch the channels listlessly, TV shows have all the hair removal experts in the world invited, to increase their audience and to keep us informed. However, since we are overwhelmed by “how to’s”, they emphasize on the disadvantage of every system, and the producers and companies in the industry point fingers one towards the other, to tear up the credibility of a certain hair removal system and to advertise their own.

We have to discern from all this on-screen battle, and be able to judge what we need. In case we want some stranded hairs on the face removed, or if we want to give a specific form to our eyebrows, the tweezers is always welcomed. If we want our legs and arms to look smooth, then an appropriate hair removal systems should answer these questions: do I need a permanent or a temporary solution? Do I wish to spend a lot of money, or go to specific spas and salons? Is the certain area delicate, or with lengthy, thick hair?

Hair Removal: For Ever and Ever

Since we have so many options to select from, a thorough research is needed so that you can find out what is it exactly that you want, whether you are a man or a woman, and how much can you give up to have everlasting silky legs or smooth chests. You have therefore hair removal systems that achieve temporary effects and some that achieve permanent effects.

The temporary ones are also the well-known and the economical hair removal systems: the razors which has been used for decades and now it becomes safer and safer, and helps shave the unwanted hair on all sorts of areas across your body. The waxes, either they are hot or cold, are a bit more complicated to use with success if you have no experience but they do the job and maintain the results for as long as two months. Depilatory creams are in line too, and are not all that difficult to use.

Out with the Old, In With the New

The great disadvantages of these methods is the criteria that has gathered them up in a distinct category: the temporary effect, because as the surface hair is cut down or eliminated, the root remains and may cause ingrown hairs, while having to deal with the smarting sensation, the danger of irritations or cuts.

The second category is the coveted one of permanent hair removal systems, which are expensive and time-consuming, but the effects worth the effort. Electrolysis and laser treatments can be supplied by special salons and spas with trained specialist but can be replaced by the new hair removal systems that function on a sound-wave emission basis. The much advertised 60% rate of successful initial procedures have given a good go to this developing technology, that employs a device which looks like a tweezers, but sends sound wave with specific frequencies for the individual hair and for vaster areas of hairs, there are distinct patches put over the undesired hair that removes the hair and doesn’t pluck it by the root directly. Consequently, the more choices you have, the comfortable you will feel and have yet to discover the hair removal system that suit

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