August 21, 2007

Facial Hair Removal Can Become An Obsession  

Facial Hair Removal Can Become An Obsession

It's tough being a woman in an image-based society. Today more than ever before, the softer sex has to primp, groom, work-out, and often go to extreme measures to retain their youthful and radiant appearance. Now I'm not saying this is the way it should be, but somehow it has gotten to this point. You know when you're seeing facial hair removal ads on television, something is up. In a different light, women could be stoked at all the handy grooming products available to them. Maybe it's all in how you look at things.

I used to gaze in wonder at the small white goatee on my grandmother's chin. Was that really supposed to be there? Not that I thought too hard on the topic back them. I was only around age eight at the time. Long before my harsh male scrutiny would come out. Actually I shouldn't presume that males are the only ones judging women with facial hair or fuzzy legs.

Women probably do this worse than me. I know I have watched my teenage daughter and her friends pick other girls apart like there was some kind of war going on. The funny thing is, I have already seen her resort to facial hair removal. She may not thing I know, but I say the wax strips in her bathroom and my wife filled me in on the rest. It's truly amazing how early these groom rituals begin.

As far as men are concerned, I guess one could say that shaving is a form of facial hair removal. If we don't keep up with the razor and cream regimen, we'll soon be staring at Grizzly Adams in the mirror one morning. For me it doesn't even stop there. I will be one of the few males to fully admit that I pluck between my eyebrows.

I've heard far too many snide remarks from women in my life regarding men with uni-brows. Face it guys; women hate these. It's high time for some routine facial hair removal on the male side. There's no shame in looking nice. Just be thankful you're not a woman and having to worry about mustaches or goatees. Maybe we men have it easy after all.

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